Tony Robbins Stock Market Crash


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This individual shed his cash, his job, and also intends to kill himself, however Tony stops that. I went to this occasion. The person is genuine. One year later he was paying is friend back as well as making 6 numbers in a brand-new job.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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20 Thoughts to “Tony Robbins Stock Market Crash”

  1. Rtv03

    I don’t give you permission to do that.
    “I don’t think you’ve got any authority over me”
    hahahaha. Woa, Tony is a convincing speaker as usual.

  2. Disruction Lord

    i agree with “Gregorypeckory”

  3. yulaw

    Tony Robbins = banana hands…lol thanks shallow hal 🙂

  4. prana888

    oh man! i wanna watch that show!!!! :(((((( i wanna wanna watch it!!!

  5. Clowns4Kids

    Tony is a great man & Ive been to his seminar. I use his daily magic cd everyday.

  6. RockStarInLife

    Tony is awesome! I just got back from Hangn with Tony at his resort in Fiji. check my profile for my site with the pics.

    Live Your Life Like a RockStar!
    Dr Dan

  7. Renzo Alvau

    tony sei un mito!

  8. johntguitar

    Pleasure to meet you too Nathanel,
    I’m just now seeing your comment and the subsequent ones that followed. The battle between you and Lola is pretty amusing. 🙂

    Best wishes

  9. emmalatina

    where can I see his videos in full. I’m especially interested in the one about the pakistaini re 9/11. It looks a bit too good to be true but I would like to see for myself. Can anyone help?

  10. trakkaton

    “Help me, help me, I’ve lost the root of all evil!

    Now I must kill myself!”

    Well, it’s really an abomination how people think…

  11. helltopay1

    gee two hours with toneeee!!and id want to top myself.

  12. Adil Amarsi

    Tony is awesome, im applying his ideas and i cant wait to see the results because im seeing some small results but im gonna get exponential growth soon!!!!

  13. Johnny Shuffleboardman

    you the man,no i’m the man wanna just
    have some fun,see & hear some great videos
    plz come chk us out !!! t t f n

  14. JP Guindon

    great delivery of the message

  15. Peter Pober

    Can I buy this on DVD?
    What’s it called?

  16. jpandyaraja

    @RalphMFlores1 well if such be your faith than i am sorry to disturb it …..wish

    you all the best and Godspeed ….rgds j

  17. Trevor

    “It would pain her more if she doesn’t have her money.”

    Sounds like you picked a keeper, bro.

  18. midguardz

    @Mu5clehead thats virtually what i said

  19. Mike Kollin Conscious Power

    I am a Love & Relationship Coach and I can’t tell you how many men truly believe in their core, that their value to their wives or future girlfriend is solely and completely based on their income and earnings potential!

    This man is not unique!
    Our society and women constantly tell men your value is based on your income/earnings.

    Relationships need to be based on Love! Not Money. And our society needs to teach men that he doesn’t need to pay for Love! Men want to be Loved!

  20. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    This man has changed my Life!

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