The END of the DOLLAR? Why do BITCOIN and cryptocurrency ARISE? – VisualPolitik EN


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In this as well as the following video clip, we're mosting likely to speak about what might be the most disruptive development since the Internet. 2018 might not have been Bitcoin's year, considering that it went from euphoria to crisis. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies, and also specifically blockchain, are here to stay. As well as not only that, we might be taking a look at a modern technology that can transform the society most of us recognize permanently.

Can you think of firms run by non-human proprietors?
Can you picture a business whose proprietor is a couple of lines of code in the cloud?
Can you visualize a firm or an NGO with no human employees?

We'll talk about this as well as extra in these two videos. In the initial one, we'll focus on cryptocurrencies. We'll see exactly how money was developed, its problems, and also the advantages brought by Bitcoin and also the various other cryptocurrencies.

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40 Thoughts to “The END of the DOLLAR? Why do BITCOIN and cryptocurrency ARISE? – VisualPolitik EN”

  1. Extkoer

    Sure it’s gonna end one day, But don’t let that stop you from subscribing to VisualPolitik and Pewdiepie.

    1. Tanner Wilson

      Extkoer His other channels (especially BioGraphics) are really good! PewdiePie I can give or take!

  2. raitiC1

    Cigarettes are the best currency! Ever!

    1. Siddhant Sharma

      and vagina

    2. drditup

      bullets pay for shots, i say bullets are best currency. also, america is more than ready to make the change (pun intended)

    3. mikitz

      And, as opposed to e.g. dollar, its value increases over time (at this rate). As for the victims of anti-smoking propaganda, holding a cigarette doesn’t give you cancer (neither will the first 2-400 000 smoked ones).

    4. TheFreePantheist

      WW1 Germany actually did this… lol

  3. Shannon Allen

    Love this video. I would love to network with Simon

  4. Tom Wunderlin

    Hodl gang

    1. Red Dead


    2. Shapesnatch

      @Pham Nuwen Holding and spending aren’t mutually exclusive.

    3. Pham Nuwen

      @Shapesnatch Yes they are. Any given currency unit can either be held or spent, never both.

  5. Medium D Speaks

    Very simply: I mean, kinda

  6. Brotha Liphted

    Simón Pitón! My favorite new world order shill. I love you buddy!

  7. T S

    Crypto is exactly what the economists from the Austrian school wanted. A free market for Currency so competition and failure creates the best possible currency for the people and not the government.

    1. Adam Parker

      @Django Fett where will the factory go when all the Bitcoins are mined or if we fork it to run on staking instead of mining ?

    2. Jairdan Meir

      Which is why the ruling class will either control it or eliminate it. There is a reason it has failed so badly in 2018. The banksters decided to devalue it and so.. it is almost worthless.

    3. Jairdan Meir

      @Django Fett proof that you don’t understand it at all.

    4. GeeknSeek

      @Jairdan Meir “Which is why the ruling class will either control it or eliminate it. There is a reason it has failed so badly in 2018. The banksters decided to devalue it and so.. It is almost worthless.” Proof you do not understand it all. Banks did not devalue it, they where never real player in the 2017 bull run. ICO funds was selling at mass, and it was massively overbought that was the whole story of the main collapse, after the initial dive it was just standard bear market with “surprising” dip at the end of it. It has had tremendous performance in the long term way over all other assets. Yes if you where the sucker who bought at the top you are not happy, but that is how all markets are, if you FOMO when you speculate you have to pay the price. Bitcoin has never in its history been worthless. Cost of running the chain always goes up as long as you have a supply of miners. And as long as you have money it can never be worthless.

  8. Gustavo Vieira

    How good is the content of this YouTube channel!

  9. Dummey Titan

    My man flexin at 4:12

  10. Tessy Miller

    Bitcoin is the best investment i’ve ever gone into successfully, the rise of bitcoin is near and i make 3btc weekly from Mr Donald earl.

    1. Daniel Adams

      people fail to understand the current situation of bitcoin, i see it as an opportunity to partake, the next bull run will be something else

    2. Tyson Valentine

      I earned so much profits from Mr donald, he’s best at it

    3. Ryan Bernard

      Donald the European, heard of him

    4. Mary Gift

      i have no regrets either

  11. Leo CJ

    Simon, I must say I’m very surprised about what you said in 6:30. Money issued by public institutions????
    Most of Central banks all over the world are private corporations. They have shareholders. So in theory countries control the money supply but in the practice is way different.

    1. Retep Trobec

      And inflation about 2% is good for a economy so the fact that that is a fatal flaw of money is also not true

    2. Leo CJ

      @Retep Trobec agree, however what is fatal and isn’t an issue for governments to tackle is the fractional reserve banking.

    3. Retep Trobec

      @Leo CJI am not a english native speaker so maby I misunderstood what you meant. So firstly the intirety of our money system is based on that mechanic. I know that there are some dangers with that mechanic but I think that if it is controled nothing bad should happen (note I say should because with humans you never know). Also I think that that kind of system made it easy for economies to grow because funding isn’t a big problem.

  12. Lincoln Noronha

    “Holder gang holder gang holder gang

  13. Torsten Szabolcs Sandor

    Simon, I’ve been working in the industry for years so I was a bit skeptical when I saw this popping in my feed. As much as I LOVE your geopolitics videos, I was afraid this won’t be good. Boy I was wrong. Very well made, excellent intro. Thank you!

  14. H

    3:46 story of my life

  15. mst

    It’s 2019 and I am still waiting for a usecase for blockchain.

  16. Jacob011

    HA! I didn’t expect you to hold out Czech currency. 😉

  17. Robert Gornev

    WOW! Good job guys! Keep it coming!

  18. Tim Collins

    As long as you can operate on clearly identified sponsors, I’ll stay with you. Excellent info on Bitcoin – can’t wait for the next episode.

  19. Covesting Coin - Best Copytrading Exchange Token

    im a crypto investor been following ur channel for the great content its about time u make a vid about bitcoin 🙂

  20. Frank Spencer

    Can anyone find 10 seconds of continuous video without editing?

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