Why I’m Waiting for the Next Stock Market Crash | Phil Town


A lot of the time, effective investing is a waiting video game. Equally as there are inadequate times to market your stocks, there are poor times to acquire them also, as well as sitting on money while you wait on a better possibility is commonly one of the best investing decisions that you can make.

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58 Thoughts to “Why I’m Waiting for the Next Stock Market Crash | Phil Town”

  1. Epic Mentality

    A crash is the best money maker for smart investors.

    1. Roky Erickson rocks

      Interest rates will rise and equities will fall. Then Buffett will deploy his $116,000,000,000 of cash. See why he is so wealthy?

    2. BlackWorldTraveler

      4444 1313
      I don’t think many even knew what a stock market was let alone having access to it.

    3. Kris Krispy

      lol ridiculous, market crash is the worst time to buy stock, companies go bankrupt and you lose everything.

    4. Jordan Roig

      Kris Krispy maybe small cap stocks but large cap stocks almost always rebound just look at the s&p 500. It’s always best to buy at a crash because mutual funds will always go back up

    5. Nándor Horváth

      The truth your sidestep makes you who you are as a smart investor., just as the IQD Momentum strategy system made me outstanding profit in last month short stock investment. i did a proper search about this system and it turns out to be so profitable to my trading skills. i’m well informed now by Lukasz wilhelm on how to follow the tricks of the market and not to fail into the market tricks anymore.

  2. Positive Investing

    *I know that you mentioned Buffet in this video, but he has also been buying a lot of Apple recently. So yes, he has a lot of cash, but that doesn’t mean he’s not buying still!*

    1. Kang Kim

      10 years ago the largest market cap for a company was in the low 300 billions. And now it’s more than triple that. So he’s going to have more cash by default because he always has cash on the side.

    2. rurban

      Buffett is late in buying Apple and the MOS has eroded. It’s easily fully valued here. You must have complete faith in their continued dominance in the smartphone market to want to buy it here.

    3. Bob S

      R Urban, The FAANG $trillion club is worrisome valuations.

    4. rurban

      @Bob S investors never learn. It’s always the same behavior and disbelief near the end of bull markets.

    5. hunterx98

      Well he only bought it after the big correction in February

  3. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

    What are your plans if you think we’re headed for a crash? Let’s talk about it!
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    1. Kevin Naj

      Great video. I liked it. quick question how can someone protect his or her money like $100k in a saving account? keep it in house? buy gold or real state? or leave it in bank.

    2. Lewis McElroy

      Check out dirivatives all record high quadrillion dirivatives. Warren buffet said they were a time bomb weapons of mass destruction. So your right. Wait for the sale instead of going to jail

    3. Gdobie1 West

      @Roky Erickson rocks Looks like the S&P 500 is close to 3000. Been some good money made since this video was made.

    4. Gdobie1 West

      @Dubble D Check out Bob Brinker—one of the best in the business.

    5. Matthew Behm

      Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing July 2019 yield curve massively inverted, federal reserve and White House in a low key panic, feds are lowering interest rates in 3 weeks to keep the bubble from popping. Major crisis looming in the distance 💰💰💰

  4. Brandon Beavis Investing

    Time in the market beats timing the market!

    1. golden egg

      I am planning to jump into the stock markets in the next 3-5 months or so.

    2. Gee purrs

      Tell that to someone who’s starting out at age 55 and wants to retire at 65. Time that wrong and kiss retirement buh bye

    3. Gdobie1 West

      @Roberto Vera Get some good books to read. “Mutual Funds for Dummies” and “Investing for Dummies” by Eric Tyson are 2 easy reading books for beginners. Can get it new or used on Amazon. Good luck.

    4. Gdobie1 West

      @manictiger What you are doing is gambling. Day trading and swing trading is not investing. Growing wealth in the market takes time, the more time, the better. The tip off is “getting rich”. lol

  5. Mike Palko CPA

    “Buffet is going into cash”

    So I guess going into cash means buying loads of AAPL even at the highs. Let’s be honest, even the “experts” don’t know the future. If you have cash flow, you don’t need to sit on loads of cash.

  6. that guy

    I really like this channel because I get a different perspective, but I will CAUTION viewers of this video. So this is what Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet’s teacher and mentor) taught and what the best investors know. You cannot time the market! The market is completely unpredictable, people have tried and tried to time the market ever since its inception and absolutely no one has figured it out. Your mentality should not be that you’re waiting for a market crash, because it can go up for a very long time – look at the bull market that took place between 1942 and 1969. 27 years it took for a bear market to form, all the while “smart” people were cashing out midway through bull run and missed most the returns. Warren Buffet isn’t waiting for a market crash to invest. He’s simply waiting for good buying opportunities for good individual companies. He’s currently investing as we listen to this video. Although market crashes do produce a lot of opportunities, you still shouldn’t wait for a market crash. There are opportunities out there right now, just be smart and follow good value investing principles

    1. Gdobie1 West

      @atari7001 I think you are referring to the yield curve. Yes it has a good record predicting a recession, but usually it’s about 2 years after it inverts, not right away.

