100 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Catalyst


Bitcoin – 100 Trillion Buck Driver.

I speak about just how Bitcoin will ultimately get to a market cap of 100 trillion bucks and the unanticipated stimulant which will certainly make it the true worldwide reserve money. If you enjoy it please share, like as well as subscribe!


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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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58 Thoughts to “100 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Catalyst”

  1. Mineable

    What are your thoughts on Bitcoin in 2019?

    1. T kash

      Just made 100k fiat notes in 1 day with this 42% surge 😂

    2. T kash

      @Paul Flynn hope u made some money to g 💯

  2. Max Ley

    Bitcoin is rat poison and warren buffet is THE RAT.

    1. David Watts

      Rat Poison²

    2. Mande Kuntjoro

      Buffet is an old school folk !!! He thinks Bitcoin is like stock market assets…but it’s more than that !!! Bitcoin is everything combined !! Bitcoins are money, blockchain technology , asset store value !!!
      But bitcoin is challenged by Ethereum !!!
      That will be next store of value after bitcoin reach bout $50.000…

    3. Video Marketing

      @Mande Kuntjoro exactly. The old schoolers will kick themselves in a few years

    4. Nicolas Palmisano

      @Mande Kuntjoro ethereum no max supply though

    5. Jonathan Schmidt

      Warren buffet is actually very smart. He obviously doesn’t understand BTC but in the old school markets he would eat your lunch. One of his rules is dont invest if you dont understand the asset or are not interested in it. So he is just following his own advice which has been very successful. Those of us who have studied BTC and are excited about it and understand the potential rewards have a well reasoned argument to invest. Neither approach is wrong.

  3. Jimmy Udezeh

    Mann you’re a genius! Best video every time. Keep up the good work👍🏼

    1. Mineable

      Wow, thanks a lot man!

  4. sean kuykendall

    2019 🚀 🌙

  5. Andrés AC

    Excellent video! The future is crypto, and no one can stop this revolution.

    1. Mental Vacation

      The power companies could. No power, no bitcoins, altcoins, or any other crypto.

      Fear the evil power company. mmmwha ha, ha. Mmmwhahahahahaha.

    2. Chuchai Tangsompon

      CryptoCurrency will only legitimate backed by Real Money Gold and Silver, nothing else and not on its own.

  6. Tommy Boy

    Supper bull! Hope I live long enough to see it play out!

    1. Eurico Leitão

      that’s my point to. hope the rush stars soon.

  7. Trader For Life

    the 4 dudes who disliked this video sold their BTC below 10$ and bought back at 19KUsD then sold out again at 3,200USD ! Lols

    1. Son of a God

      you are damie

    2. Lagertha Q.


  8. aaronukhampshire

    I feel like I’m back living in the 90’s internet boom and I’m so excited for the future!

    1. Tree Tops

      Internet 2.0 💯👀👀👀👀🤑🤑

    2. GB3770

      its the first currency in history that governments and central banks cant control – that has to be worth something….not to mention the total number of coins is capped – this 21 million limit is a huge deal imo…price is due to supply and demand – when the supply is capped and the world wakes up to using bitcoin what do you think will happen to the price? Go down? Hardly…

  9. an0nimus

    Nice video! I will HODL until there are no FIATs left 🙂

    1. Speedz1991

      @Geekman What is a Fiat?

    2. Igor V

      Speedz1991 it’s an italian automaker

    3. Fernando Fernández

      Speedz1991 paper money – backed by an entity like a govmt

    4. Fernando Fernández

      an0nimus what is hodl I keep seeing it ?

  10. Greg Foss

    A very solid video that lays out a balanced argument for the future of bitcoin. I am bullish on bitcoin as a HEDGE to the shenanigans of central banks globally. You cannot solve excessive leverage with more leverage. The result is a debased FIAT currency. And all FIATs eventually return to their intrinsic value of zero — the value of the paper they are printed on—.

    1. Lana Zh

      @Brian Brinck Nielsen I bet some smart jew came out with bitcoin idea & laughing now ☺️

    2. Brian Brinck Nielsen

      Lana Zh well I don’t think so, it’s not centralized and thus not object for manipulation as the US Dollar and Gold. Wouldn’t make sense

    3. Lana Zh

      @Brian Brinck Nielsen It was supposed to be a joke as who real creator of bitcoin 🙂 Obviously Satoshi made it to be not centralized and not manipulated

    4. George Cy

      Greg Foss …you said: you cannot solve excessive leverage with more leverage. What is bitcoin doing? Forever going up? One moment will crush and all people that are in it at that moment they will loose most of their capital.

