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How to achieve longevity as a futures trader w/ Brad Jelinek


EP 026: How to get rid of 'boom & breast' cycles and accomplish long life, with futures trader– Brad Jelinek

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10 Thoughts to “How to achieve longevity as a futures trader w/ Brad Jelinek”

  1. Dian Guang

    My biggest take away: “Only looking for what you did right or what you want to do but didn’t”, Dr. Brett mentioned similar idea in TS2.0, working on our strength is more effective than review our mistakes. That was awesome!!

    1. Chat With Traders

      +Dian Guang solid takeaway! You can hear an interview I did with Dr. Brett Steenbarger here:

    2. doug matchell

      Great interview Aaron, can Brad explain what tools or what he looks at to be able to see Market shifts or looks for to know if the Market is not moving the same as it has been. Thank you

    3. Chat With Traders

      +doug matchell, thanks man—I’m glad you liked the interview. If you write your question in the comments on the show notes page (, I can ask Brad to answer for you.

  2. Lemur

    This guy is awesome, great answers and knowledge

  3. Abade

    Practical points/clues from 026:
    – No skill is requiered to make and give back a lot of money in a short term basis. Risk management is needed for longevity.
    – It is possible to create your own plan by taking parts and ideas from other people, that’s why it is helpful to be in a social-trader’s network of some kind (real or web based).
    – It was easier to profit from the order book in the old days, now price moves on confusing patterns from A to B.
    – Brad uses technical analysis tools such as: stochastic divergence, trend-lines, gap-filling, price-action. The important thing is to have fundamentals “pushing” the patterns in your favour.
    – Failed patterns can also be traded succesfully, as there are trapped traders in there.
    – Hedging using fundamental data (strength vs weakness) can be useful when facing a choppy market, but you rise your risk by adding the chance of a double position failure.
    – When making a diary focus on the things you did right and want to keep doing in the future. Also add the positive things that you WANTED to do. Avoid focusing on the negatives/weakness to much and your mind will follow what you really want.
    – If you are planning to trade for the long term, become a balanced person: Exercise, meditate, talk about other things that are not related to trading, take more breaks and vacations when needed, this way you are aiming for longevity.
    – There are bold and old traders, but no old-bold traders.
    – When a balanced trader meets a loosen up (volatile) market, very good things happen.

    1. Cody Stephenson

      Incredibly summerized. Thank you. Pretty much covered every important topic

  4. lance pheng

    great interviewer! this keeps my trading physc in check!

  5. lombardo141

    Funny how after a few years of trading these chats sound more understandable than the first time. Interesting.

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