How To Beat The Stock Market In 2019


Stock Exchange Investing has actually been instead unstable recently – here's how you can buy 2019, in such a method to be rewarding long-term, according to data – appreciate! Include me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Researches have revealed that market timing seldom ever before functions regularly

Charles Schwab analyzed the data throughout 5 investing designs in between 1993 and 2012: It was located that, obviously, the most effective capitalist was the one who acquired in at the most affordable cost each year – as well as at the end of those twenty years, the financial investment would certainly deserve $87,004. But the shocking outcome was that the SECONDLY capitalist, who just spent the $2000 quickly, had a total financial investment return of $81,560 – that's just $5300 LESS than the investor who had actually PERFECT timing, every year, over twenty years.

Brad Barber and Terrence Odean evaluated over 66,000 homes from 1991 as well as 1996, and located that the capitalists who trade the most frequently earned an annual return of 11.4% … which sounds respectable, until you see that the total market returned 17.9% during that same time period.

If you take a look at the DOWS WORST 20 day efficiencies, you'll notice that bulk of the very best single-day point boosts often tend to take place within about two weeks of its worst single-day declines..

This suggests that if you simply occur to sell off your investment to wait up until the market drops, you could just miss out on several of one of the most profitable trading days afterwards.

So with all of this data in mind, here's just how you can defeat the securities market in 2019 – no matter what happens:.


Instead, the ONLY approach which is HISTORICALLY PROVEN TO ACTUALLY WORK OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS – is just to invest as quickly as you have the money, hold that financial investment over two decades or longer, and also do definitely nothing when it goes down in value. That's it. That's exactly how basic spending actually is.

There is ALWAYS going to be "something" that can influence securities market returns, however whether or not we see an unfavorable return that year is virtually unforeseeable. This proceeds throughout the last 100 years … so us in 2019 is absolutely nothing new, the context might be different yet the outcomes will certainly very much be in line with background:.

Low cost are a time for HUGE opportunity … we must simply see this as a part of a regular market cycle, as well as continue ahead with company as usual … as well as most importantly, just buy as well as hold long-term. That's it.

For organisation or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate representative speaking with inquiries, you can reach me at

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75 Thoughts to “How To Beat The Stock Market In 2019”

  1. Mitch

    You and Jeremy should do a dividend portfolio vs real estate portfolio debate for which one provides better passive income

    1. YuriGaDaisukiDa

      Real estate is a lot of work. Investing isn’t as difficult. I’ll take sticks even if the return is lower cause I’m too lazy for real estate

    2. Vibeguy1052

      @Correction Guy take a $20000 dollar down payment on a $100000 property if it cash flows only 500 a month that is $6000 in the first year not to mention the extra equity received in the property. A divided with a annual yield of 5% will net $1000 a year with a $20000 investment. Even if you don’t cash flow the property and just break even with rent the amount of equity gained in the property is more than with a divided stock.

    3. Neanderloid Swain

      @Zachary Lincoln That doesn’t account for risk. If you have vacancies, or a really terrible tenant than you’re losing margin. You’d probably be fine as long as you’re loan terms are good and you’re getting decent cash flow. I won’t do rental real estate unless I can put a huge chunk down on the property.

    4. Jee Vang

      whos jeremy? jeremy renner? he’s into stocks too?

  2. Arish Petani

    “Don’t try and beat the stock market use index funds”
    “How to beat the stock market”

    1. Christopher Suchy

      @Rezalion Nice, keep reading! I’m canadian so our accounts work very differently but don’t be afraid to seek out advice either. Someone who specializes in taxation may know things you don’t. See if you can network and grab a coffee? or maybe take them for lunch? pick their brain. My personal favourite finance books are/were:

      One Up on Wall St – Peter Lynch
      Common Sense – Art Williams
      Intelligent Investor – Ben Graham
      What’s Wrong With Your Life Insurance – Norman Dacey

      I’ll be honest, I did not like Bogle’s book even though I agree with indexing as a viable strategy. It’s led to a valuable change in the industry but it’s also tricked a lot of people into becoming DIY investors when they should be seeking advice. Vanguard is the largest index fund provider even did studies on how advantageous it is to still use advisors 🙂

    2. Rezalion

      @Christopher Suchy I go to conference and meetups. Most people my age haven’t started saving yet and there’s still a stigma about talking about investing and sabings

    3. Rezalion

      @Christopher Suchy going after financial independence is pretty similar in most countries. I know Canada uses TSP instead of 401(k)s but it’s all fairly simple. Saves as much as you can in tax deferred accounts, low-cost funds, never sell and forget about it for a few decades and come back. Then you can prepare the withdrawing stage. Real estate is a little different but here in America they update taxes but it not vastly different year by year. I’m in accounting so I stay on top of changes.

    4. Christopher Suchy

      @Rezalion For sure there is. I work in the industry and there is a major fear of the markets and products. I assume banks in the states are just as unethical and unreliable as in Canada?

