BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP – The Dollar Vigilante feat. Freenauts


BITCOIN COMPLETELY UP – The Buck Vigilante task. Freenauts

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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37 Thoughts to “BITCOIN ALL THE WAY UP – The Dollar Vigilante feat. Freenauts”

  1. MɐsʇƐɹ MInD

    You got it Jeff “Gangsta” Berwick lol ! Low riding crypto thugz!

  2. I'm too stupid to pour piss out of a boot

    I’m just curious how much did you have to pay Roger Ver to do that 1 second clip at 1:21?

  3. k7gixxer1000


    1. k7gixxer1000

      Irwin was a wealth of knowledge. Unfortunately when Peter fell from the tree he rolled far down the hill. Jeff was definitely talking about Peter, he’s the one bashing Bitcoin on a weekly basis.

    2. snide 2

      k7gixxer1000 lol

    3. Miles McDermott

      *Peter Schiff has left the chat*

  4. k7gixxer1000

    Jeff, make a 6 hour looped version

  5. killahjon90

    2nd best Canadian white rapper.

    1. cyz44

      haha he likes to remind us of this fact very often..

    2. Nicholas Burton


    3. jibcamera

      informers best stay out da wey…a leeki boom boom dey

  6. Elizabeth Farmer

    I’ve seriously watched this 6 times. I’m dead. 😂

    1. CryptoSiD

      I listened to that song at least 100 time during the last month, probably more

  7. Fanny Casteel

    This is my new National Anthem now !!! I love it!!!

  8. Betsy

    The Dollar Vigilante LMAO! Oh my! I had no idea you had this in you! HELLO! You forgot to tell The Health Ranger Mike Adams to eat his heart out!

  9. Wku2009

    I had mad respect for you but now that Respect level just went………..ALL THE WAY UP😎🔥

  10. Kurt Homan

    Bitcoin is becoming the greatest unifier of the common man against his oppressor!

  11. Joshua Arnstein

    Best song on the web 🙂

  12. Nandi Bear

    This is some of the best bitcoin-related music which I have EVER heard!

  13. Ante Starčević

    LOL Obama says “if government can’t get in then everyone is walking around with Swiss bank account in their pocket”. Yes, that’s exactly what we want!

    1. the Alchemist

      what he means is “…then it wont just be us elites with swiss bank accounts”

  14. SB_HEAD

    Dogecoin all the way up

    1. DogeToshi BakaMoto


    2. Libertarian Monarchist Bot

      One Doge One Pizza!

  15. fake name

    1:28 sounds so good XD

  16. Facts5

    It hit 10k today. This video was put out just a few months ago when it was 2k.

    1. James David

      it hit 10k today again but the difference is when you wrote it, we all were happy and today everybody is falling into depression xD

    2. Parrot Boss

      close to 12k now

  17. APUNHALA 152

    who is listening in 2019?

  18. Abdulkhaliq Ahmed

    whose watching in 2019

  19. Francisco Javier

    “Swiss accounts for all, no taxes for the state”. Damn right!

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