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The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost $180,000 in One Day)


I've made so many dumb trades throughout my life. Learn from my errors, so you do not make them, as well. SUBSCRIBE: to obtain IMMEDIATE notifies when I publish a new video outlining my dime stock trading techniques. *.

What is the dumbest profession that I've ever before made? You can see my largest success and my most significant losses on I've had numerous wins of over 50 or perhaps $100,000 in a day. I've additionally had several huge losses. I shed approximately $180,000 in eventually. Just so foolish. It was back in 2004 the Eastern Tsunami this firm, Taylo Gadgets TAYD. was the ticker. *.

Every structure in Asia was going to require this earthquake absorption equipment, however I thought to myself, this business is near bankrupt, you recognize, even if they got a number of orders there's no chance they might meet them, there's no factor that this supply is spiking or it should not be increasing this much as well as at the time it resembled up from like one to four, one to five, one to 6 in like two days and I was like this is ludicrous.

I bet on it dropping which is what I such as sometimes doing, not recently usually currently I'm going long but at that time I was a big-time brief vendor as well as I believed that it was up for the incorrect factors and I bet huge and I had a hedge fund at the time so I had, you know, my money plus family and friends so it had not been as substantial of a threat for me however, you recognize, it was still virtually everybody I recognized as well as the stock simply maintained going, you know, and also it had now gone from like one to eight a few hours after I shorted it believing that was the leading and also I took the loss. It was about $180,000.

It was in the direction of completion of the year, as well as it ruined like months of smaller revenues since I wagered huge and I resembled this has to drop, as well as I discovered, you understand, nothing has to fall. No supply has to do what you want. *.

I was so from it from the outset with my attitude and assuming that it had to go down and also believing that I needed to be right. I, you understand, opened myself as much as a giant, gigantic error and also even though I made it back, that's next to the point. A lot of the moment I'm on the best track, however I short market prematurely.

Every one of them will certainly crash eventually, but you can't select the top so if you are going to short sell I uncommitted how illogical it seems to be careful, be frightened and also play it risk-free. Rule top for me that I've discovered by hand to carry out is to reduce losses swiftly. You can't just put your, you recognize, flag into the ground and also claim this is the top. The market does not CARE what you assume so to be secure and leave a remark underneath this video and message me. Let me understand if this lesson resonates with you since it frankly should.

* Outcomes might not be common and may vary from one person to another. Generating income trading supplies requires time, dedication, and also effort. There are inherent threats entailed with purchasing the securities market, consisting of the loss of your investment. Previous performance in the market is not a measure of future results. Any financial investment goes to your own risk. See Regards To Service below:.

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23 Thoughts to “The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost $180,000 in One Day)”

  1. Stan Carver

    Good lesson

  2. Merci Bonaparte

    Hi Timothy, I wished i have learned this lesson earlier first off. I could relate almost all of what you mentioned on this video as it happened to me this morning on crypto currency trading. I have made so many wins for the pass few years (part of it is thanks to your influence) but today was a major breakdown for me which I should have just cut loss but had the same feeling as you did for that penny stock loss. I loss from having everything to nothing today and I hope you would reach out and give an advice as it kinda affect me and my relationship with my fiancé.

    If there’s an advice to get all my loss back or recover (from hedge fund also family and love ones) other than trading that would be so helpful as well.

    – Shukran

    1. J M

      Merci Bonaparte don’t trade crypto and don’t marry your fiance if she’s not standing by you when your at a loss financially then she’s not worth your time.

    2. Merci Bonaparte

      James Mather understood but she is and that’s the wonderful part of it. Just that 50% on that loss was her capital that she trust me. Which I never fail until recently. Although I’m glad she is still standing by my side and I hope I can recover all the losses from that trade and be happy again

    3. J M

      Merci Bonaparte understandable! Sounds like you got a good girl their hang on to her! And I wish you all the luck getting your money back up, losses can be life destroying but we can learn and avoid the mistakes in the future expensive lesson but still a good lesson.

  3. Tim man789

    The stock market. We never know, better to study the past…

  4. Enid Grimes

    Absolutely dead on Tim! No position is on the right track until the stock actually goes in your favour. Being too early is just as wrong as being completely wrong.

  5. Spade Trader

    Love the thumbnail.. and can u hop countries again so we can have a diff background ☺️

  6. jack adam


  7. Lu Bu

    One of my problems is i hop in too early or too late.

  8. R. Trade

    I learned this the hard way SEVERAL times unfortunately and I cant figure out why I keep making that mistake but you either swallow a dissapointing 1k loss now or catch a 10k loss later.

  9. Tim Smith

    Yes! The good news is I have no big losses so far. I just need to pick the right ones at the right time..

  10. Donto Vuyk

    Yes bro it’s so good bro

  11. Mosconi Oni

    Well said Tim!

  12. morganj1060

    I love this guy

  13. Mack Attack

    needed that today, took my first loss in my two weeks of trading, going to go back paper to learn more

  14. Gabriel Gutiérrez López

    Tim you rock, i’ll meet you someday.

  15. adaption27

    #1 Cut losses Quickly …”I will adapt”

  16. Peter

    Thankyou for all these videos, I’m glad I’m watching all your content before dabbling into shares, I plan on looking for the next six months whilst saving, then using a simulator for 3-6 months, I think then if I’m making profit I may be ready to take things slow and give it a go.

  17. Nicholas Huang

    Thanks for sharing Tim! You rocks !;)

  18. Michael Herrera

    I understand : ) Thank you!

  19. Love Liberty

    Thanks for sharing. Although I practice on a virtual platform,but this experience of yours reminds me when I picked a stock and regretted not cutting my losses sooner. This experience was not wasted because I learned for good not to repeat this mistake again.

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