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VOLATILITY TRADING | Futures & Options | LIVE ONLINE SESSION 1 | Sanjay Saraf Sir


Session Protection:
– The Value of Trading Psychology as well as Technique
– How to utilize different trading and also back screening related software
a. Fintester:
b. Quantsapp: Download from play shop on your mobile and also signup
c. Opstra Alternative Analyser:
– Learn some basic alternative approach and about correct time to implement that strategy

Topics that will certainly be covered:
CHOICE GREEKS: Recognizing Option Greeks and also there motion in various market conditions for making profitable choice method.


IMPLIED VOLATILITY: Comprehending IV and use of it in choice trading

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TOOLS: discover to use helpful technical analysis devices.

TECHNOLOGICAL EVALUATION SOFTWARE PROGRAM: find out to utilize some software application for making option technique

Standard Choice Techniques
Complex option Strategies

Training course Knowing:
– Comprehend the concept as well as mathematics behind Choices.
– What are the aspects that impact Alternatives rates.
– Just how are Options various than Supplies
– Exactly how you can make use of Choices even if you invest in Stocks
– Art of readjusting Choices strategies.
– Just How to Utilize Assistance & Resistance in Options Trading.
– Just How to Stay Clear Of Costly Trading Errors
– How to Create The Right Investor Attitude
– Just how to Lower Your Risk and Maximize Your Earnings

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29 Thoughts to “VOLATILITY TRADING | Futures & Options | LIVE ONLINE SESSION 1 | Sanjay Saraf Sir”

  1. Vikash Gupta

    This is superb video
    I have cleared my CA final
    Now I want to pursue FRM course but some issues is confusing me
    So please help on the issues

    1. Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute

      Hi Vikash. Call us on 9073900601 for a brief discussion.

  2. Srikanth Rao

    I use finvasia brokage is o zero brokage . I am using in frm one year ….

  3. Akash Gaurkhede

    sir your videos are very helpful for everyone

  4. Desai Vijay

    maintained Patience for 1:47:00hrs….Waste of time… more you think (i.e.,buy put or call and sell put and call blah blah blah) the less you earn. and believe guys its a Market Fact.

    1. bindas bol

      ​@Desai Vijay aap sahi ho bhai ye sahab bhale accha gyan de rahe hai agar ye itne bade master hai to sabhi paid course karne walo ko 1 din me kitna accha target de sakte hai ye jaanch lo q k sunil minglani bolte hai sab bakwas hai live koi nahi sikhayega aur sabit kar payega

    2. the channel

      ​@Desai Vijay u r 100% right sir ye ca hai aur accounting ache se jante hai by the way for your kind info. he teaches SFM in ca final which is entire finance subject and ye to theoritical class hai dude kyuki bacho ko shayad phle theory samjhate hai then does practicle if u taken his practicle then u know sir aur ajar aap apne ca ko paise dete hai to kya vo aapse ghar baithne ke paise leta hai ki aap faltu me paise dete ho sir aap unki services lete ho aap rakhte nhi ho….first have respect for every profession then talk something and by the way agar aapko itna hi pta tha markets ke bare me to aapne apna kimti time waste hi kyu kia…kyuki agar aapko pta hota to shayad aap is video starting kuch min. me hi isse pehchan lete ..thank you sir agar kuch karna hai to kaam kria sir aise kisi ke bare me kuch bhi mat boliye ….i m not trying to disrespect you not even trying to promote him..just my side of words so please dont get offended or personal sorry if anything hurts your THANK YOU (edited for last sentence after …..)

    3. Anshuman Singh

      Dude, your problem is ignorance(ironically which sir was talking about in the class), see if you don’t understand something ,try to educate yourself instead of writing foolish comments here!
      Sanjay Sir has shaped the lives of 1000s of students over his career which idiots like you will never understand.

    4. Vipul Jindal

      For the kind information of all of you.. he is not CA but CFA. thank you

  5. bindas bol

    18 to 19 min me jo accept kiya sahi hai aap ka lekin aap ye software ke introduction kuch kaam ke nhi hai aisa bahut company ne bhi jikar kiya sab kuch kaam hai ye na kharido dosto aur aap trump jaise reason de rhe hai ye sab maja nahi hai is me

  6. Prashant Gupta

    Great way of teaching sir waiting for part 2

    1. Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute

      Hello Prashant. Thank you for your words of appreciation. Follow on session is on 3rd January from 8am.
      Please call on 9674006544 / 9073900601 for details.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Ek videos hi hai kya

  7. Positional Stocks

    99% material are not watchable on youtube according to me there is no strategy work in market only structure works.

    1. gm679

      Kindly elaborate and provide links to info on structure. Thank You.

    2. gautam bajaj


  8. ramesh sharma FB


  9. Avinash J R

    I suggest to disable comments for your videos because no one should be influenced by the comments whether good or bad,one should form his own opinion & conclusion according to his understanding of the subject.

  10. Akash Gaurkhede

    We wll waiting for your new videos sir

  11. Rishab Maloo

    Brilliant sir

  12. deepak mainkar

    There is no information of ‘volatility trading ‘ in this video , have to shrink this video in 5-10 min, clip

  13. Akash Gaurkhede

    We are waiting for your next video sir

  14. learning machine

    Pls upload next sessions also

  15. Avinash J R

    Sir please post the 2nd video to this ASAP.Thanks.

  16. lalit gupta hero #1

    Esa leg rha h ki ndtv profit dhk rha hu
    Kuch smjh nhi aaya exam purpose se for written exam

  17. lalit gupta hero #1

    Sir aap ke market ka portfolio shiw kro
    Aao ke basket m kon kon se share h

  18. shashank jhajharia

    Sir Please Upload Its 2nd Part. Please.

  19. Deep Gajjar

    Where is second part?

  20. Abhishek Dash

    options king

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