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Day Trading Futures Truth!


Today we're talking about Day Trading Futures with 36 Year Trader Veteran that's been around the block and back on Wall surface Street. Theres a common Preconception that comes with DayTrading Equities as well as Day Trading Futures. It appears complicated to DayTrade Futures however it's extremely comparable to trading everyday Stocks.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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36 Thoughts to “Day Trading Futures Truth!”

  1. Jar-Jar

    Futures FTW

  2. iMvPxDragonz Den

    Us small Leverage

  3. Sean Galligan

    Thank you both for this information !!

  4. Paul Schexnaydre

    Love the vix, tvix , svxy . If you know what’s going on with the world around you , you can swing trade for massive profits

    1. adam amshia

      better than penny stocks for sure

  5. Day Trading with Chris

    I know this doesn’t relate to the video, but dude thank you so much for your videos. I remember one time in one of your videos, can’t remember which one, but you said something along the lines of “one day it will all just make sense”. You talk about seeing the same setups over and over and its at the point where it is just getting to a point where I am better at reacting to the conditions in front of me. I am more focused on not losing like you suggested to do and didn’t even pay for a course or guru (well actually I did buy one course on Udemy for like $10 before I found your channel). I just want to say thank you for your great work, you are a positive inspiration to all of us that think these people selling courses for thousands of dollars is a complete rip off. You just need to go out there and do it, experience I think is the best teacher, but the guidance in your videos have helped me finally reach a point in my trading where I can accurately analyze what I am doing right/wrong and figuring out how to adapt once in the trade. THANK YOU!!!

  6. James Hanson

    Great video thanks. I might have to take a dive into the future markets, I had the same assumptions as you. Can someone recommend a good Broker please? Thanks.

    1. Pedro Mejias


    2. James Hanson

      @Pedro Mejias Still researching atm. Thanks for the suggestion.

    3. James Archer

      Ninjatrader by far!

    4. Joseph Mendozza

      Tradestation and use “TAS market profile “ to trade futures it really works…Warrior Trading chat room has a great futures trader live everyday. Steve is amazing

    5. Day Trading Addict

      you can use AMP.. i talk about the same content on my channel


    Very informative video, thanks for this Patrick!

  8. Bit Long

    Why doesn’t anyone ever talks about loses and risk…. everyone just always talk about always making money… tell people both sides of the coin.

    1. Roger Cobbs

      He does i seen another video and steve said goal is to make $100 and if you lose $100 stop for the day, if a trader is doing good making $100 raise bar to $200 this advice was first step for a trader

    2. Pearl Builds

      They talked about it in the video..

  9. MCR123321

    Steve @ 5:27 People are scared to trade Futures.
    Patrick @ 7:48 I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t know about it.
    Steve @ 8:04 So you admit you were scared to trade Futures.

    😆 You guys are great. Thanks for sharing more interview with us Pat!

    1. chahalpawanpreet

      That part was funny

    2. Lee Schaefer

      keep your money stay away you can’t beat AL intelligence, the longer you play the more they will take!!

    3. MCR123321

      @Lee Schaefer Need sources or it’s just opinion.

  10. TradingMonkey

    Great video like always..Always learn something here..Great content!

  11. RealBlessed

    Futures is a daytraders dream BUT stop losses is a must or you will lose alot because you could wipe out your account in one trade. There is no limit on how much you can lose in futures. Set stop loss, stick to your strategy and watch it work.

  12. Jaime García

    Patrick, what is the average PnL of this guy?

  13. Cade

    Many are attracted to futures for a multitude of reasons. I used to trade equities but I much prefer futures now.
    – No constant scanning for moving stocks. I really only watch a few of the same symbols everyday.
    – Very liquid, low commissions
    Futures are not forgiving whatsoever. A stop loss order is a must. I have been up 30 points on the NQ to suddenly being obliterated by a massive reverse move.
    You are also playing against the big boys now. You’re playing against the institutions and funds that are clipping 1000+ contracts and are managing hundreds of millions if not billions. They want to make $ just as bad as you do, they have quants and programmers working around the clock to find new algorithmic strategies to trade the futures markets.
    If someone wanted to try futures I would recommend NinjaTrader and start by trading the new MICRO contracts. They’re worth way less per tick compared to the standard E-Mini contracts. You can open an account to trade them with only $400 at Ninja right now. It’s a great way to get real experience without blowing up a $3k account or something like that.

    1. Lee Schaefer

      your right about that, but there are very few people that can discipline themselves to trade futures, and take there profits while they have them. This is a short term game!, and your playing against Goldman sacks and company. and there AL computers. GOOD LUCK!! you’ll need it.

    2. Muzeishen

      That’s exactly why I’m getting into Futures. What platform do you use? I’m learning toward Interactive Brokers

  14. Mr. Bear

    Trading even just one Futures contract is to big for most accounts, lucky we have Micro Futures now. I don’t hear many talk about Options on Futures for less risk.

    1. Requiem Sequence

      You could trade minis for $25 a tick. Been around for decades.

  15. Tamir Ticotzki

    Where and How can i learn from you guys about trading futures ?

  16. Roger Cobbs

    Futures is great to trade I like NQ

  17. Stephen Williams

    Thanks so much for this great video. How profitable is futures trading?

    1. Cory Ann

      It can be very profitable, depends what style of trading you make. Connect with Lara (telegram: laravukusicfx) you can find out about scalping and method the expert use in trading, with full explanation of the trading strategy.

    2. Nombulelo Chili

      @Cory Ann Thanks so much! LARAVUKUSICFX is legit, O.M.G im soooo happy thank you for trading for me. 😭😭😭😭🙏💖❤ I have received my very first earnings.

  18. Jaro

    Why is nobody talking about how much PC mouse he has

  19. Gibson Fender

    ROTFLMAO, this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Drew Loeffler

    Very light on the content

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