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20 Thoughts to “The Best Penny Stock Pattern To Buy Right Now”

  1. Alien Xenomorph


  2. Justin D'shaw

    Wise words from one of the best!

  3. Iron Man

    Always something to learn 👍🏻 learn every day

  4. R8oz Toldya

    thank you for the tips tim

  5. TazeTGD

    I watched all of the ones you talked about today. I think I’m on the right track for finding stocks. My problem was watching all of them and trying to find them when they spike. I missed all opportunities today. But as I hear you say all the time be pleased your on the right track. I’m seriously considering however becoming a part of your chatroom. Is there a trial that is available for a couple of days and what prices am I looking at to be a part of it? Keep up the good videos Tim!

  6. Joey Voccola

    Great lesson! Thanks

  7. blackleapord23

    Thank you Another great video lesson. I’m very excited about getting into penny stocks. I’m only doing the research now, but when I’m ready I would love to be one of your challenge students!!


    Tim, thank you for your consideration for the woman with the widow’ mite. Many people are following you in hope. Thanks again.

  9. Crobben

    How do you make ur resarch to find that amazing stocks ? Can u say few steps and how to recognize potential spike ?

  10. SEO experimentations

    Hey Tim cool video man! I just finished watching your two pennystocks video. I’m on the SEC DVD. I have 2 questions though:

    1. How can you predict that a morning spike will happen instead of it being a morning panic? Do you simply watch previous intraday chart pattern for the same stock and look at wether it was a morning spike before. Do you simply play the odds that a pattern will repeat itself? I mean you buy before market close thinking it’s going to go up again, but it becomes a morning panic, do you simply cut your losses quickly and move?

    2. Are you using SureTrader now or are you still using InteractiveBroker?

    Thank you for the great video, complements your Pennystocking DVD superbly!

  11. 05gameface

    Good lesson!

  12. Eric C

    bought in at 3.29 and sold at 3.32!! I was so nervous I sold as soon as it went above 1%! I should’ve waited till it went over 4!

  13. fogo312

    great video tim!!

  14. Will Jackson

    How do I see your dvds

  15. Ty Clemetson

    859 views? This is one of the best lessons I have watched. People are missing out. smh

  16. Adam Raith

    How do you get the application you run to see all of the charts and prices? and is there any other alternatives?

  17. Anonymous

    Fantastic video Tim… I wish I could be your student! Thanks for sharing your acknowledge.

  18. Frankie Rivers

    Wait so 24% is a good thing? I’ve been noticing quite a few stocks that have been 15 or 20% but I didn’t know that those are considered to be good profits.

  19. Issam AL Lawati

    hi time.
    how I can get the trading platform which u r using in this clip??
    appreciate your answer

  20. World Shaper

    Thanks Tim!! this is helping a lot

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