Penny Stocks 

4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!


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4 reasons why Cent Supplies are garbage is this video clip. Why dime supplies are bad is todays subject. Cent stocks have so many poor points and also today I will explain the 4 reasons that dime supplies are complete crap. I wish this aided you understand penny stocks much better. Cent supplies for newbies is a prominent subject unfortunately.

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32 Thoughts to “4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!”

  1. LU

    thanks for the video!

    1. Financial Education

      my pleasure!

    2. T9SpaceCadet

      Financial Education You should make a video about Jordan Belfort with his penny stock scam. Talk about his success and downfall.

  2. Dom Pops

    They are crap, I am fully aware of that, but still, from time to time, I really enjoy risking a bit of money in that market. Nowadays, a penny stock is anything that trades under $5 and it is possible to make a quick profit on companies that still have some kind of backbone.

    1. Jbird

      Dominic Belley yeah ppl don’t all agree on what’s a penny stock now it seems. Depends on the broker like I think tradeking says 2 bucks.

      I think the real point of the vid is talking about the no namers not traded on the main exchanges.

  3. Syed Ahmed

    Great video!
    I think this pump and dump scam was done by Jordan Belfort based on whom the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” was made.

  4. Teo Pop

    could you do a video on ETF’s in comparison to buying individual stocks ?

    1. dublindietrite

      Teo Pop I agree!

  5. emmanuel rosel

    am normaly not into penny sticks but the weed market is getting my attention

  6. Jimmy D

    J Bro. Wish you posted this video 2 months ago 🙁 Lost around 6k trading REXX penny stock. Now I understand why I was not able to buy and sell at the price I wanted. Anyways, thanks man. And as usual, UROCK!! That can be ur ticker symbol if u open ur stock!!

  7. tritosac

    I appreciate the message you are trying to get across. I think your warning is mainly geared towards new investors who might otherwise succumb to the allure of the get rich quick mentality. I have been trading in penny stocks and have lost money on bad plays but I have also made more than I have lost. Along the way I have learned lessons. One of the main lessons I learned was to avoid companies that have a history of doing reverse splits and diluting their outstanding shares buy dumping additional shares on the market. Stocks that have a lower float also is an indication that insiders hold more shares so for me its a safer risk. Also I focus only on stocks listed on the OTCQB and OTCQX which are higher rungs of the OTC and require reporting. I have to disagree with you especially when you look at what is happening with penny stocks in the cannabis industry. There are bad players to be sure but there are some winners out there that will have a piece of the multi-billion legal and recreational market. I would argue that if people do their due diligence on penny stocks in this sector-even going so far as to visit the companies in person and meet with company execs, there are diamonds in the rough and there is the potential for a windfall to be made if considering the long term outlook as well as volatility in the short term which has made profits for investors. In the end all stocks-even blue chips-are subject to investor sentiments and can lose value fast with any bad news.

    1. Financial Education

      +tritosac Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on the subject! Thank you also for sharing your perspective in a mature manor and explaining your point. Very much appreciated

  8. Static Volt

    I think this guy is talking about Otc penny stocks not the one on the NASDAQ or amex

  9. elmer diaz

    To make money with pennystocks you have to be a trader not just buy and hope type of investor.

  10. xJammz

    I’ve never heard so much wrong information in my life. You’re looking at penny stocks the wrong way which is why their “scams” to you. Trading penny stocks is not gambling either. There is a strategy to it. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean you should bash it. Everyone has their own niches. There’s no one right way to make money. There’s no one strategy to make money in the market. Very disappointed to see such close minded people due to a lack of understanding.

    1. __________

      Tyler The Trader what is there to understand about throwing pennies around ?

  11. trade trade boom boom

    The whole economy is a scam but there still people getting rich in it, everyone tells lies so wants your point.

  12. Zoj De Guzman

    this video literally saved me $3k dollars. I was up all night researching about this company with less than a dollar share. But the company is real though.

  13. Joe George

    Being later in my life now than earlier, I have seen people flip classic cars, flip houses – I even saw baseball cards I had taped to my bike in 1966 on the cover of the WSJ going for 6 figures in the 1980’s. There were times when it worked and times when it didn’t. If you can jump in and out of a stock today with a $200 laptop and a $5 commission – I say go for it. If it keeps you out of a cubicle even better.

  14. Owners Key

    you obviously do not know how to trade penny stocks

  15. Raanan Simand

    Not a bad video but keep in mind Starbucks was a penny stock for many years and now it’s in your top stocks.

    1. El Nino NMG

      Raanan Simand was it really? Mad1

    2. Just another Bird

      Yes, but that’s an exception to the rule.

    3. Pitou Hong

      He just mention the risks that contribute to penny stock.

  16. Taloot B

    Penny stocks are a hype , yes u could make money but if your a new trader trading options is way better .

  17. Reallife IsReal

    Bro…I turned $492 into $5k then flipped the $5k into $60k all in 3 months so I highly disagree with you..You have to educate yourself and understand how the OTC game is played..So it’s criminal and what, the rest of society isn’t? Get real..Move with the crooks and you will come out on top but just don’t get greedy, because trading is very psychological.

    1. Victor H Maya

      Add me, I want to learn your ways

  18. Daniel Julian

    A little bit of information on people who are saying “Penny stocks aren’t garbage! I’ve made money”
    1. Even if you’ve made money on these stocks, most of them still ARE garbage. Most financially unstable and some even completely fake like he mentioned in the video. These are always dangerous to invest in, even temporarily.

    2.) Most of the people who back penny stocks stating how much money they can / have made on penny stocks haven’t even been investing for a year. I don’t think the point is that you can or have made 50, 100, 200% in one trade, the point is that at the end of the year you will be in the red or broke if these are the only stocks that you trade. It’s about consistency.

    3.) “Tim Sykes has shown it can work!” Sykes still has not proven to me to be a penny stock millionaire as he claims. The guy owned a hedge fund for christ’s sake. He could have made a large sum of money through investing but I’m not convinced they were all penny stocks. And for the ones that are, I’m pretty confident he has worked with pump and dump stocks with all of his stundents. Speaking of students, he charges people 3k per person for his millionaire challenge or over a thousand dollars per DVD that he sells. Not to mention additional monthly fees on Seems like he really needs money for some reason…

    4.) I will say that SOME penny stocks are legit. but they typically need to be at least $2 per share (not always). Some of these small market cap companies have shown to have the ability to make money and their market cap / share prices will go up through actual legitimacy. Do your research!

    Sorry for the long read

  19. Daelin Proudmore

    “penny stocks” please define it? What exchanges are you talking about? TSXV, Nasdaq Jr?

  20. Phillip Coombs

    67 scammers are upset! Lol! Good info man.

    1. dash allday

      Alot of people make alot of money with penny stocks

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