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Trading Futures w/Anthony Crudele #10 – Linda Raschke, Shaun Jacob, Mandi Rafsendjani, Dan & Dani


Anthony & Linda go over the keys to her success as a trader & recommendations Linda has for new & veteran Futures Traders.

Linda reveals us her charting configuration for day trading the E-mini S&P & discusses how a trade sets up & how she executes it.

Dan Hodgman signs up with Anthony to chat concerning exactly how trading extremes enables perfect risk management.

Dani & Anthony talk about Wazzabull signals in the E-mini Dow & how these alerts can assist day traders with their trading.

Creator of Yoga 2.0, Shaun Jacob joins Anthony, Linda & Mandi to go over mindfulness & movement.

Linda Raschke
Futures Investor

Shaun Jacob
Futures Trader & Energy Expert
Web site

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani
Trader & Train
Web site

Dan Hodgman
Trader & Efficiency Train at TopstepTrader

Dani Sittloh
Futures Trader & Power Professional

Document Date: July 24, 2019

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15 Thoughts to “Trading Futures w/Anthony Crudele #10 – Linda Raschke, Shaun Jacob, Mandi Rafsendjani, Dan & Dani”

  1. Vinchenzo C

    Linda Raschke never seems to age. I’ve watched her for 23 yrs and she looks the same! A discussion of her diet and exercise regimen may be warranted. Always a privilege to hear this unique trader.

  2. The Macronical

    Great video! Quite amazing how long traders can last once they realize to keep things simple.

    And she’s right use simulators first. Everything is easier said than done, been there done that!

    1. Joseph Mendozza

      The Macronical trading in a simulator with real time data is crucial to making it in the long run… I recommend using the simulator until you are consistently profitable and master risk management.. Love Linda’s point on how long it takes to learn this potentially very lucrative career…Great interview….once you get it ,then you will be ok to start with small and build your live account, Don’t be in a hurry…there is plenty of time in the future and the market will always be there.

    2. The Macronical

      @Joseph Mendozza that’s what I meant, my apologies if it wasnt more clear

  3. 1TheWhiteKnight1

    Linda is a rockstar

  4. Nicholas Huss

    Love listening to Linda. The woman is tougher then nails and doesn’t beat around the bush. Much respect!!

  5. Blah Blah

    Dani’s presentation would be more believable if she wasn’t presenting an analysis 60 days out of date.
    When was the “forecast” made, before or after the data was realized?

    She seems sincere, Anthony seems sincere, but so did John Carter until I found, well you get the picture.
    Why is Crudele presenting mid July charts in late September?

  6. Victor Gomez

    Linda is such a babe.

  7. Gustaf E

    Hi sir, you have to rethink the logotype of your show – it breaks every rule of typography and graphic design.

    Your show is amazing! Spend a couple of 100’s to get a matching graphic identity <3

    Love your stuff!

  8. YenTrader2

    Hold on………………..
    Anton had a 2 point risk?
    The E-mini trades with a 1 point A/B spread?
    A 2 point risk would have been stopped out immediately, in real trading –
    The risk stop would have only held on a paper trading account.
    Anthony asks @ 19:06

    1. Anthony Crudele

      YenTrader2 ES trades in a 1 tick spread not 1 point. To be clear, 2 points is also known as 2 handles which comes out to 8 ticks. Very common for day traders to risk 2 points/handles

    2. YenTrader2

      My bad, I was thinking 2 ticks, or 2 quarter points, when I heard 2 points! So in effect he had $100 risk plus spread and commission, with a $400 profit, not a bad risk/ return.

  9. Algo Luvr

    Another great segment…It’s always good to hear Linda whenever she’s a guest speaker. (Still need to grab the new book) 👍

  10. Unyield

    More creativity on the questions toward Linda would have been nice! Good content though!

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Unyield thank you! Tell me what you would have liked me to ask and when I speak to her again on the show I will ask. I’m always open for feedback. I want the listeners to get the most out of the interviews. Cheers

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