How Risky Is The Stock Market?


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Have you ever considered investing in the securities market, but it seems to high-risk or complex? Is the stock market just a huge gambling establishment like some people say? And what are there ways to invest in the securities market that can lower your risk?

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      Every Wednesday morning! Thanks for subscribing! 👨🏻

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  7. Blitz Of The Reich

    You love some of dat Richard Thaler. But in all honesty Benjamin Graham pretty much advised on the same thing: don’t check your stocks much.

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      How do I short it?

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      Quick Fix – Thought Provoking Videos
      I did.
      Bought 700 shares of Google after IPO.

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      Invest all your money in Bitcoin

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  10. This is Barris! - French History

    Millennials: Stock markets are too risky. I think I’m going to avoid them.
    Also Millenials: *CRYPTOCURRENCIES*

    1. Ashish Kalam

      @Just another Bird if i had bought bit coins on last December last year, it would be worth 3 times that today.

    2. Ali

      There’s always the “mILLeNiAls r dUmB” comment


      @John Jacob IKR. I would say at least 50% of the people between 40-60 have no problem navigating the internet and buying stocks. After all the internet is designed as best as possible to be easy to use.

    4. Tepes Obrejac

      The thing about cryptocurrencies is that they aren’t real currencies. Can you use them to buy some bread at a grocery store? Can you use them to pay the guy mowing your lawn? OF COURSE NOT. Their value is SO UNSTABLE that setting a somewhat stable price on any goods or services is IMPOSSIBLE. That’s why Cryptocurrencies are nothing more than something purely imaginary which have a value based on nothing more than a series of temper-tantrums of some guys who follow eachother just like in a flock of sheep.
      Stability is the most important thing for any currency and that’s why I’m for returning to the gold standard.

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      oh wait, then who would babysit kids while parents are at work 9 to 5 and keep them busy with irrelevant crossword puzzles and other busy work. .

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      Nah bro obviously imaginary numbers that’s right not even real numbers but theoretical numbers are more important than personal finance so you don’t get fucked later.

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      Andrew567 imaginary numbers help you develop perspective and even strategy. If you can’t imagine the numbers, how are you supposed to manage finances?

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  16. Francis Mwangi

    For most people, a low cost index fund tracking the s&p 500 or NASDAQ will be enough. Keep it simple.

  17. dscrive

    are y’all going to discuss how stocks actually make money for the individual? dividends, sales, etc?

    1. Iffy50

      @LabGecko Yeah, it’s impossible to know people’s background on youtube unfortunately. The Fed said the economy is struggling today and stocks went up. Bad enough that they plan to cut rates. I hope we’ve seen the end of QE unless there is a true emergency.

    2. Silver Wolf

      Just my two cents here, you can make money in 3 ways from stocks ( capital gains, dividends, short-sell). Capital gains is the appreciation (increase in price) of the stock so when you sell it, the spread between the price at which you bought it and later sold is your actual profit. So essentially what everyone has heard by low and sell high. Short-selling is the opposite, you borrow shares from your broker and you sell them at the current price betting that the price is going to decline, when it declines you simply buy the number of shares you owe to your broker. After that you simply return the shares and keep the spread between selling and buying as profit. Dividends is what you have the rights to as a shareholder in a specific company. They are part of the net profit generated by the company over a period of time. How much you are going to actually receive is based on the dividend yield which represents a percentage from the current market price of one share. If the market price increases the dividend will also increase and the more shares you have the more dividends you will get. However for common shares what you are typically going to get on the stock market, there is no guarantee you will receive dividends, it is a decision of the company should they reinvest or give it to the shareholders, the dividend yield is also a decision taken by the company. Publicly-traded companies are controlled mainly by their Boards of directors because of the massive dispersion of company ownership. The reality is you need to understand a lot of stuff in order to invest properly and not lose money or lose a little bit of money in the process. However do know that you do not really need a complete degree in Finance to become good in investing.

    3. Iffy50

      @Silver Wolf Those are some great dictionary definitions of those three terms. They don’t actually impart any investing knowledge, but it’s good for people to understand what they mean.

    4. Silver Wolf

      @Iffy50 Yeah, I was just answering the initial question in the original comment. Investing is a difficult topic in general, it takes a lot of reading and experimenting, trial and error to get really the hang of it. You cannot explain it briefly in a comment section.

    5. Iffy50

      @Silver Wolf point well taken!

  18. flow

    Investing is easy to do and not very intimidating once you get to know the basics (you don’t even need much time or in depth knowledge once you get the basics right). The most important thing you have to know in investing or financial management is one word: _diversification,_ which is just a fancy way of saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket (not even stocks).

    *How I diversify* –> according to risk, return on investment (ROI) and availability of funds.
    1. Savings bank account: Very low risk, very low ROI, money available for use readily (this is my emergency fund).
    2. Fixed deposits from bank: Very low risk, low to moderate ROI, money locked in investment for 1 year (or more).
    3. Bonds or Secured Debentures: Low risk, Moderate ROI, money locked in investment for 1-5 years.
    4. Mutual funds: Low to moderate risk, Moderate to high ROI, money locked in investment for 5-10 years.

    *I don’t have money to invest*
    If you have $100 to spare monthly then you do have money to invest. That’s all you need. There are monthly investment plans for mutual funds, bank fixed deposits, bonds, etc. The power of compounded interest or ROI will *blow your mind off* (just take an excel sheet and see for yourself what a monthly investment plan can do in 20 years). But you have to start *now*. The earlier you start, the earlier you will be financially secure. The more financially secure you are, the more free you will become to spend time and money on leisurely pursuits.

    Investing is only a small part in a 3 part formula my father (bless him!) taught me to be financially secure:
    1. Develop high income skill(s)
    2. Develop high return business(es)
    3. Develop passive income strategies: This is where investments come in.

    My strategy is to develop my high income skills and high return businesses for the next 20 years. This means I have time and money to develop passive income strategies. Then once my investments are mature I can move to less time consuming professions like running a consultancy business.

    1. David Beppler

      Buy Tesla, ignore the news. Get rich. Math.

    2. Marty06

      Thanks for sharing flow !

    3. Fuarian

      by return businesses do you mean an actual business? Some people can easily get into investing. But entrepreneurship just isn’t for everybody.

    4. Robert Melvin

      My father also taught me the 3 part formula, plus 1 more part, track your expenses so that you know how you’re spending your money, so that you might be able to cut back on wasteful spending. My diversification approach (1) interest bearing checking acct [immediate emergency fund]. (2) Bonds for low risk. (3) Focus on dividend returns from various asset classes [mutual funds]: emerging markets, large caps, mid/small caps, foreign, REITs [real estate]. (4) Pick only a few stocks that have good dividend histories.

    5. robbytherob

      You sweet summer child

  19. L Lu

    You never mentioned that if the interest rate of your savings (or worse money under the bed) is less that the inflation of that currency that you are actually LOSING money that you worked hard for.

  20. Nhlanhla. V Chili

    and I just laugh at that sound of screaming folks when the chart goes down lol

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