  11. Ramiro Moreira

    Bull, totally bull. Maybe not in the short term, one, two or three months, but one, two, five, ten years from now we gonna see a giant bull market, with prices rise to 50k, 100k, 500k, 1 million and more. No doubts about. Hold your btc.

    1. JC Denton

      you spelled hold wrong, its spelled HODL. love your comment.

  12. Blockchain Educated Interviews

    Bitcoin will go up because the world is an utter mess. The more we print money the worse it gets.

    1. JASON M

      @geeetube A fork is a whole different coin. You must be a Trump supporter.

  13. XRP mate

    Once in a lifetime oppurtunity .
    Paradign shift .
    Patience will be rewarded to those that believe and hodl .
    Our time is near

    1. JASON M

      Xrp government coin

    2. Bits n Bots

      Just follow the Stock to Flow halving chart since 2008. Bitcoins SF will surpass golds after 2020 halving. After 2028 halving it will be 220 verses golds at 62.

      2028 halving will take you straight to a $15 million bitcoin.

      That’s only 8 years folks. Think about what you were doing in 2011.The iPhone had already been out 3 years.

    3. Megaman The Second

      @JASON M and you dont understand economics government moves a majority of the currency in existence in large deals and trade war if xpr is government aka fed coin then the gains would be in the billions of % not few million %

  14. Greg Richey

    Great Video!

    I’m neither bullish or bearish on bit coin and 2019. I just want to accumulate more because I’m bullish in the long haul. What happens in 2019 is not my focus.

    1. 1589cam

      Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking!! People are waking up to the fact that we’ve ruled by crooked people; and we’re going to live through the transition. Tough but beautifully amazing time to be alive.

    2. Nate Broke

      Same. Stacking sats on mex is my hobby now. Just don’t overleverage and set stop losses lol

    3. Michael DeBose


  15. Blake Markland

    Trump : I am against bitcoin
    Left : we are pro bitcoin now

  16. jiang ji

    “bitcoin is rat poison” exactly if he meant bankers are rats

    1. Damien Parsons

      and as for rat poison squared… Do nobody realize that 100 squared is 10k?? lol

  17. Bits n Bots

    We’re witnessing a $100 trillion wealth transfer from a inflationary debt enslavement monetary scheme controlled by a global central banking cartel to a deflationary equity based hard money global reserve currency controlled by a decentralized global ledger secured by cryptographic math.

    What an incredible time to be alive 🍸

  18. Maxi Gonzalez

    The sudden Uptrend of Bitcoin’s Price is Mind Blowing, I remember clearly how foolish it seemed when some of us bought at $3,500 when anticipation was for below $2,000. Now is another chance because, price will keep skyrocketing so the ideal thing to do is to accumulate by buying some more bitcoins and trading to triple that stock before the full blast of the bull run waves kick in. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can ask for assistance from a professional. I personally trade as a member of Brian Branum’s group Champion Traders Forum (CTF) and the result is unbelievable. My holdings have quad-tripled to over 12BTC in just 7 months. I am doing another 3BTC before the weekend hoping I won’t be late and my projections with that using Brian’s system is mind blowing. For all newbies, intermediate and more experienced traders with low profit turn out, I’d suggest you seek his assistance through his mail address

    1. Helen Donalds

      It’s never too late to buy btc and get into the market. I advise now rather than later. But I’ll admit I greatly benefited from that surge in price because I was already in the market, well positioned.

    2. Alex Jack

      I can verify the legitimacy of this group because for the past couple of months I have been trading and winning as a member. Despite the fact that I’m still a level 1 member, I have experienced more gains in months than the previous two years trading on my own. Amazing stuff!

    3. Kim Myles

      I joined this trading group CTF, group admins basically handle the trading system, The admins are experienced traders so that helps. Before joining I made sure I did thorough vetting. Now trading with their system I earn 7% of my investment every two days as a level 3 member. A wonderful setup that works well for me and gives me the freedom to face other priorities and still be profiting from trading.

  19. imleanh

    damn, i love the way you editing it. keep it up 🔥

  20. doersmindset

    I believe bitcoin will hit quarter of a million dollars before 2020.

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