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Amateur Vs Professional Traders – Footprint Chart Trading | Axia Futures


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The significant distinction between beginners as well as specialist traders remains in their process and also technique to trading markets. Brannigan's vital observation in this difference is that beginners often tend to focus on degrees while professional traders often tend to combine levels with interaction

By establishing self-confidence in understanding the interaction in between buyers as well as sellers within a market, professional investors are able to use take advantage of as well as handle threat with a high degree of effectiveness.

To better discuss this point Brannigan utilizes an example from the German ten years Bund and shows how after the marketplace gapped down it failed to reenter the previous day's variety and created the context for short-side professions. We after that take a look at the interaction in between customers as well as sellers as thought of on the footprint trading device, which efficiently makes it possible for precise timing for implementing profession entries.

Fundamentally, the footprint graph reduces and sums up the interaction as seen on the price ladder and helps you to determine changes in interaction. To play the take advantage of video game, you need to learn the art of threat monitoring. And also to learn the art of risk administration, you need to initial find out the art of interaction.

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17 Thoughts to “Amateur Vs Professional Traders – Footprint Chart Trading | Axia Futures”

  1. Chethan Patel

    Love your videos

    1. Axia Futures

      Thanks Chethan!

  2. sommi

    *Zapp Brannigan this is easily one of your BEST videos. I’ve watched over 50 Axia futures and closely follow you guys. So well done. More of this.*

    1. Axia Futures

      Thank you!

    2. Al S

      I agree this is a very skillful video.

  3. Jigsaw Trading

    Great video!

  4. The Killer

    nice video axia need video like this setup ….

  5. Harsha Bhuvanendra Kumar

    Hello, Can Footprint charts be used for positional trading ? Please Respond Sir.

  6. C Puzz

    In the Treasuries example, there’s triple stacked aggressive buying in the rally in Dark Blue 26 through 28. Hindsight, but maybe consider that that buyer could still be aggressive and defend his longs when tested on the pullbacks. To me it looks like he added to his long 6 times, raising his bid, creating an upward wedge line.

  7. Derek Frazier

    Thank you kindly

  8. PoliticalWaste444

    What does the 253 x 0 mean around 10 mins in? And what do the first number and the second number mean in the multiplication?

  9. forex vert

    How can a profitable trader get hired at Axia ?

    1. Axia Futures

      Send us an email and reference this conversation on YouTube. We have options available for consistent traders –

  10. ImConfusedTwo

    Well said, you use charts but also have to feel what is going on. Only time will build that skill ONLY TIME…in the mean time till you get it, try not to blow up your accounts. The more I learn the more I realize I have lots more to learn. This will, I repeat will be my next career someday. I don’t care I’m not making any money yet, I love it and spend hours learning new things. When I get good at trading the money will follow.

  11. Glenn Dingo

    Does this guy make videos because he is successful or because he doesn’t make any money trading?

  12. Jae Hun Kim

    Which platform are you using? I’m looking at NinjaTrader at the moment but this looks different. Will you please let me know?

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