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[ThinkorSwim] How to Trade Futures | Trading Futures in TOS | S&P 500 Futures


Let me show the Correct Way to Profession Bond Futures
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Jonathan Rose of Active Day Investor educates investors exactly how to trade the futures market utilizing relative value evaluation.

Jonathan Rose teaches futures traders, newbies or experience just how to trade futures using the TOS, thinkorswim system.

The tips in this 10 min video can be used trading any kind of market evaluation, product trading in futures market is applies along with Equity Index, equity indicies futures trading making use of loved one worth or correlation evaluation. petroleum trading successful traders.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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26 Thoughts to “[ThinkorSwim] How to Trade Futures | Trading Futures in TOS | S&P 500 Futures”

  1. Tony Parker


    1. Charles Woodruff

      Tony, you should contact ToS support to get help on this one.

    2. Jonathan Rose

      Hey Tony — I think you need to go to the ‘cog’ and make sure you have ‘show price as a percentage’ clicked — if you do that, the lines should always start at 0%

    3. Tony Parker


  2. Carlos Duran

    Great lesson Jonathan, I’ll put it in practice right away, thank you

    1. Jonathan Rose

      excellent. let me know how it goes… just a little change that I believe reduces risk while not touching your upside opportunity

  3. SoCal Joe

    Jeez, you are a fount of information J. Great stuff. Using Comparison, make the lines percentage and then think for yourself: is the market bullish then do this. If you think the market is bearish, then do this instead. Really great stuff. Thanks. Cheers.

  4. jojo Atienza

    thank you very much sir

    1. Jonathan Rose

      Thanks for watching, and I appreciate the comment. Here’s a link for a Free Week –>

    2. jojo Atienza

      alright thanks for link

  5. Rob Petrie

    I started pairs trading recently in TOS, mainly using the ‘pairs trader’ tab, seeing the spread. But this has been a revelation. Setting the price bar as percentage, with relative strength displayed from beginning of the period is invaluable – and so simple. Thanks very much. And I like the /ES – /NQ trade.

    1. Jonathan Rose

      Hey Rob… don’t use the Pairs Trader, it’s not good… it just hit’s market orders to buy and sell… it’s got good intentions but they didn’t spend enough on the technology to make it sophisticated. Keep watching the relative value videos and if you haven’t yet, sign up for the Free Week ( Also, start learning about the Bond Futures trade – that’s the best trade right now. Thanks for watching! J

  6. S Med

    Incredible analysis thank you so much for your contribution

  7. Supertomcat

    I’m not a fan of futures, I think pasts are much better

  8. Jonathan Rose

    Enjoy a Free Week HERE —>

  9. Danny Tu

    Learned something today ty Jonathan

    1. Jonathan Rose

      Thanks, that’s awesome!

  10. Allen C

    Hey Thanks for the helpful video. I have just over twenty one thousand in my account and I called TD Ameritrade and they said I needed at least twenty five to trade futures.

    1. Jonathan Rose

      send me an email at…. $20k is PLENTY, in fact you can get started for as little as $3k. Take it slow, learn first, risk money second. Chat soon.

    2. Allen C

      @Jonathan Rose I sent you an email

    3. Allen C

      I have not seen any email reply yet

    4. Jonathan Rose

      @Allen C I didn’t see your email come through… Infinity Futures can help you.

  11. gakkadguy

    After a longtime I was tempted to rush to my charts to try what I have learnt here. Thanks.

  12. Khaed Hossen

    *Lukasz Wilhelm’s futures options strategy is a win win method for traders* .

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