20 NEW Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH!


Will The Economic Collapse Happen In 2019?
I have actually been cautioning for years that the greatest as well as last financial collapse in this century, would certainly be in America. Now that fractures in our terrific economic situation are broadening, it's time to prepare for the buck crash and The Following Great Clinical Depression.

After taking an honest consider the truths, I don't recognize exactly how anyone can possibly declare that the U.S. economy is "flourishing". I actually don't. We hear this kind of rhetoric from the mainstream media regularly, but it does not make any sense..
And as you will certainly see in this video, the most up to date numbers are plainly telling us that the U.S. economy is going to a significant stock market collision as well as financial collapse. Economic conditions are becoming worse, as well as they weren't that excellent to start with. According to the computations that John Williams has made, the UNITED STATE economic situation is currently in an economic crisis, yet naturally the Federal Book will certainly continue to tell us that whatever is just fine for as long as they potentially can..

Unfortunately for them, they can't hide the depressingly bad numbers that are being available in from all over the economic situation, and also those numbers are all telling us the very same thing.

As I have actually described repeatedly, stock costs would certainly need to crash by 40 or 50 percent simply to obtain key evaluation ratios back to their long-term standards. Nevertheless, the truth is that the UNITED STATE economy is heading for the next economic collapse. As well as a lot of various other pundits are also mentioning that a significant economic crisis has actually currently begun. Sadly, we can't stop the clock. We are currently more than a 3rd of the method through 2019, as well as we will certainly be into 2020 prior to we know it. It has actually been an uncommon year so far, but I have a feeling that it is about to obtain a lot, a lot more interesting.

In this video we will certainly show you 20 facts concerning the imminent financial collapse and stock exchange collision …

———————————————-. Script written by Michael Snyder:

America is headed for a day of projection, and also writer Michael Snyder is seeming the alarm. His unique regarding the future of America entitled" The Starting Of The End" as well as his very successful publication concerning the end times qualified "The Rapture Decision" are both offered on Michael Snyder's writer web page:. The Beginning Of Completion:. The Rapture Judgment:. Get Prepared Now:. Living A Life That Really Issues:. Songs:.

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investing choices.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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93 Thoughts to “20 NEW Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH!”

  1. LatinRiteMass

    Don’t forget the toilet paper…

    1. Kalambong Kalambong

      You can always use leafs

    2. Kalambong Kalambong

      Just don’t use the leafs from the poison ivy trees

    3. Robert Keller

      Soon you can use Dollar banknotes !

  2. AJ

    I thought the collapse was confirmed?

    1. Thomas Cook

      Every other video this channel puts out

    2. LuLu LAU

      @Thomas Cook p

    3. Max Rockatanksy

      All the ads in this video, show that the apocalypse is here (well, the adpocalypse anyways….)

    4. Luke Reeves

      This channel makes money from fear unsub and avoid do your own research into the various statistics. From my research it’s at least 18 months away. They are delaying it on purpose.

  3. Lareese Blaque

    All of the political preaching jobs that are available pay 8 to 10 dollars an hour. What a joke.

    1. Tyler Stone

      @Obi-1 Listing every debunked, total BS conspiracy theory in the book now aren’t you?

      I work in Fukushima, less than 1 hour from the Daiichi plant. If reality was anything close to what’s in your mind, I would have grown a 3rd arm by now. And god help us we like, Protect ourselves against deadly diseases with modern lifesaving medicine based on centuries of global research. And Imagine being so stupid as to think Aircraft exhaust has anything to do with people on the ground. Nah It’s all just the big bad skory gobernmant! Alex Jones’ Gay Frogs are proof!

    2. Rob Hodge

      @Tyler Stone Go to Corbett Report channel. Look at yesterday’s upload titled “Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True”
      Obi-1 is right!
      GMO is bad
      Vaccines are bad
      Modern medicine isn’t about cures rather “long term treatment”
      Chemtrails are scientific fact.


    3. Raging_Rhino

      I get $70 an hour… I’d suggest finding something you have a passion for besides banging that girl, and get trained in that, then do it… like a lot… get paid means get trained then do all the hard work… nobody gets paid more to ride a cash register, that’s just collecting someone else’s $$$

    4. Leif C.

      your paper has no value. Fiat currency.

  4. Just A. Seeker

    Corporate Dairy farms have taken over. How can anyone compete with that?

    1. FuckILoveYouTubby

      Just A. Seeker who cares?

    2. Just A. Seeker

      Most of us farmers aren’t doing it for the All Mighty Dollar. There are more important things in life than Money. Just ask a Farmer. @FuckILoveYouTubby

    3. FuckILoveYouTubby

      @Just A. Seeker cant live without $ so may as well make as many as you can.

    4. Anita Ares

      If you live in the cities I suppose it could look that way. Rural life is not nearly as dependant on corporate farming Etc.

