One Dollar or One Bitcoin | College Students Asked What They Would Accept


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One Buck Or One Bitcoin? Today were asking CU Rock students what they would rather approve. View to find out if they are no coiner normies or true Bitcoin HODLERS.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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80 Thoughts to “One Dollar or One Bitcoin | College Students Asked What They Would Accept”

  1. TheOne AndOnly

    would you take $1 or $5400. Yeah I think I would go with the dauwlar.

    1. Omkar

      Why arent they taking the 1 full bitcoin how dumb are americans

    2. Boby Berry

      Bitcoin isn’t wort “$5400” nub nuts, only $5400 dollars is worth $5400, I don’t think you understand how value works 🤗

    3. Danijel Mornarić

      Michael Subroto why? It crashed hard from 20k, isn’t this a bear market rally that will end in nothing?

    4. Ar4



      @Ar4 12 k of dollars yeah

  2. Nickolai Kautezki

    It’s like these college kids aren’t getting an education..

    1. FlashRave King

      lol I thought you said “You like these college kids aren’t getting an education”

    2. ahmed mani

      @Lance Stone ahahahahahhahah yoo is he serious??

    3. The Great

      Nickolai Kautezki

      Nobody goes to college for financial education obviously

    4. FlashRave King

      @The Great No to get a better paid 9 to 5 job lol

    5. The Great

      FlashRave King

      Not sure why people have this idea that school is about financial education lol

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    1. chandravijay singh

      Give me 1 Bitcoin

    2. Michael Subroto

      Those people who prefer one dollar us really stupid. Cos if they don’t believe in btc so they may sell it on exchange for money which around 8000 times more

    3. Insane Gamers


    4. NorCal Luxury

      I love merch🙋‍♂️

    5. Seiki Angelelouch

      I want one Bitcoin

  4. FermiGBM1

    Omg how can college students be this dumb, we’re on the internet all the time xD

    1. Michele'nin Tricepsi

      @Son Toro25 Ye that is the explaination of stupid.

    2. Nahar Luthfi

      Guys I thought btc market is crashing was it not?

    3. Maxim Van den Bosch

      @Nahar Luthfi Yeah, if it goes up +100% in a matter of time, of course it will crash once again. Altcoin season is close.

    4. PigetteIncestBehindADildoHere

      All most care about is partying, having sex, wasting money, and going into debt over a useless degree

    5. Son Toro25

      @Maxim Van den Bosch now you’re the the one sounding ignorant.

  5. The Modern Investor

    These will be the people who FOMO into the market *hard* and propel us into a 6 figure BTC

    1. Marvel J

      The Modern Investor i dont think their 83 cents will help much

    2. R H

      They will probably be much earlier than thos fomoers 60+

    3. This project has been terminated

      @Marvel J they will pour their college loans into it

  6. Chris Salley

    They won’t understand what Bitcoin is until every major retailer accepts it as payment. By then it will be around $500,000 a coin. This video will be a national treasure in 3-5 years

    1. Danijel Mornarić

      This is literally the same logic in every scam. “You too will have billions upon billions, so get it now before it’s too late then just watch its value explode!!”

    2. Danijel Mornarić

      Hannes productions can I interest you in a bar of gold for your car sir?

    3. Flash93933

      @Danijel Mornarić lmao and it actually tanked not to long ago

    4. Hannes productions

      Danijel Mornarić you know I would sell it instantly.

  7. Hakeem America

    “”Why would you take the dollar?”
    “Because I know it’s worth and it’s not gonna change”
    😵she’s gonna be upset when she learns about inflation.

    1. alter3go

      I’m stunned by the fact that she doesn’t know what inflation is at her age. What kind of college is this.

    2. Hakeem America

      A liberal arts college 😂

    3. ShadowStorm 113

      @Hakeem America wait until she finds out about hyperinflation

    4. cekcek rokrok

      School teach u to be poor

  8. Ryan Schmid

    “I’m hungry and I could use it on a vending machine”
    Somebody get on that.

  9. Enis Enis

    I had to stop watching this video because there were so many dumb people that I got an headache LMAO

    1. Expatgrind

      Same, lasted 1:36 and couldn’t do any more.

