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Trading E mini Futures – $1750 in Profit (Lessons on how to avoid mistakes)


Trading E mini Futures – $1750 in Earnings (Lessons on exactly how to prevent blunders).

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18 Thoughts to “Trading E mini Futures – $1750 in Profit (Lessons on how to avoid mistakes)”

  1. Danny P

    Stupidly just left the EU. This video upload will be the highlight of my day .Great video again 🙂

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Don’t think it was stupid on their part. The UK is better out of the EU in the long term.

  2. Mogyorosi Mark

    Im glad you started making this videos again! Keep it up Marcello!

  3. Rvoel777

    What you mean when you say indicators don’t work to predict and price is what works?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      They are lagging they calculate information in the past.

    2. Rvoel777

      Thanks bro.

  4. Rlam 46

    So you really recommend E-Mini Futures as the best market for beginner traders to start out in? I watched your video on markets for beginners but I was wondering if you were willing to speak more on it.

    Thanks for all your awesome work!
    -An Aspiring Trader

    1. Day Trading Academy

      +Reed Lambier Yes either futures or stocks.

  5. jordan heywood

    Hi Marcello, great video! I’ve been learning a lot by reviewing your intro to day-trading series. I’m curious as to why you were entering the market at a peak in the trend, then exiting at a low. Isn’t the premise to buy low sell-high, as you did mention it was a bull market

  6. Janka Janukas

    can you tell me please where can I find that kind line dot price indicators on NT8?

  7. J Fo

    where the hell are the BroBro’s

  8. SuperNovaFlyers

    One thing I haven’t seen traders do is analyze the charts before placing entries. I have seen a whole lot of analysis of chats that already are past. This is easy to do afterward but what about before without knowing what’s coming.

  9. pieter jansen van rensburg

    Great stuff!

  10. Louis Hibbs

    i like to use a line chart and a bar chart..

  11. Andres Mona

    Serian lindos algunos subtitulos Marcello para poder aprovechar la explicacion. Saludos.

  12. Quetalhermano2

    What about the VOLUME ???
    How do we know the pivot points or the areas where the price may bounce back and change direction if we do not see when the big institutions are entering the market ????

  13. Spartacus Trading Corporation

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