      We have relationships out here. We network out here. We buy from each other out here. Our banks are small and old fashioned.

      When it all goes down we wont feel it as keenly as you urban/Suburban dwellers.

    5. veco madden

      @richardscathouseDivide and conquer is the name of the game. The elite have been playing this game for thousands of years. It is sad to watch people falling for the same old bull.You think we would have caught on by now.

  5. St. Maurice

    This video is so well put together and epic that I don’t feel so bad about the impending doom.

    1. Epic Economist

      St. Maurice, thank you for sharing your comment!

    2. richardscathouse


    3. St. Maurice

      waitaminutedoggie What days do they teach this? On Columbus Day or Presidents’ Day?

    4. St. Maurice

      richardscathouse Are you the kid from Brightburn?

    5. BlackRonin

      I would actually feel worse about this whole mess if it wasn’t for the stunningly beautiful 4K footage.

  6. John Wigren

    You know how you can collapse the economy… Get married and say goodbye to your money…Go MGTOW.

    1. Nick Taylor

      Jesus – where did all these losers suddenly come from?

    2. Rocker Chick

      Don’t sign
      a Morgage! Don’t bring children into this world. Especially, if you can’t afford. Drive what you can afford
      .Thats what I do. Debt Free Person Here. Independent Person Here.

    3. Keyser Soze

      Ya, go “Magic Talent, get too wasted”? I have no idea what u mean. 😂

    4. kubush

      @Nighthawk Just because you’re an incel loser doesn’t mean every college girl is a slut.

    5. Time+space=perspective

      @Electrobee good point, also i dont think anyone mentioned that females get used for money too, in relationships, by dudes… yeah it happens, alot…they’re called “freeloading boyfriends”

  7. Tyson Cooper

    The whole system is built to collapse, it won’t crash by accident or chance, it’s all part of the plan

    1. Tyson Cooper

      @MC Bruin He’s just a puppet. He doesn’t think by himself

    2. MC Bruin

      Tyson Cooper you probably right.

    3. Omar Alhuwaidi

      The real question is how that will effect the Euro currency ? The only indication or hint so far is the Italian debt crisis!!

    4. Tyson Cooper

      @Omar Alhuwaidi My guess is that it will effect all fiat currency

  8. Daveyy

    Can’t wait I don’t want this system anymore

    1. K w

      I feel the same but only a idiot would want a collapse without alternative…. I have a family. Maybe the system is fucked precisely because of reckless fools like yourself who just want to tear it down because their lazy or losers and not making the system work for them.

    2. Cameron Moore

      @K w no one asked you to have a family

    3. K w

      @Cameron Moore intelligent response, expected nothing less from a clot like you.

    4. Ramon Rodriguez

      @Cameron Moore and no one asked you to write a stupid, immature comment.

    5. Cameron Moore

      @K w I’m sorry, sometimes I do reckless stupid things and I retract my comment

  9. Konrad Gola

    Walmart must be booming with tent sales for the homeless

    1. Lori Holman

      Sad but TRUE!

    2. Lori Holman

      @JC vDrift13 ?

    3. The Scooter

      True story. Wal-Mart allow people sleeping in their cars and vans to use their car parks at night, now that’s an inditement on any society

    4. The Scooter

      Go figure, WTF is wrong with us.

    5. commandersprocket

      @The Scooter What’s wrong with us is that we allowed money into our politics. When our nations rule makers spend more than half their time dialing rich people for money, they’re no longer ours.

  10. Florin Necula

    Facebook profit drops… not really a revelation. It’s going from a social media business model to a censorship publisher one. Good luck with that.

    1. richardscathouse

      None of these .cons has ever stood on their two feet and made a legitimate profit

  11. Dan D

    Collapse is good. Then there’ll be no more wars, no more sanctions, and the rest of the world will live in PEACE.

    1. moed al garny

      Or they will start a new one the escap the colapse or make it come later 🤔

    2. Kien Hweng Tai

      The opposite, wars will start over remaining resources.

    3. John wall

      China is probably next in line for power I don’t think I wanna live in that era

    4. Ageof Craccadillia

      well John were you ever subject to DC Isreali and Saudi foreign policy

  12. Mickharry Harris

    I’m just a modern day slave , bring it on !

    1. Bobleeswag

      Let’s get this party started!

    2. Virginia Evans

      Lamo me too

  13. nellynel305

    You know there’s a problem when a Honda Accord is $40k lol smh when 15 years ago was 18$k new

    1. TheBruces56

      I just bought a 2018 Accord 2.0T top trim and paid $27,400

    2. Luke Reeves

      They will collapse once they’re ready (when everything is set and in place.)

    3. Nhilistic Komrad

      @TheBruces56 just why in the hell would you go and do that? Why not buy a used BMW 5 or a Merc S that’s like 8 years old. Btw that POS honda would cost double that in India.

