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How to Trade Oil Futures


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is a Proprietary Trading firm located in NYC that specializes in trading equities. Our training programs were created to help you create the trading abilities to come to be a continually rewarding investor. Created, video clip as well as class talks are provided with SMB U, our education firm. SMB provides training and also trading items for brand-new and semi-experienced investors.

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32 Thoughts to “How to Trade Oil Futures”

  1. Trader Mom006

    Awesome stuff Mr. Bellafiore!! Thank you!! Lots of amazing value!!

    1. Mike Bellafiore

      you are welcome.

  2. carlo locci

    Thanks guys I learned a lot by watching these videos and I still am …

    1. Mike Bellafiore


  3. majestik1

    This might be the best technical trader I have ever seen 🙂 fluently presented

    1. Mike Bellafiore

      thank you for the feedback. nice of you to say.

  4. Gabriel Couture-Bauset

    100% the best moustache on the Street!

    1. Mike Bellafiore

      no comment. we ought to adopt a policy on this.

    2. SMB Futures

      Yes, it might very well be TOO seductive.

    3. SB ESPN

      Legend has it Merritt placed his first trade under the buttonwood tree in 1792, lol.

    4. Nick K

      I can see this guy on a Triumph Bonneville, all class 🙂

  5. Al S

    Excellent analysis and presentation. Thorough, detailed, no fluff.

  6. Yoonha Lee

    I want this guy more~
    The best presenter in your firm!!!

  7. David Camacho

    Being mentored by Merritt was definitely one of the highlights of my trading year.

  8. Precisionrifleworks

    Best lesson by far all day, Mike! Hope he does more too! Any others you can point to on the ways he uses the point and figure would be great.

    1. SMB Futures

      It’s not point and figure. It’s Market Profile. for a full course on MP.

  9. Dan

    Great video Mr mustache!! Are you on twitter ? great explanation

    1. SMB Futures


  10. Contang0

    just a great video again, thanks smb. what software is that ?

    1. SMB Futures

      It’s Sierra Chart. We have setup videos and great instruction in our slack room-

  11. Bill Franz

    Every video explains more than an expensive book, and you have hundreds of them. Amazing.

  12. B

    it’s videos like this that keep me coming back to this channel every single day to see what else you put up. Unreal. I wanna learn more from this guy and everyone at SMB!

  13. Systematic Trader

    Sierra Charts – nice platform. Love it!

  14. Greg

    This is by far the best presentation of an approach I have seen from you guys. A clear objective, replicable take on the market.

  15. Derek Jones

    Great Video! I’m pretty new to trading futures. What ticker and exchange is the speaker using in this video?

  16. Matthew Sillaman

    this video was legit. thanks for the insight.

  17. Day Trading Crude Oil Futures

    trading crude oil futures is one of the best market exist ever!!!!

  18. Jerry Dulin

    The cat said he dont keep up with fundamentals and I’m over here wracking my brain to find sound company’s with solid earnings. I’m doing something wrong or this guy is a TA genius

    1. Chase Ramos

      You can day trade pure price action.

  19. Ivan Cri

    SMB as always The Best!

  20. Mason M

    Some say his moustache has 8 confirmed kills.

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