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How To Buy A Penny Stock At A Good Price? | The Most Common Problem!


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22 Thoughts to “How To Buy A Penny Stock At A Good Price? | The Most Common Problem!”

  1. Victor Pla

    Great videos Ricky, how much time u have been trading ?

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      +Victor Pla over all, on and off, since I was 14. So 8 years.

  2. Skillzy Fayze

    love your videos man! , id be interested to see how you learned all of these analytical practices, thanks Ricky!

  3. Yvonne Olivas

    hi Ricky.. question? what do I need to know about taxes? when do I need to pay the taxes for winnings and all that.

  4. Carmelia Snow

    I needed a little patience today , I had a plan but got frustrated and sold right before DRYS flew.

  5. Christian de Oliveira

    It’s so interesting. You make it seem very simple ( to some extent ) compared to these guys who are saying they have 5 specific patterns and blah blah blah pay me $1,000 for my program. Even making $50-100 a day is amazing for some extra income. Thanks man!

  6. wisdomwithwit

    How about a series on how to use level 2 during live trading.

  7. StockLover99

    Good video!!! How do you set your goals? possible video

  8. Quillette Reader

    This is so helpful.

  9. zepa0840

    Now do “How To SELL A Penny Stock At A Good Price?” And maybe show a live trade using a trailing stop loss.

  10. Benson Scheide

    all this money you make in so many different ways and you’re still eating PBJ!? haha staying true to yourself I like it!

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      +Benson Scheide pb&j and Ramon noodles are my daily meals lol. Thanks bud! But I really need to learn how to cook!

  11. Nihte

    Are you still holding JDST long? and whats your sell point?

  12. FLX SUKI

    Thisss is what i was looking forrr lol

  13. Sean Keenan

    Lets see some more live trading videos and show us the whole process from start to finish. How u picked the stock to how u bought in at what price then how you exit. Do you use limits or market or stop lose. I know you have done one already that i saw but its good to show people over and over to really get a good understanding. Thank man!! keep it up.

  14. IceColdTV

    Yes a video on level 2 during live trading would be great

  15. Kimberly Hernandez


  16. Hichamzer el

    I created a new fb account (mtl daytrader) I sent a request to join the page !

  17. Michael Labruna

    Can you make a video on what we need to look for in a company when we’re are screening for a stock before we buy it. Volume? Market cap? EPA?

    Your videos are great and simple! Easy to learn from you.

    Thanks for putting in your time to teach others!

  18. Leonardo Reyes

    Ricky…. love your videos. Very straight forward, clear and concise method of explaining your points. Do you have a video that give a clear model of how to identify support and resistance levels; especially for those who are looking to start trading.

  19. ammartm1

    U need to show how it’s done in the computer screen not just talking 😁 🙏

  20. Dzeljana Pusiga

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