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30 Thoughts to “What Is Robinhood Cash Vs. Margin Account | FAQ Trading Penny Stocks”

  1. Nishka Anna-lee

    Do you trade with 25k account for unlimited day trade?

  2. Elias H

    Great informative and clear video as always!

  3. Leo Castro

    Yeah $25,000 grand is needed to day trade

    1. Cazador42265

      If you go over three trades in five days……?

    2. Sobber

      u get good faith and free ride violations

    3. Delsin Rowe

      Open in a brokerage account outside the U.S. like TradeZero or SureTrader , etc. so you won’t be following PDT rule and can open at minimum of $500 margin or cash

    4. Ryan Bitting

      TradeZero does not accept US accounts

    5. grim789

      No you can use any amount if your under 25k you are subject to the PDT rule.

  4. Jordan Macquarrie

    great info as always!

  5. Ryan ODonnell

    Thank you! very helpful video

  6. Needalifesoon

    When you sign up for RobinHood you now get a instant account. No longer a cash account. You have to downgrade. I sent Robinhood a e-mail and they said they changed it.

    1. J Rosen

      Oh really?

    2. pgfracing

      can you downgrade?

    3. Sunscrave 28

      Needalifesoon can you upgrade back?

    4. grim789

      No you cannot.

  7. Carmelia Snow

    Thanks that was helpful!

  8. DondrellTv

    Can you do a video on the stash app

  9. Aaron W

    Just stumbled upon your videos. They have been great help! Is there a way to join the chat without facebook? I’ve gone 6 years without it and would like to continue with that! lol

  10. Gage Cunningham

    why does my cash account let me rebuy same day after a sell?

  11. Jenny Jenson

    Can you go over the Robinhood trading terminology? Thanks.

  12. Arlette Darty

    Thank you Ricky, my question is once you change to Cash Account, can latter go back to Instant Account?

    1. Ilya Byk

      Same question! Ricky?? Help us

  13. money mike

    Is a cash account different than a margin account for taxes ?

  14. robotcol87

    If you have stock that you bought the previous day or before and you sell it and buy it same day, that doesn’t count as a day trade. On the other hand buying and selling same day is a day trade.

  15. Bryan Wells

    super useful!


    So it that : but,sell/buy,sell/buy,sell?

  17. Honk Honk

    Can you trade options on cash accounts

  18. George Wall

    Thanks that was a perfect video!😀

  19. Kabria Monroe

    With in a 5 day period can buy and sell in different companies or just 3 trades per 5 day period

  20. Conner Colbert

    Margin account:

    Good and bad things about margin.


    Use buying power right away.


    Only allow you to do that 3/5 time in a 5 day period.

    Day trade…sell and buy/buy and sell same stock during same open market period.

    How do I overcome day trade limit?

    Invest $750 every time out of $5,000 account.

    Cash. Cash. Cash. Cash. Cash. Cash.

    You can day trade as much as you want with cash account.

    I have $1,000 and it takes 5 days for cash to settle.

    $1,000 day trade twice a day.

    Day trade 10 times within 5 day period?

    Day trade twice a day $100/trade.

    10 time in a 5 day period.

    Margin account and cash account.

    Margin account restricts you to amount of times you can day trade in a 5 day period.

    Day trade

    Cash available.

    3-5 days for cash to settle!

    Be ready.

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