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7 Thoughts to “Chicago Board of Trade Futures Trading Pits”

  1. Michael Gaffney

    any more videos of the ol’ ten year pit? I traded down there from 92-98

  2. BuffaloStormChaser

    Glad you liked the video. Unfortunately, that was the only day I visited the trading floor (I lived in Indianapolis at the time) so I don’t have any others.

  3. anne marie

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  4. Meridian Blue

    What awesome footage. I’d love to visit Chicago and NYSE. I worked in LSX for a while, however, there’s an attraction to the U.S pits.

    It’s also awesome to see how technology has evolved over the past century and yet the principle has virtually remained un touched. Beautifuk.

    Thank you for this footage.

  5. Aπthøny Salazαr

    thanks pal now I work there and is awesome

  6. Black Cap Baron

    The Friday after Thanksgiving here, I bet more than half the floor population wasn’t even there. This video is more similar to what it looks like today on a normal day. 1998 was right about the end of the golden era for pit traders.

  7. FuturesTradingAlerts

    Nice look at the past! Makes me think of the movie: Trading Places

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