  3. Michael Harris Vlogs

    I destroyed the living daylights out of the like button!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Dylan Laidley

    Hey graham I finally bought a house at 18 by myself
    It’s got a good sized land and 16 km from Perth cbd I’ll move in 2nd of September you really helped motivate me graham

    1. Sabrine Farjallah


    2. D. Mohan

      Way to go bro… yer miles ahead of same aged peers certainly.

  5. Financial Education

    Many years ago I worked as a manager of a company named Quiktrip QT and the owner of the company use to always say “A Recession is a terrible thing to Waste” All truly great companies and investors invest during a recession. Amazon, Google, Apple, Warren Buffett etc all didn’t just stop investing in property, plant, equipment, people, stocks etc 2007-2009.

    1. Logan Pendergraft

      QuikTrip is the

    2. DoomFinger511

      @Joshua Lewallen Why did you decide on those 2 stocks?

    3. Mark Rabadi

      I love QT.

    4. Pennies Not Perfection - A Merry Life, On A Budget

      Financial Education Love that saying!

    5. Tiger Fang

      Fallacy is in assuming that markets always go up. This has only been true of the US market. Pull up a chart of Indexes in most other major markets like China, UK, Europe, Germany, Japan. All the markets are flat/down over a decade, or two decades. The NEKKEI is approaching where it was between 1995-2000. A $1 invested in 1995 is roughly equal to a $1 in 2019. FTSE 6100 in 2000 7100 in 2019. The bigger question is why is the US market the only one to have beaten flat to negative returns(inflation adjusted) and will that continue over the next 20 years? #Bitcoin #moneyprinting.

  6. Rudy Salas

    Lets go recession! Bring them house prices down to true market value!

    1. Rudy Salas

      @Kaden Currie when market value goes down, it definitely benefits those who have cash on hand to buy low investments. Its a sale in market terms.

    2. Kaden Currie

      Rudy Salas you are very wrong. I am no expert.. but I’d say the interest rates where 15%. You pay 15% on what you owe every year. So in the end of a 30 year mortgage you’d pay double what the house is worth. You can always re finance 5 years after the recession to the new rates but refinancing isn’t always good. Best way I see to profit from a recession with the banks money is to buy and typically prices bounce back within a year. So as soon as they bounce back you sell and take the money into another deal. I personally will be buying cash when this happens so when it bounces back it all profits minus the taxes you pay. I’m currently 24 live with my mom and have 150k in the bank lol.. playing it smart. Again I’m no expert this is what I’ve taught myself over the last year of researching all of these things hoping/ waiting for a recession. I was very misinformed when I first started looking.

    3. DippinTippinZippin TrippinSippinRippin

      @ewt415 Not even major US cities. All western town the prices are ridiculously up

    4. by readHolliday

      @King Salomon yes I do and?

    5. Kong

      @kshiftkometh remember the great recession was when Graham got his first properties live and learn people.

      Get the recession going and bankrupt the elites of the world savers can finally get their just deserts on the borrowers that have been living irresponsibly and expect others to pay for them.

      Economic cycle cannot be denied.

      Where there is a boom there is a bust where there is good there is evil where there is Graham there is avocado toast.🤤

  7. Investing Engineered

    Who tried saying Charles Schwabb?

    I did.

    1. Rezalion

      Charles Schwab*

  8. edgar morales

    “It’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market”
    – Warren Buffet

    1. Jee Vang

      oh look, the obligatory warren buffet quote

    2. mattizzle Soda

      Yeah the caveat is that it requires time. If you buy at the peak, it will take more time to recover.

      It is what it is, but that could still be painful for awhile. We don’t have unlimited lifespans after all.

      Better to have financial security late than never though.

    3. Kathleen M. Higgins

      Oh my, I got no time in the market~ but have had a bit if a windfall I’d like to help bloom and last in a peaceful way so I’m not worrying about how it’s going. I’m a poet by trade so any good thoughts are always appreciate.😊

    4. Tiger Fang

      Fallacy is in assuming that markets always go up. This has only been true of the US market. Pull up a chart of Indexes in most other major markets like China, UK, Europe, Germany, Japan. All the markets are flat/down over a decade, or two decades. The NEKKEI is approaching where it was between 1995-2000. A $1 invested in 1995 is roughly equal to a $1 in 2019. The bigger question is why is the US market the only one to have beaten flat returns and will that continue over the next 20 years?

    5. Kathleen M. Higgins

      @kevino savino
      You sound like a professional ~ is this your work in life? If so, are you contactable?

  9. Gabriel Manes

    Damn i love how he always does the “smash the like button!” thing out of nowhere😂

  10. Fawzi Mudawar

    Graham: This is why you shouldn’t try to time the stock market…
    *a few seconds later*
    AD: I want to teach you how to time the stock market and make loads of money

    1. Loren Fok


  11. Sean Lei - Money & Minimalism

    When the market dips / recession hits, every single company is at a *discount* and any knowledgeable person should BUY IN!!!

    1. Vanna Mae

      That what Im thinking.

  12. Influencer Unchained - Digital Entrepreneurship

    My cousin, who went to Harvard to study economics, told me her professor said something like “people who try to time the markets don’t do any better than monkeys”! 🐒The stats you show here very reassuring! Thanks for the incredible and helpful work Graham!