    2. Seb A

      You can totally time the market, especially before a recession, but you have to understand economics and data

    3. Gdobie1 West

      @Seb A Very few if any can time the market. You would have to be right twice, to get in then out or visa versa. Maybe you can write a book to prove your claim.

    4. franzkc

      I come to the comment boxes of YT videos for racist, biggoted, crazy conspiracy theories! Not for reasonable fact based smart comments! Make us all a favour and stop polluting us with your smart, open minded commentary!

    5. P C

      100% with you on this. He shouldnt promote market timing – not good at all.

  7. Opul3nce

    If you sit waiting for years, your cash gets inflated away

    1. yifan zhao

      If you invest just before crash, your cash fly away instantly

    2. Jack Lan

      @yifan zhao But if you hold it for the long term, it comes flying back.

    3. Elekk Tron

      @Jack Lan it took many years to get brake even after the 2000/2008 crash.

  8. sirus312

    this guy still waiting since 2009…gonna be 2060 before he gets a crash lmaooo

  9. RDLMeThat

    I thought this with the Dow at 21,000 and sold out. I was reminded again, it is hard to time the market, because overall we do have growth with some boom and bust cycles around an otherwise upward trend line. I think the main thing that causes these bust cycles is too much debt in some area of the economy. Right now, I think lending standards are still pretty tight, and I think there will be real gains in earnings from tax reform and better government policies. I think we will see some dip in the market as interest rates rise. Just really hard to predict when a dip occurs. I think you can find some good value out there, just maybe not something that is cheap. That all being said, cash is never a bad thing to have on hand when opportunity presents itself.

  10. RefugeeT

    Interesting article. “Dollar-cost averaging just means taking risk later” – Vanguard

  11. Danny Prince

    “Buy when there is blood on the streets.” That’s how the rich get mega-rich. I, as well I’m waiting, saving and investing for the next market crash. In the meantime I’m studying Math, Finance and Economics (the power of three).

  12. None Interrupted

    I’m 17 and unemployed 😂😂 I have no idea why I’m watching this but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ good information

    1. Krzy Mnky

      Hopefully, you have a job now, and start investing in ETFs. By the time you’re ready to start collecting social security (if it is still around by then) at 70 by saving and investing $100 a month in an ETF that tracks the S&P500 in that span, you could have approximately 650k (more if you increased your $100 rate when you’re earning more) to retire with. That’s an assumption of a 7% return compounded. You’re young and time is on your side. Goodluck!

    2. WealthAcad

      Actually its great that you’re starting to learn now. I don’t think you realise it but you are investing by watching this video. You are actually investing in yourself. I started investing in the stock market when I was about 21. (I am 23 now). Also I made a video on how college students can start investing. Maybe this could help you a little bit too if you want to check it out >> ttps://

    3. SmegmaBukaki69

      I wish I started learning about this stuff when I was 17. If you save your money and invest wisely you’ll have a very bright future.

    4. A Javid

      I wish I had access to this information when I was 17. If you don’t have real money now buy stocks with paper money so you learn how it is done.

  13. Phillip Longley

    It sounds like a stock market crash is coming our way some time in 2019?

  14. Cryptocoin Kiwi

    Funny reading all the 7 month old comments disagreeing 😀

  15. José Luis

    haha, this video was made May 2018.. is he still waiting in cash???

    1. Gdobie1 West

      @m hazey Yes, I know all about that philosophy, been investing for over 25 years. There are certain market indicators that I follow, and I believe we will reach close to 3100 in the S&P 500 down the road. When those indicators change, then we’ll see about getting out of the market. Good luck.

    2. m hazey

      @Gdobie1 West well i do see that happening but im into dividends so if it goes down , i will dollar avg it. No fear remember not let your emotions get involved. Indicators or not , cant predict the market , no matter how long you been in the game man. Im just an amateur with only a year and 2 months in the stock market with a 15.25% return since last may. So imagine if i keep doing what im doing in the long run. Appreciate the advice though.

    3. Vito Corleone

      august 2019, still no crash 😭

    4. Gdobie1 West

      @Vito Corleone Still is more money to be made before the next recession. Some of these clowns are pressing the panic button too soon. lol

    5. ElPenetrator21

      He’s been waiting since 2015 I think, since then the market is up by almost 50% (not counting reinvested dividends in which case it will be way more). Not very clever to try to time the market..

  16. Marian Bautista

    I’m really interested in stocks. This video help me understands investment.

  17. The Norwegian Investor

    Buy high sell low. got it.

  18. Bobbie Rendleman

    I am accumulating cash I have been for a year, patience, discipline. Start toe stepping after market has went down 50%

  19. Jarod Marrington

    Best financial content on YouTube, thanks~

    1. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

      Thank you for watching, Jarod!

  20. TheOtherMike

    If the market was “screamingly overpriced” in May 2018, wonder what he would call it now in Oct 2019.

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