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8 Thoughts to “181. Introduction to Futures Trading Part 2 – Hedging”

  1. culturehorse

    thx for this – clear, consise, brilliant constructive & instructional

  2. tekmnd

    Enjoying the vids on futures. I signed up and downloaded the paper account from Apex as well, but haven’t put any time into the paper account yet. Thanks 🙂

  3. InformedTrades

    My Pleasure patriotsundergod glad you are enjoying the videos. Best Regards,

  4. InformedTrades

    my pleasure thank you for the positive feedback I am glad you like it. Best Regards, Dave

  5. InformedTrades

    Hi Dzhang55, Thanks for the comment and for watching I am glad you like it. Best Regards,

  6. InformedTrades

    Hey Tek, Glad you like them and hope you enjoy the rest of the course as well as the demo. Best Regards, Dave

  7. Fredrik Ferrier

    Hey Dave, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your informative and useful videos. They are extremely helpful. All the best.

  8. Joe E

    I now trade futures (ES) using price action only with the Pipdaq setups and it has moved me from a break even trader to a profitable one. I much prefer the price action compared to forex spot markets.

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