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10 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Traders | Axia Futures


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Many concepts of what makes a successful trader are simply ordinary wrong. The reality is as once specified by Aristotle, "We are what we repetitively do. Quality, after that, is not an act, but a routine". Effective traders are the product of exceptional routines. Go to deal with creating the behaviors in this video, and also you are bound to see enhancements in your trading outcomes.

Real Trading Behaviors Recap:

1. Compulsive morning regimen
2. Profession the opportunity, not the clock
3. Healthy and balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, healthy and balanced mind
4. Regular workout
5. Top of the hour trading
6. Winning profession regular & losing profession regimen
7. Threat warm up
8. Structured exact morning briefing and also mid-day debrief
9. Basically sensitive markets
10. Keep execution simple

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17 Thoughts to “10 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Traders | Axia Futures”

  1. Musti

    Great video, clear, concise and without a hint of bullshit.

    1. Axia Futures

      Thanks for your support Musti! If these clips add value to your trading, you can always try our 2-week free trial and view a host of daily streams on offer. It only takes one good idea to get to the next level!

  2. Teb-ZAR Jozi

    Bitcoin is going to do to banks what email did the post office and Amazon did to retail. Understandably those at the center of the financial system are concerned.

    Prior to Bitcoin, the process for maintaining the transaction ledger remained effectively unchanged since the Medici developed double entry accounting in the 14th century.

    The Medici process of accounting required banks (conveniently owned by the Medici family) to maintain a ledger of debits and credits that was held at the bank. The modern financial system is simply a network of these ledgers held at each bank.

    Bitcoin takes the global ledger of transactions out of the control of the banking system and distributes it onto every computer that is connected to the Bitcoin network. Financial behemoths no longer control the system. With Bitcoin the users of the financial system are in control.

    This self-sustaining incentive system has the potential to loosen the banks grip on the traditional financial system and has the potential to turn incredulous bank CEO’s into lonely whaling captains

    1. tumelo pitsi

      love the video,i have been trading for sometime with very little results ,now this video just showed me how to do it successfully and consistently.big fan

    2. RonaLs SND

      Bitcoin will be die

  3. Mick Malkemus, MS

    #9 is counter to a healthy lifestyle. Sitting disease is a real thing. If they have a walking machine or at least a desk that can raise for periodic standing, it’s all good. Staying hydrated and using the restroom is essential. We aren’t robots.

    1. Peace!!!

      I think he meant to say “stay at the..”

  4. Hayden Harris

    The biker can be successful because his habits can directly affect his results where as with the forex, the results a trader experiences are down to millions of unknown players. regards Hayden

  5. Hayden Harris

    The forex graph has no habits but traders do, so the graph is playing one game and the traders are playing another. Its a numbers game for the broker and in a smaller way it can also be for the trader. Its all about how to speculate money and stay in the pendulum game long enough so as to take some profits from many small trades if and when the swing is in your favour. Trading is not about using strategies to predict the journey of the graph.

  6. rekha GUPTA

    Thank you sir

  7. Geoff Thompson

    “Personally I think ‘Habit’ is a verb” 🤦‍♂️ talk about getting caught up in semantics.

    A habit is a thing…the behaviour that perpetuates it is the verb. And that’s basically what you are referring to….

    ….so yeah – it’s still a noun…

  8. Vladimir Vladimirovich

    Ok. Thanks a lot.

  9. Flip2 Futures Trading Company

    Good video! Thanks!

  10. Jessica Campbell

    I rushed into trading thinking it was all bed of roses, I lost a lot trying to get winnings

  11. stephen larkin

    Hi I never comment on any videos but this man is talking sense if we take on board what he is saying you will do well so a big thanks to him

  12. Kenneth Koh

    I agree with these habits as I’ve been practising these habits myself for awhile now. some of the guys in the comments talking down on these habits or arguing about the irrelevant (noun and what not) clearly won’t see the light until they change that defensive mindset, though I have to disagree with habit number 2 mainly because I time and estimate market movements and usually don’t sit and stare at my charts, that doesn’t work for me, but hey that’s me right? Cheers bro

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