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$3,280 Day Trading Oil Futures 10-3-14


, there is a reason that I day profession oil futures which factor is since Oil offers the most opportunity to generate income than any other trading alternative readily available, particularly when you think about the truth you can utilize the codes on Oil like I'm doing as well as hundreds of others are doing. Day trading oil futures is better than the Forex, far better than stocks, far better than Gold or the Emini or the Indexes, as well as it's since Oil Futures are constantly in play on the world stage with a much required commodity like Oil. This is why day trading oil futures is the means to go right now, particularly in relation to the center eastern and also ISIS and also the truth that's where Oil comes from and you have an ideal storm developing for the Oil market where it might provide a lot more chance than in the past to day trade oil futures as well as make a great living as well as make a fortune as well. I'm educating how to utilize the codes I'm making use of at my web site Oil Trading Academy As well as for you code investors around I wish this video clip works to you to see me take the codes as well as win on them, today's access was a code 1 entry into a code 2 trade. Pleased Trading … David … Oil Trading Academy.

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23 Thoughts to “$3,280 Day Trading Oil Futures 10-3-14”

  1. Asiago Loans

    What do u mean by a code 1 entry

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      @Gionni Wimbush You just purchased the Code 1 course yesterday right? Watch the videos I sent you that will clearly describe what a Code 1 entry is, and then you can see that Code 1 entry right within this video and all my videos….

  2. Asiago Loans

    Hi Dave, what platform do you use cause this one on YouTube seem easier to read vs the one that is showed on the course

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      @Gionni Wimbush It’s Global Zen Trader through Global Futures….

  3. swordfish00007

    Nice trade!

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      @swordfish00007 Thanks 🙂

  4. swordfish00007

    Hey Question for you to make around $3,500 a day if you don’t mind me asking how much capital is invested for something like that?

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      @swordfish00007 Well that does depend because it varies a great deal from broker to broker. For instance you can go through some brokers and get margin for Oil for only $500, while other brokers charge $8,000. The broker I recommend as a good broker which is “Global Futures” they charge about $2,000 which always changes around, sometimes $1,500, sometimes $3,000. So let’s say you have $2,000 margin, to do 5 contracts you would need $10,000 in your account, 5 times $2,000 for each contract, plus a buffer to account for some losses in the beginning. But lets say you only have $500 margin requirement, which you can get through brokers like Amp Futures or Mirus Futures which uses Ninja Trader software not the Global Zen Trader you see me using, but many people use it and like it, especially since the margin is so cheap, you can control 5 contracts for only $2500 as opposed to $10,000. Or you can go with the most professional broker in the world Interactive Brokers and they only charge $8,000 margin 🙂 So if you wanted to control 5 contracts it would cost you $40,000. I like Global Futures broker because they have very good customer service and they have a very reasonable margin requirement and they have a low account opening for the newbie’s to get started with. Talk with Rick Kontra over at Global Futures he’ll hook you up…..

  5. BillG37

    This is why I like to move my stop to a 1 or 2 tick gain after it goes my way a few ticks… or just scalp a couple of ticks. I can’t get a big move. Big moves only happen if I sit there & watch. When I actually make a trade, I know any gain will be minimal. That’s just how it works. With your first trade, I would’ve made a little bit of $.

  6. Lou E

    you got too emotional …you would have made a lot more

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      +Lou E Yes true 🙂

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      Thanks 🙂

  7. Soo Lee

    How are you doing currently? I always see videos from a couple of years prior and like to follow up with the trader in the present. Hope all is well :]

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      I’m doing good 🙂 Take a look at the front of YouTube you’ll see current videos there 🙂 And my website has them posted as well on the front page:

  8. brendo gabas

    let me know the code

  9. brendo gabas

    i want to learn trading from you yourself

  10. Brad Fischer

    I noticed you were using a 1 minute chart several years ago. Now in 2016 you seem to be using a 10 minute chart.
    Do you sense a better flow or clues on the market fluctuation? I’m trying the 233 tick chart and a 5 minute chart. Any thoughts ?

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      I still use a one minute chart I just don’t show it on the screen 🙂 The 10 minute chart is only for show I don’t use it to take entries…..

  11. Nathan Katz

    Hi David, been doing a bit of research on day trading, I’ve always gone for 1-6 month holds. Does day trading completely ignore current political events?

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      Yes it does, I never pay any attention to what’s going on in politics, all of that is only an illusion anyway…..

  12. 299 999 views

    So… it looks great…. but what is a code 1 ?

    1. Day Trading Oil Futures

      Code 1 is for short term trading, like 5 to 30 minutes. It’s great for getting like 10 ticks per trade. It’s great for catching tops and bottoms. It’s where the Code really starts. Code 2 is a larger code, and Code 3 is an even larger code than Code 2……

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