5 Million Dollars At 15 (how i did it)


Hey, my name is Simon and I repent to admit this however when I was 9, I illegally purchased credit card details of lots of individuals on the net as well as made use of those to get pizzas for me as well as my close friends.

I understand what I did was wrong. However that's not what this tale is about.

This tale is about bitcoin since … the hackers that sold the credit card information on the internet wanted bitcoins in exchange. So back in 2010, I determined to buy 400 bitcoins, which just cost me 50 dollars at that time.

I spend 40 of those bitcoins to purchase the bank card details of around 30 individuals, which was greater than I required. As well as afterward, I totally forgot the other 360 bitcoins I had left.

Only in 2017, when I saw a news article speaking about bitcoin as well as exactly how its price had taken off, I remembered I had a couple of bitcoins left.

They were still on my old laptop though, and also I had not been certain if I had actually tossed it away. So I encountered my cellar to search for it. As well as there I found it, my old laptop.

I took him to my space and turned him on. I was so anxious, however then I immediately saw the bitcoin purse symbol on my laptop display.

I opened the application. It read "connecting to the internet" and I was so anxious asking yourself if my old bitcoins where still inside the pocketbook. However when it claimed: 360 bitcoins left, I got so euphoric that I yelled as loud as I could!

Next, I entered into google: 360 bitcoins transformed to us dollar. Due to the fact that I had no idea just how much they were in fact worth. When it said 5,000,000 us dollars! I initially needed to take a deep and lengthy breath.

But then I went to my mommy as well as shrieked "WE ARE RICH, WE ARE RIIIIICH!" I was so ecstatic I could not regulate myself as well as began dancing for no factor.

My mom assumed I was joking and also informed me to calm down and to bring out the garbage. She didn't obtain it! Despite the fact that I told her we deserved 5 million dollars she just didn't think me.

I likewise thought about informing my close friends from college, however I figured it was much better if they didn't know I was rich.

2 weeks later I had actually squandered all my bitcoins. I needed to pay 20% tax obligations on them, so I was entrusted "just" 4 million bucks. Which had not been regrettable for a 16 years of age youngster.

The first thing I did, was get my mom a nice apartment or condo. She had raised me as a single mommy as well as always functioned 2 jobs. She had actually done so much for me as well as currently I was finally able to pay her back.

Yet when I showed her, her brand-new home, she asked me if I was making money offering medications. Oh my god, MAMA! Stop it! Just enjoy yourself. Why can not you simply more than happy?

After I had actually invested 600,000 dollars on the apartment, I put 3 million dollars into a reduced index s & p 500 fund. Which is among the most safe financial investments you can make.

As well as I additionally maintained another 200k for me and one more 200k for my mommy, so we can spend it on whatever we desired. Obviously, I acquired myself a great brand-new vehicle. It was a luxury SUV and also when I got to college, everybody was amazed. Unexpectedly the children that had actually teased me before, maintained they mouth closed.

So did cash alter me as an individual? Yes, absolutely! I have much more self-confidence now. Even though I can not say I'm happier than in the past. I suggest, I'm still the exact same individual playing computer game all the time and socializing with my old pals on the weekend break.

To be truthful, I assumed that once I'm rich, ladies would certainly be all over me. Yet that really did not occur in all. There was one time where I went to a bar with one of my buddies and I purchased a substantial gold champagne container for 800 bucks. However even after that, no lady intended to speak to us. It was a little bit of a disappointment, to be truthful.

The various other thing is that I'm scared concerning losing my cash, which is why I'm reading at least 1 book weekly concerning investing.

I recognize it was pure luck that I came to be a millionaire at such a young age. But I likewise understand that if I invest my money on stupid points like a yellow Lamborghini that soon I'll be equally as broke as if was before. As well as believe me, it takes a great deal of self control to remain rich.

For instance, last week, I acquired a 30,000 buck gold chain with diamonds on it. It's so fancy that I can not even wear it outside because I'm scared somebody will steal it from me.

That's why I only showed it to several of my pals. They all said it looked cool. Yet later I seemed like an idiot. Because I realised I had simply invested 30,000 bucks on a diamond chain to impress other individuals. What a waste of money.

Anyway, I think I chatted sufficient regarding myself, allow me recognize in the remarks what you would do if you suddenly had a couple of million dollars in your checking account.

Thank you for listening and also please sign up for this network if you want much more animated tales.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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63 Thoughts to “5 Million Dollars At 15 (how i did it)”

  1. Zayne’sToyWorld

    Am I the only person who thought they earned money?

