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Futures Trading – How to make $3000 before lunch


Futures trading signals that really work. Just how to trade the NQ.
Enjoy 1st: to learn about the very best methods to trade futures which work even in 2018. You will find the hidden secrets which the pros maintain for them selves.

Find out exactly how to trade futures online utilizing the best pattern trading methods.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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28 Thoughts to “Futures Trading – How to make $3000 before lunch”

  1. My Friend Chris

    Another great video!

  2. seeker32100

    Yes, keeping it simple produces profitable trades.

    1. DynoTrading


  3. Jonathan De La Cerda

    How can I learn this strategy???? I wanna trade futures more often.


    can you tell me time frame?

    1. seeker32100

      This method only uses price action. Time frames aren’t used.

    2. apex128

      @seeker32100 that makes no sense. every chart has a time frame

    3. apex128

      He is using a custom time frame called ‘dino bars’. you can find out more about how they work with a little research

    4. Brickfield Three

      Sort of like renko i guess

  5. shafeek waghoo

    Please start signal service for Forex…please man.. I am waiting

  6. daniel octavio lara lopez

    its safer and easier to predict the movemente in futures than stocks?

    1. Meryem Yilmaz

      The Future trading is a medium moving average for 50 MA, with a 20-minute closing price earning profitably …. The higher range is calculated by adding 2 standard deviation in the middle with a good strategy … For me, I apply *Blended Model Strategy* by Dmitry Vladislav to win at this stage … the higher the number, the more the sample, the higher the rate of volatility achieved by the currency pair on time. you can learn how to use it if you wish is really profitable.

  7. Yuthavy Lor

    How do we learn your way?

  8. Riponluzzers

    what the heck is a dyno bar? is it free on TOS?

  9. BabiePacker

    Live trade or stop studying

    1. DynoTrading

      LMAO – thanks little buddy!


    Which softwer you use?

    1. DynoTrading

      You da man!


      @DynoTrading i dont understand sorry?

    3. apex128

      He is using ninjatrader

    4. Philippe Deleersnyder

      focus on learning Futures trade and company stock bio data well before investment. enter Futures market if you can, because there is a high probability setup, a goal you must get. I find it more favorable when I studied more with *IQD momentum strategy invented by Lukasz Wilhelm* . Trading is long journey, it takes time and patience but more favorable at the end of it. if you want to become a successful trader you need research and utilize every good information.

  11. Rahul Edward

    Sir how much cost of Dynobar.

  12. New age Fx

    what are t bars ??? which software is this

  13. AscendPayday

    So my philosophy is that you could have got in at 45 and just held it to the limit sell around 80 for about 35 points. However, chasing that drop seems like you could have been chopped up a lot going into your entry at 62. That would have been a loss of a lot of the profits from the first trade. If the long term trend was bullish then we could’ve expected that resistance to break at 80. I like the Idea of even contracts because you could’ve let go of half at 80 and held the rest for a bigger move. Would love to chat with you if you’re ever doing a Q&A

    1. DynoTrading

      Thanks for the comment! -Kevin, CM

  14. Anselm Tamasang

    Its simple to analyze once you know the outcome. For example… Why didn’t you do an analysis on the previous Huge Green Bar that moved about 45 points?

    1. DynoTrading

      Thanks for the comment! -Kevin, CM

    2. Anselm Tamasang

      DynoTrading sorry I wasn’t trying to be smart. I actually wanted to know why and if possible can you. So I could understand the difference in analysis

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