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32 Thoughts to “Futures – Trading, Contract & Market Concepts”

  1. Ajay k k

    You really deserve million views and subscriber

    1. Asset Yogi

      Thank you 😊

  2. priya Dhabhai

    Sir how can I meet you for personal financial guidence….I m ready to pay the fee….as nothing good comes for free… kindly reply

  3. M Saddam

    plz make a video on dividend growth model and how can we apply in practical to find Po

  4. sunny kumar burnwal

    Thanks, samaj to aya, but bhut tough h, ye sab samjhna…

    I have been trying to understand these things from months, now I am able to tell anyone , I know the basics of future…..

    1. Asset Yogi

      Glad to know that the video helped you 😊

  5. Akram Ali

    Thank you
    Sir stock exchange mai kaisy share buy and sell kiya jata ess ka lesson type video banaia

    1. Asset Yogi

      Sure, topic noted.

    2. Akram Ali

      Thank you app comments ka reply karte hai

    3. Akram Ali

      Ek pura learning series banai a stock exchange mai kaise kam kare

  6. Asheesh Rajput

    Sir please exlain packing and credit limit

  7. kunal Hadke

    Sir please explain the topic of internal and external lien??
    Thank U in advance..

    1. Asset Yogi

      Sure, topic noted.

  8. Lifestyle & Infomania

    you are doing amazing job brother …. big thanks from the bottom of heart ,for sharing valuable concepts . …. Wish you all the best !

    1. Asset Yogi

      Thank you so much for your kind words 😊

  9. Rajat Babar

    Much needed video & make videos on options contract n its trading.

  10. Aakib Khan

    Superb i understood all things in future market thank you so much.

    1. Asset Yogi

      Glad to know 😊

  11. Nagmani On

    Appke pass Kamal Ka knowledge hai.

  12. silky kaushik

    well explained

    1. Asset Yogi

      Thank you Silky 😊

  13. Joshan N

    How to hedge using futures…. If u can plz make video explaining the hedging techniques. Thanks

  14. Ujjawal Bhagat

    2 minutes ka video 22 minutes tak ,,, talented

  15. HASSAN SHAH Sayad

    If I bought equity future of expiry date 31may regular order then I can treat it like interaday order or can sell it today or next day???

    Please answer if anyone knows about it.
    I am new in stock market.

  16. Ashrafi Shaikh

    Please sir its request please make video on trade life cycle. OTC and exchange

    1. Asset Yogi

      Noted your topic suggestion Ashrafi

  17. Mostafizur Rahman

    Your videos are so helpful to me..It helps me to understand many difficult topics. Thank you very much.

    1. Asset Yogi

      Glad to know that my videos are helpful to you 😊

  18. Jayesshh Jadhav

    Thank you very much sir, your videos always help me out ! Your attention to detail is amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you !😊

    1. Asset Yogi

      Thanks for appreciation Jayesh 🙂

  19. aloke bachhar

    Thank u sir. U are excellent teacher.. I didn’t understand this derivatives concepts in my university..But u made it clear to me..

  20. Arvind Kumar

    Happy 50%
    Sad 50% hai 😊 future Trade …. Zz

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