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Futures Trading Learnings for Beginners – 7 Learnings (Hindi)


Futures Trading Learnings for Beginners is extremely vital as it can possibly rub out your whole financial investment. This belongs to threat as well as money management. Normally, it is taken into consideration that by-products i.e. futures as well as alternatives are not ideal for the retail investors.

In this video clip on Futures Trading Learnings for Beginners, i have actually shared my 7 learnings from futures trading.
1. Margin Facility: Due to margin center, you are possibly purchasing 6 times of your funding made use of as margin. Simply put, if the supply relocate another instructions by 16% then your whole funding will certainly be rubbed out. Also, rather than the margin used, you ought to consider the overall worth of the lot for risk and also finance.

2. Quit Loss margin requirement: If the stock or index does move in the preferred direction after that you have to keep the margin equivalent to the quit loss worth in your trading account otherwise your broker will certainly square off your placement.

3. You need to start futures trading with reduced volatile supplies.

4. A beginner ought to start futures trading only if the precision of his/her evaluation is extremely high.

5. Avoid extra margin provided by brokers as it is a trap. Overtrading in futures can finish your trading journey.

6. Risk-averse investors or traders ought to stay clear of trading in futures.

7. If you are uncertain about your trade then you must hedge your settings. For example, if you are marketing a lot of future after that you can hedge your trade by buying options.

It is valuable to trade in futures only throughout the solid trading market and you need to be on the exact same side of the market pattern.

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    Sir your videos are very knowledgeable for me .. 👍👍

  2. nagaraj acharya

    I had worst experience in All points, over confidence, greed made lose full capital, when i had money i didn’t have knowledge but now i have knowledge(learning)no money😂😂😂

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      Make profit and invest that profits dont put new money from your pocket

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    Well explained and learned…!!

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    watching this vedio like “a father teaching his son about life lessons with same intensity”

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    Thanx sir Ji … very informative & knowledgeable video. . Sir Ji we long time request for future volatility & cash volatility analysis video . please make video soon . Please reply sir Ji. 👍👍

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    Sir kal ke august 29 nifty futures expiry ke opening mai 200 points 2 3 min ke liye kyun down hua tha

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    Nice information i too lost huge amount in single day.. But not trading after that.. Only learning from last one & half year… As one thing is sure without learn we cannot earn… Chaahee jitna Marji paisa laga de…. Thanks for your valuable teaching sir..!!

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    Sir is it advisable to do long term investment in dhfl

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    Guruji Pranam, please teach how to analysis future data and make a series on future trading.

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    Dear Nitin Ji
    Great knowledge, Can you please do a detailed video on Future hedging with options.

  16. Jigar Tapkirwala

    Best way to start in F&O is with Nifty. Less volatile & Margin requirement is less. Even if nifty falls 1000 point in 1 days still loss will be 1000 X 75 = 75000 Rs. it will not throw you out of market!!!

    1. Raza.Mohamed

      Before getting into Futures, Cash segment should be mastered. People get into Futures because of greed and blow their whole account.

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    Good knowledge to become futures trading…

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