10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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48 Thoughts to “10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game”

  1. Rin Zler

    Watched this a few times and never gets old… great video 👌🏻👏👏

    1. Token Vision

      Thanks Rin Zler!

    2. Rin Zler


    3. Pramod

      Same, I watched it at least 3 times before it got taken down 2 days ago and I am back on it again.

  2. Nova Neteret

    my favorite bitcoin video of all time! Help this go viral!

    1. Token Vision

      Thanks brother, the hope is to spread awareness overtime. Cheers!

  3. Samuel Galvez

    Hold on to your coins and don’t sell. You will thank yourself in 10 years.

    1. Rishab Dhar

      @Carl You missed the whole point of the video. It’s pretty obvious everyone, because $10M would be pretty worthless (just like people in 1920’s and 30’s would say who’d have $10k ever, and here we have where people’s wages in a month are more than that).

    2. Rick Nash

      @Carl you don’t have to buy 1 whole bitcoin, you can buy whatever dollar amount you want

    3. Mark Beach

      Oh naw I got me some I’m angry thing but stupid 🤣🤣

    4. Jacob Capon

      wajgl_neon porn site like onlyfans 😉 make 10 million profit a month ahhahah

    5. IN YOUR FACE!

      BTC will be very slow – The underdogs of ALT Coins will take it all .

  4. Dr. Rachel

    your explanation, your voice, the background sound, everything, wrapped into remarkable masterpiece!

    1. Trent Gilbertson

      Bitcoin will lead Cryptocurrency but one day an alt will overtake it because bitcoin has some severe weaknesses. Once that happens people will lose confidence in btc and it will go down and it could fall hard because thats all btc has to keep its value. But cryptocurrency is here to stay!

  5. Dean McManus

    Quality . Hard to get people’s attention for 5 mins thought .. never mind 43 plus …

    1. Brian Turner

      Dean McManus this videos not aiming for tiktok users attention span

    2. Dean McManus

      Agree … just saying

  6. TxT Peer

    I feel exactly the same

  7. Jeremy Faulkner

    “Emerging markets becoming an asset class” (@ 29:34) – Wow! Glad I’m not missing the boat on this one!

    1. Joshua James

      No way its just getting started

    2. bigtizzy

      Only 800k of 40 million btc wallets have 1btc.

      This is 56k dial up.

      When broadband hits .

      100k per btc!!!!

    3. bigtizzy

      @For the wages of sin is death the majority of folks in btc wallets are mid 20s to 35

    4. 1275638a

      @For the wages of sin is death there will only be enough bitcoin in existence for the whole world to have .002 bitcoin each. You can get that for less than 20 bucks now. It’s definitely not too late.

  8. Princeof Osun

    In 50 years you will visit a bank in a museum.

    1. John Sprague

      Unfortunately this is wrong. Banks aren’t stupid. They’re the ones that have been buying the bulk the past two years.

  9. socks n sandals

    I’m 19 i’ve decided to set a side a little each month to build my way up to 1/5th bitcoin. I think while i have a roof over my head it is important to take this risk. I have done my own research outside off this video and can only conclude that i will have the opportunity to retire at 30 (very long term view). If not then i have 45 years to get over, but a life time off regret if it does take off and i missed it. The technology and keeping up with news cycles very much interests me. But ultimately I like the idea off being able to buy a house and pay my parents mortgage, then getting out off my office job and doing something more fulfilling.

    1. malmstring

      You have decent set of goals but money usually doesn’t come that quickly. You can forget the 10M endgame. It won’t happen. Peak BTC may be at $50k-200k yes, but you better have a realistic plan in mind other than BTC. BTC won’t ever replace officially sanctioned currencies in richer Western countries, Arab World, India or China. BTC would be outlawed if the ruling power felt the domestic currency ever got threatened.

    2. socks n sandals

      I would like to reiterate that i don’t plan on retiring on just BTC alone. But i see it as something that will catapult to invest in more traditional means off investing. I would say there is still legs in this market as we are very much in the early stages how ever 10 mil is almost a joke to me. 6 figures is realistic long term. However the general pessimism from people who even label themselves bulls is staggering. We live in a new age where people are now waking up to just how much govts know about them. You can tell govts are secretly afraid by pedaling out stuff like drug dealers use it. As a former stoner i can say that no one took btc. It’s propaganda the govt asking its old scape goats for another favor. Getting the gen pop scared early doors. Yet the powers that be i.e the 1% know the power and this can be demonstrated best by the sudden spike in the btc wallets owning 1,000 btc or more. So advice to anyone set aside $500 if you can afford and hold it for 10 years+ might be the best thing you ever do

    3. mmiglio19

      More aware than I was at 19.

    4. mmiglio19

      The world’s economy is worth 80 trillion, this is all assets combined. Bitcoin is one of those assets. If BTC hit 10 million, then BTC alone would be worth 210 trillion. So unless the global economy grows exponentially to the point where that number is realistic, BTC can’t hit 10 million per. But in the future, anything is possible. $1 million per coin, at least, is very possible. Especially considering that BTC becomes more valuable as the USD becomes less valuable.

  10. FantasyDream Creations

    I just started getting into bitcoin and find it amazing so far . Awesome video

    1. Mike Elbow

      The taxes, software, and third parties put into play to track, steal, and jail people over it is also amazing.

    2. James Janet

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  11. jerome preston

    I’m all in. Thanks for the great information

  12. Maple Ye

    Man, I will sell my house tomorrow.

  13. No name.

    Buy one to hold, buy one to trade. Make money while you’re making money.

  14. alvin johson

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  18. Ariadna Cebrian

    Bitcoin has been so wow I think am cutting off

    1. Taylor Dave

      Ariadna Cebrian if you believe In the future then you will understand bitcoin is becoming the future value despite the fluctuations

    2. Douglas Barnes

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    3. Siegel Mc

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    5. Harry Clement

      Lol, we all lose in different levels, mostly the beginners always lose at their first stage unless they are lucky to have an expert trader who will guide and inform them then they are good to go, do don’t get it twisted bitcoin is still profitable despite the fluctuations.

  19. Lytsout193

    Awesome film!! Bravo

  20. Andrew Redwine

    Its funny how governments and banks call it a criminals currency, yet they steal from citizens all the time. All money is a symbol for potential energy and given worth by each individual. Governments are scared that this will remove their power over citizens. This will free everyone with access to a computer.

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