  14. Blind Freddy

    Lucky the US has a big brained stable genius with the best words calling the shots.

    1. Gypsy Song

      @Charles Paradise: POTUSA is: President of the United States of America

    2. Charles Paradise

      @Gypsy Song I thought he was called POTUS. Just like the Supremes are called SCOTUS. Never seen in it with an A added.

    3. Gypsy Song

      @Charles Paradise: You are correct. It’s POTUS. I just wasn’t sure if you were American or not and tried to help out with what the poster was trying to say 🤓

    4. Surya Guru

      @Gypsy Song you are fully mentally pliable, and ready for programming. support the troops, not war.

    5. The Scooter


  15. dachicagoan

    Is the devil literally going to appear?? Geez, easy on the dramatics

    1. Jeffrey Kalb

      Not yet. Give it an extra 20 years.

    2. Gw Gw

      He has and it’s trump!!

  16. Daniel J Hitchens

    How to make your own *Doomporn* :-
    1. You’ll need a piece of paper and a crayon.
    2. You’ll need to fall asleep on the left keys of your synthesizer.
    3. You’ll need graphs, lots! Not important what they say, just lots of big zig zags!
    4. You’ll need a oh so sincere, slightly histrionic film preview man voice over.
    4. You’ll need lots of _other_ people’s film footage. Use tape and (ask for adult supervision) a pair of scissors to stick it together. If you run out of footage just repeat the same ones. No one’s going to notice.

    Congratulations! Your now officially a *Doomporn* expert. You can now go forth and fill the internet up with pointless scaremongering!

    1. Moose 76

      Damien Thorn – Don’t forget you need 16-ish ads in a 20 minute video so you can get paid to buy a can of pork and beans with having just enough left over to pay for the rock you live under.

    2. Manin Black

      @Moose 76 laugh all you want smartypants but when the grid goes down and the zombie sulphur demon baby eaters are chasing you around town,
      Don’t come knocking on my Info-wars endorsed bunker looking for a bowl of super male vitality to keep you ahead of the game. And dont even think of breaking my door down. I’m armed with my Patriot flashlight and I know how to use it.

    3. t Mann

      Yep a regular Info Wars want to be ,Lol!!!!!!!!!

  17. dcptiv

    Everything was destined to go south the moment the $ was no longer backed by gold reserves. Money is now worth nothing because it is backed by nothing. Its only valuable because a country says it is & so people want it.

    1. kubush

      Money being backed by gold was a disaster. That’s why we got off of it. Gold is only valuable because we put value on it, just like money.

    2. Karl Benz

      @kubush no you are wrong, gold is valuable because there is a limited supply of it ….

    3. dan korgan

      @Karl Benz dude take an economic
      s course!

  18. Trevor Little

    For meny people the crash is ongoing, just look around you.

    1. IgnoranceIsNot AVirtue

      When I provided numbers it was clear what I was talking about. You did not.

      Regardless, it any democrat had the Trump economy, the media would be filled with never ending stories about the economic miracle. Trump has brought back jobs which obama and the democrats couldn’t even be bothered to attempt bringing back , which is why they said he would need ‘a magic wand’

      Well, the guy has done magic for economy and in a sane world he would win an overwhelming landslide re-election.

      Dispute it all you want, people see what is happening when they look for jobs and most people aren’t so biased as to not give credit where it is due


      ​@IgnoranceIsNot AVirtue Except that it’s not true and you have no facts to back it up, all you offer is baseless claims and no credible analysis to prove it. Obama had Trump’s economy at the end of his second term so there’s that because it hasn’t changed much since he left. The job market was doing great then and all the economic indicators show it. The myth that Trump “brought back jobs” is exactly that; a myth, so unless you have never before seen evidence that shows exactly which jobs that he brought back and that the current unemployment rate is a direct results of his policies, it will remain a myth. Claiming that “people see what is happening when they look for jobs” brings absolutely no substance to your argument, especially if you consider that it was just as easy to find a job in 2016.

    3. IgnoranceIsNot AVirtue

      People like you are so unbelievable, if the economy had crashed, you would be the first to blame Trump, fortunately the average person is far more fair minded than you are, or is that you obama ?

    4. IgnoranceIsNot AVirtue

      Right, so when CNN and others report ‘record low unemployment’ they are lying because secretly they like Trump….

      Delusional …

  19. B W

    The rest of the world assumed this situation since quite a time ….but hey, you live in the “greatest nation” of the world …

    1. Robert Randall

      The EU chimes in….. lol

    2. B W

      @Robert Randall we are not part of the EU lol again …and tbh do you think its fun being forced into this?

    3. B W

      @Dave Mi Could you please rephrase your sentence to an understandable form?

  20. Sam Elliott

    It’s strange that everyone I know is working and employers can’t find any help??

    1. Brendon Porter

      Thats why they call it a collapse. I think its 2020, though.

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