    2. Ján Blaško

      Fucking same, after 2 mins of watching

  10. weAllCin

    Why cant I ever run into any if these interviewers giving out bitcoin🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Hardik Mahajan

      It’s because they probably cut out the people who are not dumb. That’s what i believe

    2. YungPaddi

      @Hardik Mahajan probably yes haha

  11. Dr. Mike

    4 years and 100K on a college education –that is the true Ponzi !!

    1. streetstylz

      1-2 more years and $100k Bitcoin

    2. HappyHusbandn Wife

      @streetstylz Roger roger

    3. Michael Subroto

      Don’t worry those money spent will be covered by investing on bitcoin 😂

  12. Homie!!

    😂😂😂😂 ignorance is bliss!!! Americans truly are dumbed down and our schooling system is a major part of it!!

    1. Johnny Hoang

      Homie!! Idk where this school is but where I’m from nobody is this stupid.

    2. IKasinoShowdown

      Guys is not just american, go wher ever and you ll have the same answers. Italy , netherlands, germany, japan etc.

  13. Wespa .

    2:27 “cos it is like 5 grand”
    11 days later, 8,5 grand

    1. Chayan Garcia

      Wespa . EXACTLY!!!

    2. Christarfire

      Ray Ban well it rises and drops so probably not that high

  14. lotto

    “I know its value and its not going to change”

    Ugghhhh inflation? 🤦‍♂️

    1. ViTal Void

      I don’t really know much about this but wouldn’t this kinda risk the Great Depression happening again by making the stock market be worth way much than the actual worth of it. So then people would want their stock back and the government would have to give a lot of money back. And then WW3 starts and it gets the the world back on its feet.

    2. lotto

      @ViTal Void With that mentality, you will always be a broke bum.

    3. ViTal Void

      lotto am not broke tho…

    4. lotto

      @ViTal Void You ain’t rich either.

    5. Taylor Willis

      Nick I agree, he most likely asked a large number of students and picked the ones that requested the $1 bill. Regardless, $1 is nothing. If I have someone ask me if I want $1 or $7000, I’m saying $7000 all day everyday. If I get nothing, cool. But if I find out that it was a real opportunity I would feel like a moron if I took $1 over $7000. Crazier things have happened than someone giving $7000 as part of a social experiment.

  15. Crypto Cicada

    ” I’d take the dawler because if I’ll take the Bitcoin I’ll lose the password” 😂😂😂😂

    1. Nixon Rexzile

      Did you forget your password for your bank card or it was all just illusion?

    2. Nixon Rexzile

      Or more like you are brainwashed lol

  16. bigInt 1107

    “want a dolar or a bitcoin?”
    “okay so do you have a wallet where i could send you 25c right now?”
    you offered them “1 BTC” not 25c now pay up ffs…

    1. Bruno Gallina

      maybe u should read the title again

  17. Christopher Kevin Rasmussen

    Not a single one of them knows how much bitcoin is worth. But I bet every single one of them knows 50 different “genders”.

    1. Seidlhuawa Monfred


    2. Michele'nin Tricepsi

      Isn’t having practical knowledge about money better than giving cool names to mental illnesses.

  18. Tafadzwa Sigauke

    I’m in Africa, a village but I know more about Blockchain technology than most of theseee

    1. Nyl Nyl

      Where are you in Africa?.. Am in Lagos, Nigeria..

    2. Tafadzwa Sigauke

      Zimbabwe, Zvishavane

    3. Nyl Nyl

      @Tafadzwa Sigauke….my company has an office in your country too. Have you heard of Edmark Edcoin? Its at the ICO stage now.

    4. Frihedens Meme


    5. Kevin G

      Where in Africa sir?

  19. TCL

    This is ridiculous 😂look at all these people so quick to spend 50k+ on a liberal arts degree but scared to invest $100 🤦‍♂️

    1. puff

      People are getting brainwashed and put into a false sense of security not to mention the tribal mentality “everyone’s going to college so I’ll do it too”.

  20. rouina souheil mohamed salah

    Im a college student and i choose bitcoin , can i have it please 🙄

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