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2017 Introduction to Futures/Commodities trading for Beginners


How it works. I will certainly explain what futures as well as onward contracts are as well as why assets trading can be rewarding. I will certainly talk about the background behind it as well as intriguing truths.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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14 Thoughts to “2017 Introduction to Futures/Commodities trading for Beginners”

  1. SCPirateParty

    Thanks for giving a clear, concise explanation.

    1. SCPirateParty

      BTW, what virtual trading simulator are you using? Could you post the link and do a video on it?

  2. cirrus2013

    Your Video makes absolutely no sense to me in terms of how the speculator makes profit out of speculating with futures. That’s what I hoped to understand by watching your vid. But instead, in your example he loses money.
    So how does he make any profit,wich is his aim?

    1. JP W

      cirrus2013 lol

  3. forkfork


  4. Nazir Sameja

    Very nice presentation.
    Very Helpful! Thanks

  5. Chris Soller

    well hes wrong a major point entering into a contract does NOT eliminate risk it only greatly mitigates it

  6. Gain From Trading 2

    Very interesting

  7. Jay Ceeler

    I’d say eFlip or Zen Arbitrage is the best commodity trading software for books. You can get better returns with that that here, except you have to physically process the books.

  8. KeninBoulder

    what is a troy ounce?

  9. Commodity Trading Services

    This is a thoughtful video explaining a difficult subject. Nice job!

  10. Robert McCuiston

    This is a extremely boring presentation, but Commodities is one of the only businesses that can make you extremely rich, providing you know how to trade. Never use a Stop Loss only protect your Futures positions with Options, on the opposite site of your Futures position. Don’t over think trading it is extremely simple to trade and be successful.

  11. R Deegan

    Does anyone have an opinion about Dr Fred Rouse’s commodities trading system? He told me himself it was unique – unlike any other system – and that he charges $4,000 to train prospective traders to use it. Is his system solid or just nonsense?

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