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Futures Trading Part 1 in Stock Market


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A futures contract is an agreement between 2 parties– a customer and also a vendor– where the former consents to buy from the latter, a set number of shares or an index at a certain time in the future for a pre-determined rate. These details are set when the purchase occurs. As futures agreements are standardized in regards to expiration days and agreement dimensions, they can be openly traded on exchanges. A purchaser might not know the identification of the vendor and vice versa. Further, every agreement is assured and recognized by the stock exchange, or a lot more exactly, the clearing house or the clearing firm of the stock exchange, which is a firm designated to settle trades of capitalists on the stock market.

Futures agreements are available on different kinds of properties– supplies, indices, commodities, currency pairs and more. Here we will certainly consider the two most typical futures contracts– supply futures and also index futures.

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  1. Kapil Maindarkar

    Really good one sir

    1. Invest Function

      thanks buddy

  2. Naveen Pasem

    If I take Futures lot and sell it in next day if price goes up without waiting for 1 month ?

    1. Invest Function

      u can make profit..on the same day or next day or any time u can sell

    2. Naveen Pasem

      I think this is the better than Intraday.
      for example , If I take 1000 lot , Can I sell 400 lot and 600 lot OR need to sell entire lot at a time ?

    3. Invest Function

      entire one lot

    4. khaja moinuddin khan

      @Invest Function Sir you explained nicely, thank you very much, i have one doubt which is not clear from your reply for mr.naveen question, if one lot size is 400, i brought two lots future (800) and i keep for one month, if i want to sell next day only one lot (400) and i want to keep another lot till month end, it can possible?

    5. gopi jangala

      @khaja moinuddin khan yes possible

  3. chaitu cd

    Thnks bro, been searching fr this tutorial

    1. Invest Function

      pleasure chaitu

  4. Ashish Agrawal

    very nice explanation sir

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  6. Priyank Barot

    Nicely explain

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  7. Critical Ed

    So we all just gonna act like this guy didn’t just burp mid sentence? lol

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