Michael Burry Predicts Another Market Crash. Here’s His Full Stock Portfolio


In this video we look at Michael Burry's full supply profile. He just possesses 10 stocks, so releases over them in a bit extra detail.

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DISCLAIMER: It is very important to keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor and you must do your own research study when picking stocks to purchase. These are simply several of my viewpoints, by no means would certainly I suggest watching one YouTube video clip and after that right away acquiring that supply. This video clip was made for educational as well as amusement functions just. Consult your financial adviser.

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50 Thoughts to “Michael Burry Predicts Another Market Crash. Here’s His Full Stock Portfolio”

  1. Andrew Gorsic

    you should make it known that this information was released in march and his positions may have changed.

    1. Cooper Academy - Investing

      This information was not released in March it was released on the 14th of August as per his 13f filing. Not sure where you got March from.

    2. Jeff Kessel

      @Cooper Academy – Investing is this as of june 30? Releases in august

  2. Metal Bum

    Very good we need more portfolio analysis from you. I like the graphics too and charts. Pie charts and good stuff thanks

  3. MD 8

    12.4 pricint, value invistir’s hivin

  4. Robert McIntyre

    The fact it doesn’t have his shorts makes it somewhat unrepresentative

    1. w00dyalien

      This is based on his latest filling, as fund mgr… I believe he is not allowed to short, is he?

  5. stephen kennedy

    I’m thinking most the stocks in his portfolio are his short positions 😂

    1. al karg


  6. Woodworker1000

    Given he is famous for shorting stocks. Some of these could just be covering the shorts. The shorts that are not public.

    1. Sucio

      Nah hes not shorting much nowadays.

    2. Miscellaneous

      @ThoughtlessTuber like masking. like when you put a blindfold over your eyes and you can’t see what’s in front. it covers him from seeing any possible mistakes with his denim shorts.

    3. modern times

      @john saunders – Yes, going long on stocks in the same sector as your shorts, so that if the tide rises in that sector your profits will, hopefully, match your losses on the short side.

    4. v Bocaj

      @ThoughtlessTuber Covering as in, if his shorts go wrong then profits from these can soften the blow to his portfolio. I’m assuming that’s what OP is saying. I believe they refer to it as a hedge.

      Or he could be literally saying he’s covering up his shorts as in hiding them.

      When you short a stock and then close the trade, or buy them back, it’s known as “covering” as well.

    5. M T.S

      @ThoughtlessTuber 😂😂😂

  7. Alex Lin

    when did batman start to predict market crashes?

    1. Mathew AM

      He start with buy all his shares stock at Wayne Enterprise IPO’s at Batman Begins.

    2. VideoSensei

      Batman has no limits.

    3. Rian Sahabat

      Because… He is Batman

  8. Andy Reed

    How do we know this aren’t just hedges on his short positions? This is useless without that information.

    1. Ballers Anonymous

      They are

    2. Marco Toledo

      Can you elaborate, why would this be rendered useless with out knowing if they are hedges on his short position

    3. Ballers Anonymous

      @Marco Toledo his firm buys stock to sell them as short position… you know how shorts work.

  9. Simon Wiesner

    Why the hell does he own Sportmans Warehouse. Probably selling covered calls on it.

  10. Testing 12

    I’ll take 40 per cinnnt of your fush and chups

    1. Binary Sunset Chaser

      Testing 12 – choice bro

      Aw me chups you preck

    2. Paul Barrett

      Glad you could understand him

    3. CraveThatCoin

      He’s from Australia and you’re using British steriotype haha

    4. Kace Whong

      @CraveThatCoin Hes actually from NZ – and its a NZ stereotype

    5. Lin Jun su

      This made me laugh harder than it should LOL

  11. Loco Tx

    2:34 – Sorry bruh . . . Old Man Potter from Bedford Falls was the first to do this . . . George Bailey explained it to his sharedholders during the bank run

  12. Evie Evie

    Lol it was called the big short not the big long.

  13. Preferred Customer

    How did his water investments for the last decade turn out?

    1. nyqon

      When i was looking at water production funds, they’ve been on uptrend for years. Burry was right

    2. Aftab Mohammed

      He might shorted those water investment since there is shortage of water all around the world due to global warming!!

    3. modern times

      @Kret Kret – You’re getting a bit emotional over a simple question.

    4. Tope Top

      He said in some interview that he sold them as there was a huge demand for those investments.

      So we can assume he made a great profit.

    5. TheOtherMike

      @Kret Kret Stop name calling you idiot!

  14. Mark Ward

    ?? Well, that was a waste of time.

  15. christopher gillig

    It definitely looks like the pattern of a major crash, seen similar patterns intraday many times.

  16. Leo D

    Question for anybody: Where would you go to find this information on Michael burrys holdings?

    1. Leo D

      @ju yan Never heard of it

  17. Youn Tune

    I thought Jack Ma had to concede Alibaba to CCP. So you’re betting on CCP with Alibaba. Maybe they’ll start selling their human organs on Alibaba.

  18. Emir Okur

    dude sorry but this is hard to listen

  19. D. Mohan

    The one major flaw I see in his portfolio is his lack of Precious Metals. May even spank him on the hiney in the future 🤓😂

  20. BenRangel

    Burry is an advocate of the age old idea “why should I buy index funds when I can buy undervalued individual stocks?”. That might be true for the best full time stock brokers who believe they can beat the index.
    But the idea that you can “beat the index” is more often than not proven wrong. It’s been shown time and time again that most average people can not. And that on average, most managed funds can’t either.
    Some funds can beat the index, some can’t – but one thing that’s for certain is that you pay fees for owning a managed fund, so if you buy index funds at least you know not throwing away money on fees.

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