    1. Tan Kelvin

      Zayne’sToyWorld no you are not the only person

    2. Ramazan Sivri

      No I did

    3. Melissa Schultz

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot gooooooooooooooooooooooood

    4. Chloe May

      XD u stupid

  2. Moonzie Flower

    “man i was left with *_only_* 4,000,000 dollars, such a little amount y’know”

    1. fawas020

      Well its *1 million* difference, i would kill for 1 million

    2. Mythal Draco

      LOL right

    3. Gryffin Puff

      Moonzie Flower yeah

    4. Sophia Duong

      Moonzie Flower 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

    5. Logan Brown

      I mean he did lose 1 mil so it makes sense kid

  3. MemicYT

    The title:
    *5 Million Dollars At 15*
    What my brain thinks:
    *15 Million Dollars At 5*

    1. Krstina Jones

      LOL SAME

    2. Malika1 hi Mika how are you and the family and

      I stole 900 ,111
      Gram a loer

    3. Creeper Masked

      Sameeeeeeeeeeee shettttt

  4. Mãłãk Płãÿš

    Dad: *gives me 5 bucks*
    Me:*I flex on my siblings on how much money I have*

    1. Shannon Berger-Hammond

      Mãłãk Płãÿš I only like if only you only flex on your sibs.

    2. Xander The Dino

      Well I have 5.01 can’t beat me!

    3. Soji Aguda

      Good thing to do

    4. immortalbuilder


  5. katiefurry

    Him: “I think it would be better if they didn’t know I was rich”

    Also Him: *shows up to school in a new SUV*

  6. AbdSkills

    He: wins 5 million dollars and dancing
    His mom: oke funny take out the trash
    Me: Dies inside of laughing

    1. jm banabana

      wow funny joke😂😂😂

  7. mariposa Flores

    Literally nobody..
    Him: We ArE rIcH wE aRe RiCh

    1. ĐH Gaming

      For some reason I got cringe after hearing that

  8. Anthony Santos

    Kid: wins millions of dollars

    *dad come back after 15 years with milk*

    1. Justine Tamayo

      Omg that’s Anwar jibawi

    2. Fred Stead

      Dad: yeah sorry i got caught traffic

    3. SniperSeal Games and Vlogs

      Kid and Mom: We have a cow farm, the milk is useless.

    4. Fred Stead

      @SniperSeal Games and Vlogs did you get the joke?

  9. anima Kujur

    I mean … At least he isn’t a spoiled brat… And knows how to use his money properly…

    1. Vurve

      MemeNation – Compilations hey, atleast he recognizes his mistakes. Most people don’t

    2. Ela Potato

      anima Kujur eh he wasted money on a suv to impress his classmates and a 30k gold chain that he won’t even wear

    3. 「 Ramun̸e 」

      anima Kujur he literally said “ we can spend what ever we wanted “ * then buys a golden chain for 30,000


      anima Kujur so lets buy a cur suv that you can drive only at age 20 and 30k deco omg omg

  10. JustViperz

    Me: Oh he’s rich

    *starts flossing*


    1. gacha life hater


  11. jm banabana

    i would give it to my parent’s all of it and i will live with them so we can be a happy family

    👇click if u agree

  12. ghost

    “Investing for dummies”


  13. Legend Lox

    Me: Finds 20 dollars
    Him : Finds 4 million

    Like if u agree

    1. Shayaan Khan

      you tried..

    2. CurryBoi15

      @Shayaan Khan ur right lol

    3. Mary Schroeder

      Me gets 10 dollars sweet
      Him gets 4 million

  14. MysteryGamerXY {Banana}


    1. Gretchen Pearse

      MysteryGamerXY {Banana} lol

    2. MysteryGamerXY {Banana}

      @Gretchen Pearse XD

  15. coolcoplayer

    Teacher: pick up the trash
    Me: I found one teacher
    Teacher: where
    Me: its you

    1. Tariah Brim

      Omg!!!oh my gosh 😂poor teacher poor poor teacher crying to his mommy right now!

    2. Lucy Arbuckle

      This doesn’t have anything to do with it

  16. Jessan Tano

    me: ill save it so if duty calls i have something on my sleeves

  17. Jovanny De La O

    I will probably spend it on my moms college since she hasn’t finish high school and then the rest I will spend it on useful thing like food,rent,and other important things

  18. Pikachu345

    Me: I Would Buy All Cars
    Car Cashier: Ok..
    Car Cashier: Here Are The Key-
    Me: Takes The Keys Without Paying

    1. Caleb Hopkins

      You’re obviously an idiot 9 year old that never has observed a car being bought, so let me just tell you that that is not how it works.

    2. EAT THIS

      @Caleb Hopkins it’s just a joke! Don’t take it seriously(except if he admit it that he is serious)

    3. Itz Daleeya Gacha

      That was a fun joke,Pikachu345!If I want to buy all the cars,I think i just take the key without paying the cars,Hahaha!Nice joke dude

  19. Anthony

    Why does he look like dio Brando from jojo’s bizarre adventure???

  20. Gerardo Mena Martinez

    Nothing bcause what’s the point of this buying golden stuff when y live a perfect life

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