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8 Thoughts to “My Day Trading Strategy for the E-mini Futures (using a 15-min & 512 tick chart)”

  1. Paulo Justiniano

    Do you use market profile and order flow’? how do you determinate if Buyers or Sellers are in control?

    1. EminiMind

      Ya, I do look at market profile, but not to execute trades, more to get an overall read. You can tell a lot in terms of who is in control when the market breaks above or below a certain high or low. Does the market breakdown and then immediately rally or accelerate downward etc.

    2. Paulo Justiniano

      Thank you for ur response sir.

    3. siguientebit

      Hola Paulo, te invito a tomar mi curso gratuito de trading en mi canal.


  2. Pedro Manuel

    Which platform and do you use? can we use as a demo account to practice?

    1. EminiMind

      Hi Pedro, I use Thinkorswim (by TDAmeritrade) and yep they have a practice account and a live account.

    2. Kenrick Lawrence

      @Abidur Kabib vile creature. how dare you dirty the sanctums of good trading techniques with your transgressions. Be gone with you! on a side note, great work tim. Love how you trade the eminis. I love how you dont hide your technique either 🙂

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