    1. Keith Burkhardt

      You should look at the track record of Dan Sullivan, The Chartist.

    2. Andy Ar

      @Sarah why they can’t use their knowledge for their own benefit? There are tons of gurus in the internet who are essentially doing the same. Fake schools and fake professors. A person can’t teach others if he has no experience. A professor can only teach how to become professor.

    3. Sarah

      @Andy Ar Econ professors aren’t the same as online gurus trying to sell you a “10 step program to become rich.” They’re there to teach you about supply and demand, what market capitalization is, what tariffs are and why they exist, etc. I’m saying the knowledge they are giving you isn’t about teaching you how to make money at all. The class is teaching you how money is used on a larger scale in society. I’m guessing you’ve never taken a college economics class if this is how you view the material.
      A professor is not only teaching people other people to become professors. Why do star athletes still have coaches? Why do successful musicians still have private lessons? Teachers aren’t just teaching people to become teachers.

    4. Andy Ar

      ​@Sarah I’m very educated and not proud of it.
      Private music teacher can show you his skills by playing instruments, a coach can show his champions. Economy professor can’t prove his skills and in fact he doesn’t know what to do with his knowledge and expects you to figure out. There are gurus who know in theory how to make business but they never did it. They do not offer “get rich quick” schemes but still waste time and money.

  13. AZGC

    Lesson of the Day

    Recession = Black Friday for the Investors

    1. OTIEmpire


    2. Leif C.

      get some silver incase of a recession

    3. Jeiby Vizcaino


    4. stringzar

      Truth, thats why I sold all my stocks and moved all my 401k money into a stable value fund which is like a 2% interest savings account. Once the recession is in full swing I’ll hopefully buy back all my stocks for pennies on the dollar. Worst case scenario, a year from now i’ll only have 2% more than I did today.

    5. Jeiby Vizcaino

      @stringzar well if that’s the case you made a big mistake we just had a recession in the stock market and if you didnt take advantage of this recent volatility you missed out big time.

      But really 2% lol I’m a horrible trader and last year I at least managed to generate 20% why not just invest in real estate but 2% is nothing.

  14. Nuance Bro

    There’s no recession for Graham coming up on that 1 million subs. Insane growth

    1. Zack Scriven Media


    2. William Keller

      Yo its nuance bro.

  15. James

    theres a story of some researchers looking into the most well-performing portfolios, and they found the people who they belonged to were either dead, or forgotten they had stocks.

    1. LarvisK10

      Engagement for

  16. gang gang

    This is how many times Graham makes $0.20 coffee

  17. BlackSilhouette

    Here’s my take on panic selling:
    You aren’t losing money when a stock depreciates. You lose money when you sell a depreciating stock.

    1. Joe Batters

      Yes but sometimes you need Balls of steel lol

  18. techidock engineering

    Correction : Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

  19. drena david

    Lets all think smart, Sell your stock and invest on a more profitable market.

    1. Oscar Climano

      @Mr Notice Investors should most likely sell stock at its profit before the recession to avoid financial crash.

    2. drena david

      Forex is the most productive investment with maximize profit potential and the largest capital market in the world.@Jachi Farha

    3. Jonathan Patel

      Considering the recession how true can it be?

    4. drena david

      @Jachi Farha forex is an international money market that investors trade to make profit from exchange rate between the two currencies.

    5. drena david

      I would advise you trade with a PM considering your knowledge@Jachi Farha My job consumes most of my time but am still able to profit 8000 USD monthly with a PM I met at a business conference. Here’s his gmail ((dustinchanoch1 @ gmail,com)) contact him for help

  20. Helma Curtis

    When I first know about Mr Andrew Feldstein was 2 years ago when I was a beginner, then I felt reading books and trading on my own was better because I felt I was smart enough 😂. It was just 7 months ago I reached out to Mr Andrew Feldstein and after meeting him I regretted why I never contacted him earlier. The very first time he traded for me i cashed out profit of $18,710 after investing $2000. Kindly investing with him “”” andrewfeldstein911@gmail. com “”””””” Whatsapp + 852 9729 0596 for more Details

    1. donald moore

      @Huang Hong I lost all my money on iq option can Andrew Feldstein help me out?

    2. Victoria Matthias

      @donald moore Yes he can help you trade and become successful but he doesn’t run a charity program; you have to invest. Nothing goes for nothing.

    3. proctor james

      @Victoria Matthias I’m really a partaker of his trades and I tell you what .. he’s really good at trading ..Another withdrawal this weekend 16,640 GBP.

    4. Josh Barber

      Wow, all these people with similar photos, no content whatsoever in their profiles, posting on more or less the same day, all singing the praises of this miracle investor. Scammers are getting lazy these days.

    5. Clara Maximo

      @Josh Barber Just as you have been able to express your feelings now this is the same way this people are expressing their appreciation to Andrew Feldstein for all he has done. I have trade with this same man on several occassion and he has deliver my profit to me in due time. if i may ask you have you ever been scam by Andrew or have you experience anyone been scam by him ???? please dont spoil people reputations they have built over the years. Thanks for your mature understanding. God bless you

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