Madhusudan Kela talks about Intelligent Investments in Stock Market


Securities Market Professional Madhusudan Kela while dealing with people present throughout the Wide range Creation Top arranged by Badjate Supply and Shares Private Limited in Nagpur, spoke as to just how one should invest wisely in the stock market as well as additionally cautioned investors to not be laid-back while buying the stock market.
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31 Thoughts to “Madhusudan Kela talks about Intelligent Investments in Stock Market”

  1. farid shaikh

    First of all, money is yours. You invest. If you do not know where to invest and how to invest, then do not invest.Gather knowledge and use own brain.

    1. **

      eh fatti chaddi wale chappal-chor

  2. Indrasis Mazumdar

    Madhu – that was really a great analysis & learning for me.
    I would like a soft copy of the slides/graphic presentation.
    Thanks & Best regards

    1. Iniyavan KS

      R u going to start coaching class

    2. ramki v

      Very nice ppt can send the same to me while you are doing the presentation we can’t see the slides

  3. bipin tripathi

    Stock market ka zakir naik lag raha hai

    1. SUJITH SK

      His achievement as a Fund manager is extra ordinary. Atleast search in google before posting useless comment.

    2. Sonu Krishna

      Zakir Naik ka Naam lekar biz news Ko religious mat banao sir pls

    3. Hakkaishin Goku25


    4. Siddharth Mohite

      I was going to comment this

  4. Vinay T M

    “I come to the market to make money, not to be right infront of someone. I’m okay if I’m wrong and make money”

  5. Monal Iyer

    The drugs part was edited very smartly by this YouTube channel

    1. Rishi Jain

      Even I was looking for it but I dint get it

  6. Amitkumar Jani

    This gaies saying that give money we are that much easy that 3 year double. i need double in 6 year and if they give bank garantee then i can give my all money.

  7. Harendra Singh

    21:28 some good insight ! Thanks sir !.

  8. Harendra Singh

    22:40 I have been betting on vivimed !

  9. Harendra Singh

    28:59 this is where I’m thinking I’ll have an edge over other investors !

  10. Harendra Singh

    30:42 product it the future ! I’m on Tata Elxsi !.

  11. Meghraj Suthar

    @NationNext, it is for you. Why don’t you stick to the presentation slide till he speaks about it? We have missed too many slides in this video.


    How can I get the presentation

  13. satya narayana

    Hello, madhu kela ji, it is heartening to listen to your educative lecture about value investing. You have properly cautioned the prospective investors more particularly the recent entrants.
    One thing I want to say ” there is no short cut to make big money” safety and cautious method is always good though it takes little longer time to make the targeted amount.
    ……. thanks

  14. Allwyn Gonsalves

    For time being I felt like he is zhakir naikπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. sandeep pawar

    That’s all fine but key questions is how to identify next MRF, Wipro, Eicher motors , TCS in their making ( I mean 10 yrs before)

    1. Jayesh Patil

      nobody tells it

  16. Abdul Khadeer Khaleefa

    Indians will grow faster now because the politicians seems to work harder for the benefit of Indians than in the past. If govts have clear aims and act as per the needs of the hour, 1.3 billion minds can grow faster than one can imagine. A 20 billion usd economy should be kept in mind and fed into the minds of these 1.3 billion Indians and their concerns are fixed/solved with the speed of light, a time will come which might surprise ourselves. Positivity, hard work, unity, peace will add to the high aims to be achieved faster. Dream impossible to make it possible.

  17. S. P. Singh

    Wonderful basics of investing. Nice talk.

  18. ang boro

    subtitle bro plssss

  19. A to Z Bhai

    Vocal is somewhere similar to #Zakir_naik .

  20. Ravi Kumar

    Golden words.

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