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Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #4 – Jim Green, Christie Jordan, Dan Hodgman & Dani Sittloh


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– Anthony & Jim go over the principles of Corn, Soybeans and Hogs. Jim shows us just how he used Technical Evaluation along with Principles in a recent Corn trade.

– Dan Hodgman joins Anthony in the Topstep Moment of the Week sector to go over just how one of Topstep's financed investors trades the E-mini S&P after the joblessness numbers.

– Dani Sittloh joins Anthony in the What's on Your Radar? segment talking about Wazzabull informs in Gold as well as Crude Oil.

– Christi Jordan tells Investors just how they can Shift when they feel stress and anxiety.


Jim Environment-friendly
– Owner & Head Of State of Rosetta Funding
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Christie Jordan
Yoga Exercise Teacher & Chiropractic Physician
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Dani Sittloh
Futures Trader & Power Practitioner
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Dan Hodgman
Investor & Performance Train at TopstepTrader
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7 Thoughts to “Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #4 – Jim Green, Christie Jordan, Dan Hodgman & Dani Sittloh”

  1. LevelTwo Trading

    Well explained Dan, Great way to show when/why and how to position size based on implied volatility.

  2. Vinchenzo C

    I like Jim. He seems like a good overall trader.

    1. Anthony Crudele

      Jim knows his stuff. Thanks for watching!

  3. Andy Way

    Beyond the Charts always a good watch…. but gotta say this one was the best of the best… good tips 4 the long term, keep calm and keep it real!
    (Also @ Dr. Crudele himself got to practice those forehand tosses on those cue cards for a perfect spin 32:00)

    1. Anthony Crudele


  4. lovenpeace271

    you have an awesome show but you need to make it go viral, its great content but far too few people know about your show

    1. Anthony Crudele

      🙌🏼 thank you!! Well get there 💪🏼

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