How To Double Your Money In The Stock Market


What is worsening as well as exactly how does it work? Josh Brown told us that one of his preferred points when enlightening investors is to reveal them exactly how worsening jobs. Intensifying investments can help normal investors double their cash out there if they stick to their stocks over the long run. In this video, Josh hits the streets to aid people wrap their heads around rapid development as well as real wide range structure.

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71 Thoughts to “How To Double Your Money In The Stock Market”

  1. The Great CooLite

    Use a duplication glitch in Minecraft

    1. SunaArashi


    2. SteashEdits

      Yeah I learned the concept when I used to dupe rare items on a Runescape private server. Every time I did the trick the item doubled. Eventually I inflated item so much that I could rarely trade my ‘rare’ items for anything good anymore because everyone had them.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld

    Most people don’t understand that stocks are an incredible way of making substantial amounts of money, however it takes a VERY long time. It’s obviously not going to happen overnight. More like starting young and cashing out 30 years from now to retire early.

    1. Just Matt Here

      Day trading or short term trading can net you high returns in a very short period and also depends on what you’re trading. Commodities for example generally yield high returns although also high risk and volatility. I was lucky enough to be bearish when WTI crashed and burned a few years ago from 115 dollars per gallon to 34 dollars. Made over 120k with an initial 2k USD investment over the course of around 8 months, usually opening and closing trades weekly. I lost money within this period too with other trades so it isn’t all roses. A lot more effort has to go into short term trading though, that’s for sure. Alot of sleepless nights waiting for fundamentals that I don’t miss.

    2. King Sid

      @Void Pulse You don’t even need to be smart anymore! Got services like Mbalamico bringing the right companies until you’re spoilt for choice!

    3. AzureAnie

      So buy one stock and sit there?

    4. xPhobophobia

      @Vijay Krishnan
       I’ve been telling friends and others this same thing for months! Finally some ppl I can wholeheartedly agree with. You see similar bs in forex where people think they can make bank easily. When really, investment firms all over the world hire college graduates from top schools, employ quants with PhDs, and have AI systems and algorithms mathematically making trades and decisions. Yet these same day trading and forex individuals act like they’re beating the market and all these multi-billion dollar international firms. Give me a break…

    5. xPhobophobia

      @drkInxgud ^

  3. 天吉Mark

    that farmer story is pretty dope🔥

    how do you console yourself when you lose 50% in a year? :'(
    it happened to me last year

    1. Julian Romo

      That’s why you have to set up stop losses and really evaluate your investments

    2. Nuclear Armament

      @Vijay Krishnan diversification is a panacea for ignorance and will not save your investment portfolio in a systemic collapse of the market. if you have any sense, the only securities you will buy and hold for the long term are ones that pay a monthly dividend of 1% or more per month, or 12% annually. That’s after federal, state, and local taxes, option insurance premiums, margin debt interest, brokerage commissions and fees, etc. if the stock goes to zero it does not matter so long as it keeps paying me that monthly dividend income.

    3. Vijay Krishnan

      @Nuclear Armament Unless you truely believe the economy will irreparably fall and never come back up in your life, you really don’t have to care about a total market failure murdering your investment. And securities with that high of an interest should be looked at with caution as they rarely occur. If on stocks, the company is probably on the down and down and you’ll lose money putting money into it. The only other ways I can think of are peer-to-peer lending, starting or gaining private equity in a small company, or a theoretical economy with a federal funds rate that high. In all cases the risk you take is significant especially for a person saving for retirement. If you want to do it, be my guest, but don’t recommend it to others who might not know as much about what their getting into.

    4. Singh Punjabi

      there is a book, named “Dhandho investor” can find that on google for free… in it author clearly told that invest only in established and trusted businesses…. give that a shot…hope that help you with your next investment decision

    5. 476 Anno Domini

      天吉Mark just hold when you lose money and invest in companies that pay dividends if they are not growing

  4. C. Lincoln

    For once, I liked your content, CNBC. More content from this guy please.

    1. Steve

      Yes, but a chart showing the final years would have been effective.


    **The one who understands compound interest will earn it,the one who don’t,will pay it. ~ Albert Einstein**

    1. L Lawliet

      @SunaArashi My reply got blocked. In it I wrote:
      I don’t consider savings accounts a form of investment; I use them only for storing cash reserves.
      All but 12% (i.e. 88%) of my money is invested in brokerage accounts.
      I have neither the time horizon nor risk tolerance to double my money.

      I am not interested in discussing investments. The aim of my comments in this thread is to point out that all famous quotes attributed to Einstein, that are not about physics (e.g., compound interest and insanity), were never made by Einstein, and can be refuted for factual inaccuracy.

    2. Steve

      @Marcel Rodriguez Well it’s at near record high you know.

    3. Marcel Rodriguez

      @Steve yea and im losing because i bought it high, i dont know anything about stocks i just want something that will be worth alot more when im old.

    4. Dallas Croce

      2 months lolllll

    5. SunaArashi

      @L Lawliet Then we’re done here.

  6. David Isaac

    Why don’t you do push-ups, come on man!!

    1. Pining for the fjords

      Even Tarquin does push-ups. Mary Berry does push-ups! Well done!

      Maybe 1% of people will know the song.

