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Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #2 – Matt “PAX” Kenah, Jason Chan, & Dani Sittloh



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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24 Thoughts to “Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #2 – Matt “PAX” Kenah, Jason Chan, & Dani Sittloh”

  1. Notagain

    Heiken Ashi as a screen for MACD signals

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Mac πŸ™Œ

  2. Luke

    Does Pax look at the first 30 seconds of trading activity 8.30 a.m. CST or the beginning of the new futures trading session, which starts at 5 p.m. CST?

    1. Nicci Marie

      Im pretty sure it’s RTH

    2. 10Minutes

      First 30 seconds of the “pit” session which is the 8:30am CST open

    3. Luke

      Looks like a strategy that should be very easy to automate and backtest. He also doesn’t mention if this would have a positive expectancy on other markets or only the ES

  3. Vinchenzo C

    Great episode, Anthony!

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Vinchenzo C cheers Vin🍻

  4. Nicci Marie

    Love the show. The volume is lower than most other channels and I have to really turn it up on my screen.

  5. Carlos Anriquez

    Great episode!

  6. Flip2 Futures Trading Company

    Love what you are doing. Thank you again for providing great content. I am glad I stumbled upon this.

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Flip2 Futures Trading Company glad you enjoy the show! Thanks for tuning in. Cheers

    2. marsery

      Agree this is becoming the Trading channel “Must” .And these two guys in the video are great traders as well as great& generous personalities

  7. Another Brian

    Can you tell us the date that this was recorded?

    1. Robert H.

      above the chart is 2019-03-04 πŸ™‚

    2. Robert H.

      ok now I see, more charts, more dates..

    3. Anthony Crudele

      April 26

  8. josh powell

    rip to paxs now paid service that two short months ago when he started it claimed it would never be a paid service

    1. Matthew Cicero

      Been following him for months and that’s 100% not true.

    2. Matthew Cicero

      @josh powell You’re wrong, but I have zero desire to get into a comment war with you.

    3. To the moon

      the man is one of the best traders in the business. He should be charging 10x as much. Everyone wants a free lunch. People fail to recognize there is a value on time. It is this naive thought process which leads to failure.

  9. Unyield

    Don’t steal from your future, that is golden! Great advice from Matt. Thanks Anthony for providing such wonderful content!

  10. deecay59

    Matt Kenah, incredible trader even more incredible person for those lucky enough to know him

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