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Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #1 – Morad Askar, Tova Sklar, Dani Sittloh



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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20 Thoughts to “Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #1 – Morad Askar, Tova Sklar, Dani Sittloh”

  1. Ben Neb

    That hair is more flexible than tova

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Ben Neb 🤣

    2. Ben Neb

      @Anthony Crudele just to be clear. im still very bullish. no pullback in sight!

  2. a Little Pal

    YES! YES!!!

    1. Anthony Crudele

      a Little Pal 🙌

  3. a Little Pal

    I love to see Micro Index Futures do well in the future! Current index futures are too big, its tick value is too big for the general public, if you hold just single contract of ES or NQ overnight, you will experience in average from 400$ to 2500+$ of movement just like that, average person could not endure that amount of volatility, absolutely not, it’s insane!

  4. a Little Pal

    I got valuables from Morad’s setup, thank you, Morad!

    1. a Little Pal

      I really want the idea of evaluating to be with me from the beginning of my trading journey, I have no such mindset when I was coming up.

  5. Sebastian Vlad

    well good job trump

  6. Sebastian Vlad

    also what is the website she was using?

  7. Andy Way

    Been waitin on this one! Good insight on those Micros from 71!

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Andy Way 💪

  8. Nicholas Huss

    Great episode, thank u to all the presenters..

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Nicholas Huss thanks Nic!🙌👊

  9. greg m

    Excellent video, thank you. Installed a volume booster in my browser to hear it though.

    1. Anthony Crudele

      greg m cheers Greg 👊🍻

  10. Waiyaki

    Hate these forced commercials. Otherwise, good content

  11. craplike123

    Commercials Suck But hey we all need to make a Coin here and there…liking the format tho connecting trading with yoga for example

  12. craplike123

    Great insight from ft71 as always

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