Keiser Report: ‘Bitcoin’s going to be worth a trillion dollars soon’ (E1113)


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In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and also Stacy talk about the Trump management starting some trade battles – from renegotiating Nafta to considering China's therapy of 'intellectual property'. They additionally discuss the trillions in unexploited mineral resources in North Korea. In the second fifty percent Max meetings Dan Collins of to discuss the 'Doklam Disobedience' as well as the 'Line of Actual Control'. The media has mostly disregarded the confrontation between India and China but will they discover if a warm war bursts out?
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47 Thoughts to “Keiser Report: ‘Bitcoin’s going to be worth a trillion dollars soon’ (E1113)”

  1. Candy



      There is not one coin FYI. Do some research — 600 plus cryptocurrency type coins/tokens/fuel, etc. all w/ specific strengths and jobs to run on the blockchain, some central and some decentralized. Many of them will fold of course, or be taken over by the competition. But imagine say the top 20 cryptos that run the digital game in say 5 years. Invest in a few of those prize horses correctly and you could be financially set-up.

    2. Инесса Алексеева

      /watch?v=P7RM30DJ60A .Double your coins today

    3. James Warrior


    4. Jay Blazer

      coins are stored on a private hardware wallet such as a Trezor which holds your private keys and this can prevent hackers.

    5. Dominic

      I think crypto is a great concept. But core developers are Bilderberg and AXA controlled.. Yeah I think it’s probably the thin end of the wedge for global Orwellian cashless society. People are probably building their own prison with crypto. Lambos eh?

  2. KumbaYah Ahchyam

    Any in for.action on how yellow stone can affect the economy’s

  3. Janko Hrasko

    …and a trillion dollars will be worth…?

    1. danilko paskudnik

      trim pitschu … hrashko

    2. Obedience to flow

      Janko Hrasko Trillion dollars value? I would think it depends where you live. After the dollar fiat fails, who knows? I know the view from a certain garden, several walks, and some pools I swim in. Places around a million mile drive, worthy of setting your alarm for, and drive to, between events.

    3. Titan Boss

      1 Bitcoin will buy you several houses in the future.

    4. Andrew Beresh

      This guy is really smoking the dope.

  4. Adeline Rose

    Clean water should be currency at this point.

    1. new debate

      Roy Maitland


    2. Roy Maitland

      june 2009

    3. Marco81blues

      On point man.

    4. Bitcoin Opportunities

      click my name and see how. Double your deposit every 100 hours

    5. jmpout

      Bitcoin Opportunities you‘re worse than cancer, aids and the us-government together

  5. Marko Kraguljac

    00:03 Towelie Keiser xD

  6. racerxtoday

    Max! That intro was hilarious!

  7. Anthony Ulfig

    In 2030 t shirt reads
    My mom and dad got bitcoins and all i got was this lousy t shirt

  8. ZioSlayer Viking Warrior

    Bitcoin will give the power back in to the hands of ordinary people
    And the banksters, will loose Big time,
    So Bye Bye central Banks..

    1. Bill G

      BitCoin is now down $10,000 from its high a little over a month ago.  For those of you that are math challenged, BitCoin is going in the opposite direction of a trillion.  Think Fiat is fake?  Ha, it is the Rock of Gibraltar compared to BitCoin.

    2. Nate Figueroa

      After they lose control of their paper fake money they should all be burned for fraud and treason. Jail isn’t good enough.

    3. Peter Meissnitzer


    4. Edward Mckenzie

      uawsux you”re obviously out of touch

  9. Keith Bigelow

    When my neighbor says bitcoin, it’s over.

    1. El Gooch

      the regulatory steps coinbase has to perform in order to work in the US would mean that our purchase of BTC thru coinbase has been recorded. As a matter of fact, if you can buy BTC in person, that would be best-unregistered BTC…

    2. Dylan James

      Pump and dump along with computer algorithms to take the money of everyday punters. When the one world currency comes to take away all privacy, I’m somewhat skeptical upon anonymous decentralisation for the average person. They want it all and humanity enslaved and they have the power to back it up. What they fear most is the guy who is self sustaining.

    3. Michael Walton

      your neighbor likes being poor…

    4. David Williams

      You are overlooking the value people find in age and precedent. There will never be/can never be a cryptocurrency with a longer-running blockchain. Think about that.

    5. TrueGritProductions

      they can’t buy BitCoin that no one is willing to sell. And there will only ever be 21 million BitCoin. Scarcity supreme!

  10. mentugo

    We love you Max!

  11. Jacques M

    Time to get a new hair dresser Max! 🙂

  12. Derik4Real

    KRS ONE sad it years ago “there will never be justic on stolen land!”

  13. Mr. Popo

    they try to say bitcoin is for crime and laundering but no, the number 1 currency for that is the USD lol

    1. Ronbo710

      Monero for those activities.

    2. Peter Meissnitzer


    3. Adrian Bartlett

      imagine how many microsoft programs have been involved in the supposed “terroist attacks” does that mean bill gates goes to prison? block chain is only used for illegal purposes well that is just BS! Just cos you print money an every uses a note To snort coke doesnt mean you are liable! WAKE UP PEOPLE – Ripple will replace SWIFT

  14. Mor M21

    I wish I knew about this in 2010, who could predict this

    1. Chip Mcdonald

      Mor M21 Max Keiser did…

    2. Alex Martinez

      You know about it now. Invest. in 2024 someone will be saying they wish they new about bitcoin in 2018


    Love the keiser report 🚀

  16. Geoff Bournes

    The U.S. dollar is going to sink into the ninth circle of hell. Yes I said it.

  17. Phil Tulxjen

    My two favorite people !

  18. MoFlyboy Blanquito

    A trillion dollars 😂 yeah sure

  19. Mad Haze

    Just when you think you’re ahead of the game , someone changes the rules! Just a matter of time 🙂

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