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Kids Explain Futures Trading


The Definition of Money: 5 and also six-year-olds break down the fundamentals of investing in corn, equity, and also chocolate futures.

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8 Thoughts to “Kids Explain Futures Trading”

  1. Zorn101

    Teaching kids to gamble is cool.

    Every new baby gets a set of dice and a pack of cards.

    Now get out there baby and Gamble with the sharks.

    It is Literally like taking candy from a baby.

    1. Bellwether Capital Management LP

      Futures are not simply a method of gambling. Please look up” Hedging with Futures”

    2. Zorn101

      @Bellwether Capital Management, LP

      But they are gambling!

      Good luck at eh casino!

  2. TheGreatestTruthNeverTold

    The end is near when we see the Wall Street journal trying to use cute kids to prop up the quadrillion empire of lies. Got Silver?

    1. ama co

      Old timers always told Me You can’t drink or eat silver, gold… people might still trade for in after the apocalypse, but I don’t know, what do U’all think?

  3. Kyle Rollins

    Thanks for telling me things I already know

    1. Shark Feed

      Snap! Tough talking 6 year olds, dont be mad bro!

  4. Jonny Nelson

    Why all the negativity in the posts?  That was a pretty honest depiction of things.  Futures trading IS gambling and the little kid even tells you that you could lose all of your money. Sounds like a good education and a warning to me.

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