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Best futures brokers for traders


Best futures brokers for traders

#AskMarcello – utilize the hashtag and ask me anything! I attempt to answer all the various inquiries you have concerning trading, traders, day trading as well as any other subjects you may be interested to recognize even more regarding!

In this video clip I will answer the adhering to question – The minimum for day trading is $5000 – are they keeping the little people away?

Tradestation made use of to be the only option when I began trading. The capability is actually excellent due to the fact that the platform is built by engineers that are professionals in the area. Nonetheless Ninja Trader was developed by traders as well as a result they have focused on other capabilities which may be extra appropriate for investors. Ninja Investor does not function along with Trade Terminal however they took care of to transform trading by integrating brand-new options and less complicated ways to see the charts.

Tradestation is a fantastic charting platform yet not the very best broker in my viewpoint as the fill is not that good. Brokers are actually essential.

There are numerous alternatives as well as many different brokers – some that are much better than others.

I would certainly not advise to choose the cheapest and also reduced ones however rather to select the good ones. In addition the low-cost ones usually turn out to set you back the like others or more as you do not reach take the best orders. I would certainly advise to attempt and to figure out which system you feel most comfortable with. It is essential to choose one that will certainly give you the most effective service as well as not just the best earnings for them.

The Day Trading Academy is a trading academy providing total day trading programs which enables you to discover whatever despite your level.

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Best futures brokers for traders

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34 Thoughts to “Best futures brokers for traders”

  1. Jc Hedrick

    Thank you for answering man! Very good information!

  2. dieselboy1223

    What about OptionsHouse platform with E*TRADE?

  3. Leo Castro

    There go’s your cameraman again! Tell him to stop getting in the way! Great channel 👍🏽

  4. thịnh trịnh tuấn

    can you recommend a good broker in Asia area, Japan or ASEAN for detail?

    1. jonathan yoakum

      not sure about Asia operations but PhillipCapital supports that market and has proven to be a reliable Clearing Merchant with a lot of capital – also most of these brokers are Introducing Brokers and get in the way imho

  5. Bursa Stock Info Risnoveanu

    Hi Marcelo super video. congratulations! very explicitly. But GFF, I think it is coupled with AMP GLOBAL CLEARING. and from what I know AMP is a great scamer.Respect!

    1. Day Trading Academy

      I unfortunately in good conscience cannot recommend AMP

    2. Sally Qorn

      What do mean by amp future is scammer?

  6. Domingo Montoya

    #AskMarcello Hello Marcello, I want to know what do you think about Generic Trade to start trading futures…?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Don’t know them to be honest my man

  7. Roger Cobbs

    I’m in USA any brokers for futures accept credit cards even good off shore brokers thanks

  8. Kestra Desulme

    Hello, what broker can I trade Us dollar index future pl?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Any broker that can trade with futures

  9. Muneeb Farooq


    This is VERY important.
    I have been watching your lessons for days now. Here is my question.

    I am not placed in USA. Can I still find a broker in US and trade from my country?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      What country are you from? As long as it isn’t Iran, North Korea, or Cuba. Yes you will be able to

  10. Carlos Campos

    Someone trade with Interactive? i’m using the demo system, and the fill is amazing, so fast! and I tried Ninja and was so slow, but I’m talking of demo account, what is the fast broker for execution?

  11. Dally Augustin

    Hi Marcello, good video. Need a simulator to backtest my strategy. Ninja has good one but only give you two week trial then they ask you to buy or lease the platform for $1000. Any suggestion? Thx

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Signup with a different email

    2. Dally Augustin

      that will only give me another two weeks. Thanks for responding.

    3. XABCDTrading

      @Dally Augustin it’s actually not NinjaTrader that is giving you the two week trial, it’s the data service provided by continuum. Regardless the entering another email more than 3x doesn’t work unless you change your IP as well. The best way to solve this problem is by paying $1 a month for non-pro fees. Then you can get some data for a very affordable cost and let’s face it, if a trader can’t afford a dollar for data they probably shouldn’t be trading… So I think that should really help you out if you never found a solution yet…

    4. leeamessage

      The NT support guy said you can get free data feed and trade the demo for as long as you like if you open a live account with at least $1000. Then when you are ready to trade live, you pay a data feed and you buy or least NT license.

  12. Frank Martin

    I use Stage 5 Brokers with Motivewave for a platform, Fills are good and Max is very helpful

  13. Xirius125

    #AskMarcello I live in the UK. Does it matter if I use a non UK based broker or platform?

  14. Jack Bagelz

    why don’t recommend s5 trader?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Don’t know s5 trader

  15. Robert Williams

    Sierra Charts is my favorite platform with AMP Futures as the broker.

    1. Gabriel Bertoncini

      AMP accept deposit from Skrill? Im from Argentina and here the banks comissions are very high

  16. hugo boser

    could you elaborate on why you do not recommend thinkorswim? i would like to trade both stocks and futures. thank you

  17. Tomas Janik

    I have Ninja Trader simulator and I see they have only 20 futures to trade. They don’t even have silver. I don’t like that.

    1. Day Trading Academy

      You can trade silver on ninja

    2. Tomas Janik

      I have only demo account so maybe thats why.


    Make a video about clearing futures clearing firm

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