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What Are Futures Contracts? Beginners Guide To Trading


In this episode of our beginners direct to trading series we are mosting likely to be reviewing what are futures agreements? Many people when they begin trading they get involved with markets like supplies and even Foreign exchange. There are a lot of various means to trade (and effectively) but the majority of people do not learn about futures agreements.

To give you a quick review of what are futures agreements ones need to understand their history. Futures contracts started with an arrangement in between buyers as well as sellers on primarily agricultural products. Things like pigs, coffee, and so on

. It really did not take too long for the speculators (individuals that bank on the direction and worth of these agreements) to action in and also start taking calculated threats on what direction the futures contracts would go.

To discover more exactly how futures contracts where applied to the monetary markets and also how E-mini Futures were developed have a look at the video.

We will be providing much more video clips for your novices direct to trading and also finding out not only what are futures agreements yet more monetary subjects as well.

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25 Thoughts to “What Are Futures Contracts? Beginners Guide To Trading”

  1. Andre Malheiros

    Great Video Marcello!!!!

  2. James Edwards-Marche

    Nice explanation Marcello :)Just a heads up that you have no links on your end card advertising other videos! Ciao.

    1. Day Trading Academy

      +James Edwards-Marche Fixed it thanks James

  3. kevin walden

    that’s Kool and all how you broke down the history behind futures but I’m kinda confused as of how to trade a contract works? is it with a contract to trade let’s say crude oil means I have to make trades before a expiration date occurs, and how many trades can I EXECUTE controlling 1 contract?..I’m forex trader looking to transition to futures preferably oil

  4. ariel jaime

    i’m interested in trading futures, but I have NO, and I mean NO IDEA what i’m getting in to. Please let me know about your academy

  5. SanityLoss

    Hello Marcello!!!!!

  6. dashercronin

    get rid of the background music.

  7. Ashfaq Sheikh

    What happens when the futures contract hits expiry date and you want to keep your positions?

    1. Mr Big

      They roll over.

  8. miguel castelo

    Sound is only playing one side of the ear

  9. Abhishek Garg

    Explain the hedging concept used in your example of currency(2:51)

  10. Ryan Owens

    “Back in the day when Farmers existed” lol

  11. LexDiamonzz

    OK. so what is a futures contract in english?

  12. Vakua_Lupo

    Had to listen with only the left ear bud in my ear. Would have been much better with no background music.

  13. Aiden Cronin

    I had to turn the subtitles on. All i can hear is some trash music!

  14. Garrett Baker

    Clear as mud.

  15. Leo Joey

    farmers still exist though babe where do you live???

  16. SJJ

    I could literally take a video with my phone outside in the rain rn and would have better audio quality than half of youtubers.

  17. Lucas Leal

    Good content, bad editing.

  18. Mr Big

    Where are you getting your charts from?

  19. Sephs Vi

    So right now the nasdaq future’s is down 1.76% what does that mean? Does it mean they are betting that the nasdaq will go down next day?

  20. Sarah Terhaar

    You should be a teacher. Great explanation.

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