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How i pick my stocks on daily basis as well as exactly how i evaluate those stocks prior to I day trade.


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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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  1. Al Barleta

    Wolf of Ireland

  2. scott Horikawa

    Love it!!! The best channel!!! Keep doing awesome job!! Thanks

  3. David Nguyen

    This is dope man keep up the good work, I will try this technique

  4. nathaniel Short

    I’ll try that, Thanks for the onfo LTC address:

  5. Derek Villar

    Thank you for making this so simple!👍

  6. Derek Villar

    Thank you for making this so simple!👍

  7. Sharissa B.

    Just the video I needed ! Thank you mate !

  8. Michael Somers

    Zaid like another one of your subscribers below I also went in on ADI and had my biggest lost so far.

    Is the loses down to the Dow etc. been down 300 and the continuing sell off?

    Is there any other tips you have for picking stocks or another one of the 99% videos

    The problem I’m having lately is the stock has a good earnings, could be up 2dollars pre macket, buy market order and the stock opens high and doesn’t reach them highs again so it will be a lost.

    Would it be better to wait a minute into the stock market and then buy once the high is gone and take the next smaller high?

    I have seen how your strategy works and made small profits but it is there something I am missing with the markets been down


    1. Zed Monopoly

      hello brother glad you reached out. So in this case it’s best to open up a new account that allows for pre market trading. This strategy works well when shorting on market order, however with buying it’s best off to buy pre market to be there before the crowd. keep in mind that if you jump in late in pre market i.e 2-3 dollars late then you can face the same problem. Keep working on perfecting the strategy and go in with small positions until you make it 100% profitable. but yes most of the stocks today are down due to the market usually this will happen every now and then and then settles again.

  9. Zed Monopoly

    check out my students results check out my students progress

    1. Grazza B

      Dropped like a rock 🙁 lol

    2. Waistgangmeka

      Zaid Kur damn you’re good

  10. EtherOfLies

    Brilliant video my friend. Is there any way to learn more about this method. On how to read and understand the reports to determine a trade. Like what to look out for? You make it look so simple 😂😂

  11. Grazza B

    i have been a follower for a while now and i think this is the best help i have ever saw online, Tim Sykes always saying i will teach ANYONE, for a small fee of $100 per month! CMON the Kur!

  12. G Santi

    Lets get ZAID to 100k SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!
    Pass this along and share videos!!!!!!
    This guy is the truth.!!!!!!!

  13. Glen Courtney

    So you wouldn’t recommend day trading on plus500? How much would I need to start to make 50-100euro at a time man? I’m from dublin my self and I assume you are too?

  14. DoYouEvenDrone

    Could you please let us know what platform you began trading on before you had $25,000 which is a requirement for most places. Or what would you recommend for beginners right now, as in the platform

  15. Motto

    Sometimes even the quarter earning has increased, but stock prices go down, so what happen? How to be more sure to buy or sell?

  16. Let's Talk About it

    Great video bro. Have you ever considered picking your stock picks for earning calls? I think we all can analyze together and see what the odds are. We all could benefit massively

  17. J McGHee

    I love your lessons really.

  18. Ring_Of_Power

    love it Zed, thank you for putting in the time for these videos brother, We are watching and need more

  19. Let Me be Frank!

    Is there a list of companies with upcoming financial reports?

  20. Pranav Ranganath

    THANK you for not being like those fake, “I will give you what you need” repetition. Great video! Thank you 🙂

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