Penny Stocks 

How much capital do you need to trade PennyStocks?


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29 Thoughts to “How much capital do you need to trade PennyStocks?”

  1. Devin Nguyen

    First. <3

  2. Th King

    i don’t even have $1000 right now aaaaah

  3. Probing One

    I appreciate this man, he has made money and doesn’t need to spend his time helping us! Thank you.

    1. John Duo

      @Caleb Brown If you cannot save up $1000/month, you should first focus on where all your money goes. 9-5 making $13.00 an hour gives you over 2000/month so you should definitely save up that much, unless you have a family to feed. So you can spend 2 years saving up and studying the stock market before you start trading. It takes money to make money. Anyone who tell you you can make millions from $1000 in a year definitely lies.

    2. Thurshanth Yoganathan

      @Caleb Brown u don’t need 20,000, IMO. Atleast $1,500 is sufficent. However, like everyone, you will go busto on your first few bullets trying to learn the market. best idea is to put 200 in your account, and your goal should not be to make money with the $200, but instead, it is to build a strategy that can help you make money!!

  4. Pedro Peralta Jr.

    Anyone know the name of the outro song? I can’t find it anywhere =( Thanks for the vid Dux!

  5. Adan Garcia

    Was literally talking about this, this morning with my twin

  6. Shlok Music

    yeah let me just pull out my 20,000 from the bank that I totally have 😂

  7. X Yan

    I instantly became profitable after joining T3

  8. Li Frose

    I made 22k on WKHS yesterday thank you Steven!!!!!!!

  9. captain america

    To trade , you have to be passionated or dedicated to this, at the contrary you will lose a ton of cash.

  10. Jonathan Fox

    Thanks for the advice!!!!

  11. bottomphishing

    When Steven Dux drinks a redbull before filming!

  12. 남덕현

    tbh I started with $800 and grew it to $14,000 in roughly 4 months….. under PDT rule!

    1. Its Jero

      남덕현 Wow nice, where did you learn all this, btw what is your winning % and your average gain % and average loss %. Thank you for your time 😁

    2. K F

      What’s pdt rule. Thanks

    3. Aimad Alioui

      @K F Pattern Day Trading: require minimum of 25K to make trades, in and out on the same stock, in the same day (Day Trading).

    4. Liz Trader

      What price tickers? All in every play?

  13. Ka5h_N_Da_lVloney

    When you lose control over your emotion u end up blowing up your account . I learned that the heard way . Steven is correct how people dont like to listen to other traders , Im one of those people . Not everyone adds value, like warrior trading or tim skyes , Only person I am willing to learn from is stevendux and ricky 😀

    1. Baba Gee

      Ka5h_N_Da_lVloney : WT and Tim do say the same thing, you probably not just listening. They all preach patience, plus plenty of reading and practice. There is no shortcut if you are not willing to put in the work.

    2. Robocop Btek

      LOL, Ricky trades ETF’s and uses 4 technical indicators and level 2 to determine entry and exit points, what could you possibly learn from him. (unless you don’t know anything about technical analysis.)

  14. Liam Tanner

    Thank you Steven, you were spot on and it helps keep me on track!

  15. connor fischer

    Another great sneak peak, thanks as always

  16. Tai Weleilakeba

    Thank you for sharing this information Sir.

  17. Sandman Floor Refinishers

    Keep it under 300k… ok copy that

  18. Maciej Duraj

    Hello Steven! What is the best platform for short selling ? You recommend E-Trade?

  19. trh53085

    So I cant size in more than 70k? Damn

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