  7. Alexander Menteer

    I clicked on this video with the mindset, “These 6 minutes could change my life forever.”

    1. SnaY

      @drkInxgud LOL you’re so wrong rofl. I’ve consistently started making profits. My technique is called knowing “price action” which takes time to master. My price action analysis is good and I’m currently working to master my emotions. You’re in the dark. You don’t know about trading. You don’t know what price action trading is. Please go educate yourself. Thanks. I’m not insulting you; you have a point but you just don’t know more.

    2. drkInxgud

      @SnaY i dont know more? thats probably more wrong than believing your “strategy” actually works. please dont think that you know more than someone on youtube just cuz u googled off “price action” and thought that is a clever way to make money. at my workplace there are people writing algorithms and building statistical model that can analyze price data, news data etc within seconds while your using ur naked eye tryna catch a “trend”. frankly i dont care if you think your own “method” works and use it. good for you. but i hate it when people like you advertise to others like your an expert and end up screwing people over.

      To all yall out there who might fall for this guy’s bs. think about this. if he is really this good why isnt he hired by one of those mega hedgefunds getting 7 figures salary? i mean if his “strategy” works surely theyd pay him millions to manage their billions right lmao.

    3. S O M E O N E

      SnaY go make some more profits don’t mind this guys
      Good luck 👍

    4. AzureAnie

      @SnaY is it smart for a new investor to shell out $500 a month or do you reccomend investing in one or two stocks? Chances are, they don’t have a lot of money to lose in the first place… *cough cough*

    5. SnaY

      @AzureAnie I don’t know about investing in stocks. I only do and teach trading.

  8. Ryan Valentine

    I can easily double my money.
    Doubling zero still gets zero

    1. L Lawliet

      @Bhakti Nagara “you will got”? You have got will be joking!

    2. Salam & Visit my channel

      @L Lawliet what the heck?

    3. Huy Ly

      First, try to count the 10-year discount factor the time 0.

    4. Michael Stark Investing

      Exciting and helpful video but in serious, long-term Investing and Investing Strategies I’d rather trust the materials I have learned at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UBS Bank, and McKinsey&Company. I’m also talking about it in some videos.

    5. Philip Thomas

      Zero is not a real number; it does not add or subtract to make anything, lol

  9. D. A.

    My money is a penny. Yesterday I found another penny. Boom doubled my money.

    1. Jay Puyenbroeck

      D. A. That’s lucky

    2. Broken King

      I found a dime. Ill give you a nickle

    3. xele fonte

      Did you really say Boom when you found another penny? If so I commend you.

    4. M Morin

      Sure now recreate it everyday

  10. Pedro Dinis

    You raised a good point but have you considered inflation for that 70 year period?

    1. Marcus Dalton

      Inflation is real, but those returns crushed it.

    2. Esteban Zhang

      Inflation usually averages to about 2%. So assuming a 10% return and minus 2% inflation you would still be ahead by 8%.

  11. Kevin Lewis

    Just look at Tesla right now. Back at 2017 highs. Buy the rumors and sell the news. Always do the complete opposite of the mainstream media. Lol

    1. Person

      but mainstream media did predict Tesla’s sell-off

  12. LazicStefan

    If cnbc says to invest, it’s time to pull out

    1. Gin Martin

      On god!

    2. steven yia

      Love your positive attitude buddy

    3. gssseven I

      Market drop today hhha

  13. Timmy Marke

    The stock markets gonna crash soon thanks for the advice

    1. Inderjit Singh

      looks like you missed the part where they talked about return since end of ww2.

    2. Takimiro

      Cluck Cluck

    3. Vijay Krishnan

      I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over my ignorance.

  14. Alex Blake

    This is a great video about compound interest. This is why it’s so important to start early.

    1. Steve

      So true…..

    2. AzureAnie

      Great for a savings account but still lost on the stock market

    3. Steve

      @AzureAnie Clearly, you don’t understand.

  15. Steve

    “especially toward the end” BINGO, that’s the story.

  16. Fernando Ramos

    it’s funny how economists believe Earth’s resources duplicate easily as numbers in a screen

    1. Eren Onder

      but that’s really all trading/investing is my friend…. numbers on a screen.

    2. 476 Anno Domini

      Fernando Ramos they don’t believe that

    3. Sheldon Cooper

      @476 Anno Domini Yet they believe in our centralized banking system, which is dependent on endless, exponential growth in a finite world. If you want to solve environmentalism, End the Federal Reserve Central Bank.

    4. Pseudynom

      @Eren Onder
      But for someone to get richer someone else has to get poorer. There’s a limited amount of resources on this planet. You could just print larger money bills but that would just end like Venezuela or Post-WW1-Germany where everyone is a billionaire but you can’t even buy a loaf of bread with that money.

  17. tontonpacute

    me to my broker: i need to invest in stocks quick!

    my broker: bro, this is domino’s pizza

  18. Dirk Diggler

    Double your money by doing the opposite of what CNBC analyst say, if they say buy sell, if they say sell buy!!

  19. ianericson

    and then the king said “yo you’re playing me if you think i can fit 9 quintillion grains/368 quadrillion lbs of rice on a chess square” and gave him an eighth of a cup

  20. DiscreetNinja TV

    S&P500 reaching 3000.00 level, and this video comes out. Textbook sharkbaiting

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