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Futures trading Basics in Malayalam for Beginners FnO,F&O



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23 Thoughts to “Futures trading Basics in Malayalam for Beginners FnO,F&O”

  1. market wach

    future treding nashtam ellath yanganchyam

    1. Alfred Jose

      +hasim v Nashtam varatha oru trader um illa. Nashtam minimise cheyyuka. Laabham maximise cheyyuka. So Totally profit avuka.

  2. market wach

    pls sd contact no

    1. Edler Hufnagel

      Start making daily profits with EIT Method

  3. Shyamily Sasikumar

    plz send ur phone number

  4. kuniba nisar

    Ennu vangiyal nale vikkamo

    1. Alfred Jose

      +kuniba nisar yes

  5. binoy joseph

    nifty option oru video eadamo

  6. Alfred Jose

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  7. Jacob Thomas

    Good one

  8. Vishnu V Mohan

    Bro you have some breathing issues?

  9. Anandu Prasad

    Future trading sell cheythu hold cheyyamo

    1. Anandu Prasad

      Doubt und Oru contact number tharamo

  10. shahudeen siyad

    good video

    1. Alfred Jose


  11. mr doha

    Onnum manasillayilla

  12. anaswara c s


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