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New Ninjatrader Brokerage Reviews: Is The Futures Industry Ready?


The New NinjaTrader Broker Agent Reviews:

An evaluation of the new Ninja Trader Brokerage firm. Ninja Trader and Mirus Futures have actually officially combined to produce a system and brokerage firm mix. Really similar to Tradestation. Currently NinjaTrader as well as the brand-new NT brokerage firm will provide one of the most competitive payments in the industry.

This is definitely extraordinary and also they have now end up being the most affordable emini futures broker agent in the sector. Mirus futures has actually always been an excellent broker to have when it concerned futures brokerages. There was a bit of a hiccup when there was a situation with the Zen Fire feed at the start of this year. Now nonetheless, they are supported by among the largest charting systems in the world for futures. NinjaTrader has actually additionally begun to increase to various other markets included Brazil to be able to trade regional markets. This is a remarkable benefit to be able to accessibility neighborhood markets.

We have actually been aiming to begin establishing the Congressive Trading Approach for various other markets overseas including the Brazilian BOVESPA exchange. A lot of us at DTA have actually had accounts with Mirus for rather a long time. Currently with the new lower payments they will certainly become the cheapest emini brokerage in the industry.

There will certainly be new testimonials appearing for the NinjaTrader Brokerage firm shortly as increasingly more individuals will certainly want to capitalize on the brand-new discounted prices. We have been using NinjaTrader as well as Mirus for fairly long times.

Our new Ninja Trader Broker agent reviews the new commission structure. NinjaTrader is currently known to be one of the foremost platforms to use in the industry. Mirus Futures has already been an excellent broker. To team up as well as supply the combined solutions enables Ninja Investor to officially compete against Tradestation.

If you are a new investor we would very suggest beginning with NinjaTrader because you will be able to save a significant amount of money. We receive the video that you will be able to conserve in between $2,000 to $3,000 in compensations. This is contrasted to Tradestation which ends up being far more expensive especially with their monthly costs. You need to have a brokerage account with minimal $5,000 in funds to avoid the extra charges. Despite a brokerage account an investor will have to pay $99 a month for the platform. One need to likewise take into consideration that Tradestation bills information costs.

The new Ninja Trader Broker agent and also new 8.0 platform will go over as well as supply an awesome trading system for many years to find.


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28 Thoughts to “New Ninjatrader Brokerage Reviews: Is The Futures Industry Ready?”

  1. Jana Vaas

    Hi Marcello,thanks for sharing,it will would be very helpful if you could make
    available the “excel” sheet .

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @Jana Vaas Probably would be easier if you take a screenshot with your computer Jana 😀

  2. mjablo

    What about stocks. which broker do you recommend?
    I am looking for not expensive broker (small beginner account).

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @mjablo This depends exactly how you are going to trade to be honest. Long term, short term, swing, day trading, etc. What kind of stocks you are going to trade as well. Penny stocks are much different than stocks for example.

    2. mjablo

      swing trading (several days) 

  3. Neil Brown

    Hi Marcello , Im about to open a ninja account, but should there be any concern that they do not use the same type of chart as your using on trade station.?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @Neil Brown Neil it is the same kind of chart. Tick charts are tick charts no matter what platform you use.

  4. Levkin

    Marcello,  this is one of the best videos explaining how the whole platform works.  Thanks.   Coming from a FOREX account where everything was already setup for me, (charts, MT4 platform, news, etc), this was somewhat confusing with how all of this works. 

    Did anything change in a year ?   I know NinjaTrader is offering two brokers if you decide to go with their own “package”.  I don’t think I saw Mirus any more.   I just want to trade the E-mini SP500. 

    I still don’t understand how much “flat fees” I’ll end up paying per month at the offer they currently have.   Can you update ?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      +Levkin No it’s pretty much the same Levkin

  5. Taras Makoviychuk

    whats the minimum amount of money do i need to buy a contract of ES future for example?


    1. Day Trading Academy

      +Taras Makoviychuk Minimum is $500

  6. BradSk88

    Giving that you’re making videos about day trading and claim to do day trading yourself, I find the low audio/video quality of this video a bit suspicious.

    If you were doing well from day trading, couldn’t you afford to use better equipment?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      That’s cute Brad. Best of luck to you with your trading.

    2. _Galaxia_

      Brad had a point. And with the amount of shady people around these broker recommendations and reviews we can’t just trust most people. That he brushed it off makes him more suspicious

    3. _Galaxia_

      But at least the comment section is not censored like on other videos. You can there leave a comment but your comment doesn’t actually get posted unless the maker of the video gives the okay. Which will never happen it you criticized.

  7. Morgan Jaye Williams

    Brokerage has gotten greedy with fees and has robotic email support. 4 yrs customer and horrible support.

  8. agauerm

    Hi mate! I narrowed my options for a new platform and broker to ninjatrader. Are you using their own brokerage? Is it good? Do they offer realtime market data, with no delay? Are they true ECN? Thanks

    1. Giggidygiggidy12

      agauerm trust me go with TradeStation

  9. Giggidygiggidy12

    Ninja Trader still not as good as TradeStation. I have both and it’s a pain to get funds from ninja the platform uses a lot of memory and crashes often. I have reverted back to fully using TradeStation and now they have reduced their commission as well to stay competitive so overall very happy with TS and the charts look better than NT

    1. so ho

      I have no issues on ninja I love their dom but customer service is wack

  10. archisaurus

    I just want 1-2 points a day on 30 contracts. That’s all. No delusions of grandeur. Just a point or two a day.

    1. PressedEarth

      Me too. Not too much to ask right?

    2. Big mike Play runna

      Ridiculous, only way you can realistically win in futures is swing trading, day trading is a suckers game … retail trader day traders are just sheep for the wall street lions …. at a success rate of only 2.7% … it proves day trading is OVER … AI RULES … so keep positions for weeks or many days at the least

  11. pieter jansen van rensburg

    I’m thinking of starting with NinjaTrader! Downloaded their pdf with all the info.. I’m getting my new trading laptop in a few days and I’m eager to start with a demo account and practice my strategies. By the looks of things NinjaTrader seems unbeatable. Have you guys at The Day Trading Academy started to use this platform yet?

  12. Brett Shaw

    Is that guy wearing lipstick?

  13. Brett Shaw

    Is that guy wearing make up? … either way, very pretty sir

  14. Big mike Play runna

    20,000 contracts a month LMFAO…. only for high rollers – most i trade (AND I TRADE HEAVY) I trade 6-10 contracts a day

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