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6 Thoughts to “How To Make $10K In One Morning Day Trading Bond Futures”

  1. Des Ware

    Nice video, what broker/flatform are you using? Thanks.

  2. tallorder9

    How much did you invest?

  3. azilb777

    How come you do not have a video where you lose 10k? eveyone is a winner

  4. Tim Jones

    I don’t believe this video at all. Anyone talking about trading the dollar amounts you are CAN’T be dumb enough to not let that winner run and have a trailing stop… come on dude… especially judging by the title.

    People for the love of god do NOT go to this fool’s website.

  5. camabron1

    It’s not about how much you make, but how much you end up keeping. This video is one trade in one day only.

  6. Pete Artmenco

    WHY DO I KEEP CLICKING ON TUBES THAT SAY _ HOW TO MAKE $10,000 – WHEN ALL THESE GUYS DO IS STROKE THEIR TINY PENS… didn’t show me diddley squat buddy…..all you did was gloat….and you should be holding your t-notes, they are about to blow….

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