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10 Thoughts to “Advanced Trading Techniques – Futures Spread Trading”

  1. What about Paris

    So basically…you are saying that you thrust more the Technical Analysis from spread trading than outright trading ? if so, how do you justify that ? Thanks and nice work ! Frank

    1. Target Alpha

      Depending on asset correlation, like gold and silver being highly correlated. You can play the spread between both gold and silver prices. When you have clear divergence between both products, this could be a risk play in gold seeing gold appreciate more than silver on any given day, you could buy silver and sell gold for the spread differential between the two. The idea is the gap between pricing narrows and as silver didnt move as much as gold it has catching up to todo. With this kind of trade your hedged to some degree. As silver will likely rise overtime to close the gap. If your gold position moves against you, your silver position should hedge the offside gold position. As the two products converge again you should make the difference during the convergence.

  2. Vladimir Anatolevich

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  3. Larry Thomas

    yeah. alright. penny stocks trading needs good patience and advice from experienced professionals. its not a joke, These professionals are being with us always to guide us to choose and trade in proper way. have a try and make the most of them 🙂 >>

  4. anne marie

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  5. Edmund Williams

    Do you live in Rockwell, Texas?

  6. Brain Brown

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    1. Brain Brown

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  7. Peter Chen

    hello, which broker is best for spreads trading? how much is the commissions? thank you.

    1. Ronde Fabian

      Earning profit in future trading, you need to measure from the support line to the mid-peak or break line. Then take this measurement and repeat it up starting from the penetration level. To learn how to do this concept I recommend you use and learn Blended Model strategy created by Dmitry vladislav. it give a knowledgeable and good profit returns.

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